Saturday, January 24, 2015

Saturday Steals!

Old Navy is doing 20% off regular priced items and 40% off sale items with code TREAT.

THIS coverup is EVERYTHING!  I'm currently in denial that it will ever be time to hit the pool again (my paleness proves this!), but I know it's inevitable and I can't deny a great coverup

It was normally $25, on sale for $20 and with an additional 40% off now only $12!!!

THIS DRESS is too big for GG (it's girls sizing), but I think it would be ADORABLE with a denim jacket and little floral scarf for early Spring (those of y'all with girls!).

It's normally $20, on sale for $14 and now under $10!!!

And since we're talking about G :) , THIS CHAMBRAY TUNIC is adorable!  I love mixing and matching Matilda Jane, but when I want to tone it down a bit, I love pairing some of the patterned pants and leggings with tops like this one.

And at just around $10, this tee looks like it might make it's way to our house for Mason for Valentine's Day :)

And Luke would love THIS one :)

Happy Saturday, girls!!!

This post contains affiliate links - which means that if you click on a link and purchase an item I receive a small commission.  Thanks for supporting the blog! Y'all ROCK!


  1. So much for disclosing affiliate

    1. EEEK! I try to be really up front about this and when I threw this post together this morning it totally slipped my mind! Thanks for the *nice* reminder :) Just so you know, me email address is and if there's ever something you think I should have disclosed or may have forgotten, please shoot me an email as I check my email way more often than I do my comments. Thanks :) Andrea

    2. Oh geez. What a silly comment. I've seen people do this on other blogs and don't get it. A lot of blogs generate some sort of income. THANK YOU Andrea for reporting such a great deal :-)

    3. not silly actually its a law with the federal trade commission. Is that how you go through life? well everyone else is doing it so I guess I should to? (not directed at you at all Andrea) Just to the "silly" commenter

    4. Absolutely not! That's not what I meant at all. I just felt like it came across in the way it was worded that she did it on purpose. Maybe a private message/email with a nice "hey just wanted to let you know that you forgot to..." since she always puts a disclosure. But really a silly dispute and I'm sorry if I just misread :-)

  2. Your new hairstyle looks gorgeous!!! You gave away sooooo much hair, and it's STILL long! Win-win! ;)
    Glad you are feeling much better! Thanks for making so many people happy everyday with your posts!:)

  3. That cover up is such a steal!!!!!

  4. Old navy is one of my faves and their sales are the best.


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