Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up: PERFECT edition ;)


Y'all - this weekend was PERFECT!!!  Lots of great weather, lots of family fun and lots of sleep for this mama.  Amen.

Friday was conference day at school, and I had LOTS of group conferences all day.  Dave texted me this pic of GG before heading in to Miss Lisa's house and it completely made my morning.

Also, it should be noted that Friday she turned 18 months old and I may have shed a tear or two.  Because what wouldn't I give to have one more newborn snuggle from this sweet baby?!?!
Luke spent the day at ESS and he had THE BEST time!  After school we headed to Kroger and he was a huge helper.  Speaking of half birthdays... how is he SIX AND a HALF?!?!?!  And WHY did he point out to me that that's half of thirteen?? hahaha  Sweet and smart!

 Saturday morning was soccer-free and lots of fun.  :)  ALSO - my new Nena and Co bag joined the party and she was lookin' good. hahaha

Dave always asks me what I want for gifts (Christmas, anniversary, etc.) and so I ordered this for him to stick away for whatever.  Surprise! Surprise! he gave it to me Saturday morning as an anniversary present (in December). hahaha

We had THE BEST time at Pumpkinville and you can see all the pics to prove it HERE.

After Pumpkinville we headed to the library and spent some time in the playroom. Every time we go this locks and latches puzzle is fought over HARD so you better believe it is on multiple Christmas lists this year. :)

After Pumpkinville and the library it was a quick grocery store run, lunch and then Griffin and I headed out to a baby shower to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Lucy!!!  Dave's cousin, Justin and his wife Mallory are expecting their first baby in January and we're beyond excited for them!

The shower was only about 45 minutes away, but apparently it doesn't take long to feel like you're in a TOTALLY different world. hahaha  We LOVE the country!!!  I should clarify... we love to visit the country :)

I did a horrible job of taking pictures because I was too busy eating cake, ooohing and aaahing over tiny baby girl clothes and watching this little sass ;)

Rest assured that it was a fantastic time with family and Mallory looked GORG as always.  The weather was PERFECT and before we left G and I checked out the cows.

While we were baby-showering, the boys and Gibi were at the park down the street.  When we got home it was time for dinner and baths ;)

The next picture of Griffin makes me laugh every time I look at it.
"GAH!!! Necklaces just make me so happy!!!" ;)

Dave worked LAAAATE on Saturday night (technically early Sunday morning) and we opted out of Church. (I know, I know. hahaha)

Griffin and I headed to Sam's along with her Hoho doll and necklace.  Because you're NEVER fully dressed without some sparkle!

While G and I were doing errands, the boys were HARD at work in the backyard ;)

Sunday afternoon I baked THE BEST pumpkin sheet cake EVER (recipe coming later this week) and baking is always better when you get to do it in a monogrammed Matilda Jane apron. hahaha

The boys played outside literally all day.  Like from 9:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.  All. Day. Long.
I LOVE getting to see them be active and creative and using their imaginations.

Around 3:00 I looked outside and found this...

Best. Nap. Ever.

The rest of Sunday night we spent cleaning up and getting ready for the week.

And then this happened...
... someone please tell me HOW ON EARTH it's time to do this?!?!?!  It literally feels like last week I was sitting in the office interviewing with the Upper School principal.  The funny part is that I vividly remember him telling me the salary and quickly following it up with, "but you get a tuition discount.... so that kind of helps" and I'm pretty sure I rolled my eyes and thought, "like that will ever happen" and then apparently I blinked and here I am... filling out my SECOND application.  Sigh.

Last... the winner of the QUICKEST giveaway in the history of giveaways is...


Please shoot me an email today (dave-and-andrea@hotmail.com) with your mailing address so I can get this pretty dress out to you ASAP!

Happy Tuesday, Friends!


  1. Such a fabulous weekend!!
    I love the photo of Griffin checking out the cows :)
    Your monogrammed apron is too cute!!

  2. Replies
    1. I just added it ;) The rafflecopter ended after I went to bed so I picked a winner this morning. Thanks!

  3. I keep forgetting to drop my kids off in your backyard!!! You'd never notice they're there right?? Ha!

  4. Such a lovely recap! Love a good pumpkin patch.

  5. You forgot to list the winner's name :)

    1. I just added it ;) The rafflecopter ended after I went to bed so I picked a winner this morning. Thanks!

  6. I napped just as hard as Luke did on Sunday, and it was GLORIOUS. Like I woke up, and I had no idea what day it was. I literally had to lay there and think really hard. It was awesome. :)

  7. Girlfriend, your kiddos are like family to me. I just love all three of them so much :).

  8. Best kind of weekends! And as a mom of boys I will agree outside time for them is the best! My AJ will play outside sun up to sun down!!!

  9. You look so pretty in the picture with Griffin! Looking forward to the cake sheet recipe!

  10. I just emailed you, Andrea!!! I am so excited!!! Thank you so much!!!

  11. where did you get your awesome bag and griffins black lace headband?! both are great!

  12. It seems like your kiddos have the best imaginations and are so creative! Do you have any tips for encouraging kids to use their imagination (outside/inside) and get away from electronics (including tv)?

  13. I am always so tired after reading about your weekends! I can barely keep one toddler entertained for the majority of the day without napping myself! I need your energy secret! ! ;)

  14. Oh my goodness, the necklace on your daughter, just perfect!!!! xo


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