Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Five Fall Looks

Happy Hump Day, lovelies!!!  I've been stockpiling some pics of my "almost Fall style" and thought today was the PERFECT day to share.  I've mentioned before (remember Carpe Sequins???) that I kind of do my own thing when it comes to getting dressed and I think that this post is exhibit A, B, C, D and E of that. hahaha  

I was scrolling through Instagram yesterday when I saw this quote...
... and it could not be more applicable to today's post.  So here we go!!!

Style One - Cords, military jacket and bug bag
I bought these cords and several other colors last year at Nordstrom because they're AWESOME!  Unfortunately I haven't been able to find this exact pair again, but THESE look promising!  They're by the same designer as my pairs from last year and look almost identical (just in different colors).  I've had the "Wild Aster" color in my cart for a few days now.  Pink cords are TOTALLY a fall staple, amen? :)  My shoes are TOMS Ballet Flats in a leopard print (they were on HauteLook in the summer), but THIS PAIR is a great neutral that would be perfect with lots of looks this Fall.  My military jacket is the one with the sweater back that Sheaffer highlighted last Winter, but THIS is a really cute (and affordable!) option from Old Navy.  

I am a TOTAL tote-bag-a-holic and this bug bag from Anthropologie is one of my absolute faves.  It's funky and fun, and the colors go with lots of outfits.  If you're looking for a cute and unique tote, both of the ones below are already marked down at Anthropologie and are now an additional 25% off with the code EXTRAEXTRA


Style Two - Fancy Lumberjack
You read that right, folks.  I paired this outfit together, walked out of the bathroom and Dave announced that I looked like a "Fancy Lumberjack... in a good way". hahaha

I'm not one to shy away from pattern mixing, and for some reason as soon as I opened up the buffalo check and polka dot shirt from Tara Lynns I knew I wanted to pair it with the polka dot skirt.  Welcome to my brain, people.

Funny story.... apparently on the day I wore this to school, a second-grader told her teacher that there was a middle school teacher who looked like she was from Whoville.  For some reason the teacher thought she was referencing me.  I can't imagine why. ;)

As of now I have decided to take that as a compliment.  ;) 

Style Three - Saturday Casual
Saturday morning we headed to Pumpkinville and I was short on time in the morning (because, duh!).  So I showered, blow dried my hair and twisted it up before heading out.  I threw on my favorite distressed jeans  a coral top from Anthropologie, a different military jacket and a fringy scarf.  Everything I have on is older, but here are some links to similar items...

On the topic of my fringe scarf... the one I'm wearing is the one Shay and Sheaffer RAVED about last year.  I held out forever and a half before I ordered it and I have no clue why.  It's awesome!  Unfortunately, it's been gone since last Winter and I've never been able to find anything similar UNTIL I came across this one at Nordstrom Rack!  Look how cute!!!  It comes in several colors and it's $19.97! SCORE!!! 

Style Four - All About That Bag ;)
Saturday afternoon G and I headed to a shower for Mallory and I wore brown cords, a rust ruffle tee, the best denim jacket of all time and some simple earrings paired with Toms suede wedges and MY AMAZING new bag.  I'm a little bit obsessed.  Or maybe a lot.

If you haven't checked out Nena and Co before you totally need to.  Everything she does is one of a kind and handmade and you have to read the story behind her company LOVE companies that support local artisans.

Style Five - Green Cinderella

My hair was extra big and I was wearing a sparkly headband... which is why I'm thinking Mason called me Green Cinderella on my way out the door this morning ;)

This is another skirt from Tara Lynns and the color is AMAZING in person.  I looooove me some green and as soon as I saw this deep "kelly-ish" shade I knew it was meant to be.

I paired it with a chambray snap front shirt from GAP and my new favorite bag and I was good to go.  Oh, and some "matchstick" type earrings from Anthro that I wear WAY too often.  They're simple, yet bold and they go with EVERYTHING!  This pair is similar.

So.... fashion vs style.... do y'all feel like you have a personal style?  Is your personal style yoga pants?  Are you a pant suit woman?  Do tell.

Have a STYLISH day!!!  And don't forget... Carpe Sequins ;)

ALSO.... be sure to check out my zucchini bread being featured on Shay's blog today!!!  She's mixing and matching it and I can't wait to see how she remixed the recipe!

PS - Thanks so much to Tara Lynns for providing me with the buffalo plaid shirt and green skirt.  LOVE THEM!!!  Also, this post contains affiliate links, which just means that if you click on a link and purchase what I've linked to, I'll receive a commission. Thank you for reading and for supporting my blog!  Love y'all!


  1. Girlfriend, you totally own your own style and I absolutely love that about you!! And thank you for sharing your recipe with me!! I love, love, love your Zucchini Bread!

  2. Carpe Sequins. I'm going to HAVE to find somebody to needlepoint that on a pillow for you! You love and your style!

  3. Love love love your style and your blog �� your style posts are my favorite, thanks for the inspiration

  4. Love your unique style! It's perfection all the time

  5. Oh, girl! You look precious in your outfits!! I love it!!! :)

  6. The Whoville comment cracks me up!! I totally get it, I think because of the hair on top of your head and your cute facial features. I would totally take it as a compliment, I love your style and look! Everything you wear stays true to you. I don't feel like my style is as consistent and I totally love seeing you pull things together to make a perfect outfit.

  7. I love that you own your unique style! I am definitely getting one of those fringe scarfs!!

  8. I never comment but always read your blog. I absolutely love your style and this post :)

  9. Your fancy lumberjack look is adorable! Love that you have your own look and just go for it :)
    I think my look is a mix of classic pieces and trendy ones too..but if I don't feel great in it, I don't wear it just because it's "in". dressing for fall is a little more challenging for me-i love the look of layers, but the reality of a bunch of layers make me a little irritated and hot! ha!

  10. I love how you put things together! I'm pretty timid with mixing colors and patterns but I'm trying to be more adventurous!

  11. I have to tell you that you inspired me! I tried on a pair of houndstooth pants at Old Navy last weekend. That is not something I would usually buy for fear of it being too "flashy." I really liked them! I actually thought of how you always say to wear what you like, so I got them! I got a lot of compliments on them too! Thanks for being inspiring!

  12. Love that quote. RIP Oscar de la Renta :'(

  13. Whoville made me LAUGH OUT LOUD! I love your confidence and think you always look great and so fun! The Whoville has to be a comment on when you have your hair piled up on your head. When you wear it down I'm always amazed at how long it is! I totally admire your style and love what you wear!

  14. I love your style! I am trying to slowing mix more patterns together, but my husband looks at me like I am crazy! lol! One day I will find my own style...probably at 50! loL!

  15. I need to know how you style your messy bun!!! Tutorial please!! :)


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