Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up - Part Two

Before I start in on our weekend... I am soooooooo beyond excited!!!  The Manda Strong t-shirts are LIVE and they are AWESOME!!!

There is a "heathered gray" color that is available in adult sizes only and a navy option that is available in Youth XS - Youth XL as well as adult sizes.

The shirts are $15 and there is a flat $5 shipping fee per order (not per shirt).  We'll be collecting orders on the website for 2 weeks and then the printer will print all of our shirts and they'll be shipped directly to you!  Email your friends, share it on Facebook - SPREAD THE WORD!!!  These would make fabulous Christmas gifts - so buy a bunch and give them to everyone on your list :)

I told y'all yesterday that our weekend was a whopper and I meant it!  After Anna Grace left, Dave headed in to work and the boys wanted to paint the trucks they made at Home Depot earlier in the morning.  I am ALL ABOUT the in-store projects, but we RARELY paint at the store.  Not because I worry about them getting messy - but because logistically, how on earth are you supposed to get projects covered in wet paint home without getting paint all over your car?!?!?!  I'm yet to figure it out - so we just paint when we get home.

After painting, all three kids had "quiet time" (aka nap time) and I had a moment :)  Moms... y'all know what I'm talking about, right???

After naptime we picked up Gibi and headed to the most random pumpkin patch EVER.  It legitimately was in the Target parking lot, but I had seen this super fun "Cars" area and knew the boys would get a big kick out of it.

Don't they look thrilled?!?! :) hahaha
It took them a minute to get over the fact that I made them leave their bags of Pirate Booty in the van.

We saw Fillmore...

I promise they were having fun. hahaha  And can we talk about how sweet GG looks in the pic below?!?!?!

The kiddos got to climb into Mater...

And Mason worked on his politician wave :)

GG was completely unsure of the hay...

... which led to some twirling :)

They even had the "tipped" tractor!

And of course, Sheriff.  Sarge was there too, but somehow I missed a pic with him.


And yes.... there were pumpkins too :)  But after getting to climb in and on "Cars cars" pumpkins weren't super exciting.

Me and my crazy crew...

.. and one without the granny sunnies :)

We came home and ate and Griffin enjoyed hers a little too much...

It's like this child has seen a camera before or something ;)

Sunday morning our "group pic" went per the usual...

And after church GG was WAY too busy looking for her brothers to be bothered looking at the giant aquarium full of fish.

When did she turn into a toddler?!?!?!

I have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot of this pose over the years :)  I don't even want to think about Senior pics... but y'all know I love a good side-by-side and I think this pic will be pulled from the archives just for that. hahaha

We ate lunch, changed into sweats and took some serious naps.  For reals.

Later in the afternoon Luke had soccer and Griffin was still napping, so Dave and the boys headed to the game and I stayed camped out in the family room with my stacks and stacks of papers and nilla wafers :)

Griffin woke up and she was the perfect grading assistant :)

And just in case you were thinking my weekend was super glamorous (yeah right!)...

I will say that I ended the weekend with all the laundry folded and put away, all the sheets washed and beds made and that giant mess of grading COMPLETE.  Amen.

This week is Homecoming which pretty much means total craziness for me at school, so I knew I needed everything at home "together" since my school life would be nuts. :)

So... Happy Hump Day, friends!!!  Monday was supposed to be the "What's On... Your Feet" link-up party, but my Manda post took precedent, so I'm moving it to tomorrow.  So... get ready to share your current picks for shoes just in time for Fall!


  1. I love the random pumpkin patch pictures ;). However, my favorite pic is the one of G in her MJ dress after church...soooooo cute!!! Happy homecoming week! Call me later :).

  2. Hey- Love your blog! Where did you find the gigantic paper to protect your table? Thanks, Lauren

  3. The pictures of G's messy face!!! Precious!!

  4. "Mason practicing his politician wave". Hilarious! And G eating? I have no words. :)

  5. What a fun Saturday!!! I saw those card parked in a different spot last week. So glad you guys checked them out and I'm sure your kiddos are glad too!

  6. Love the messay face pics! Love it!!!

  7. Ok. So my daughter is about the same age as Griffin and I have never let her get that messy eating. I feel like I am missing out cause that is hilarious. Maybe I'll try letting Avery enjoy her food that much today. ☺ Also, I got her the moccasins and they are so stinkin cute! I love all the many faces of your boys too. Being a boy mom is awesome.

  8. I would so smush those baby cheeks! Makes me want another little baby.

  9. My favorite picture is all that laundry on the bed. Looks like my house! :)

  10. Wow what a weekend! Great pictures!

  11. It doesn't seem like the shirts ship to Canada. Am I missing something? Let me know.

  12. Such great pictures! I am in awe of your ability to take pics of all the fun things y'all do! I struggle to juggle the kids and the camera and don't take any where near enough photos!

    Any chance of MandaStrong shirts in toddler sizes? I would love to buy for my boys but a 2-4 would be pretty big on them!

    1. YXS is as small as they come :( I'm ordering them for all of my kiddos and I'm just going to tie them up in the back and roll the sleeves. hahaha

  13. Such cute jeans in the cookie picture! I love the studs :)

  14. "quiet time" - a gift from God! And, that pumpkin patch is awesome! So much fun!

  15. This past Sunday.... kid 1 went with his girlfriend to a movie, kid 2 played a video game in his room upstairs, kid 3 went to her gym to do tumbling, kid 4 went to her friends to practice cheer and kid 5 went with dad to practice baseball...and I sat on my bed with my Nook, open window and a fan and went to SLEEP for 3 HOURS! WHO DOES THAT

  16. what a cool random pumpkin patch to go to! Wow that is a massive amount of laundry!

  17. Your little girl is too cute. And of course the boys are handsome. What a fun filled weekend you had. Minus the laundry for days... how does that happen?

  18. Great pictures and I love how you dress your little girl :)

    Cathy Vargas
    Vintage Girls


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