Thursday, August 28, 2014

Friday Favorites - Ready for Halloween Edition

Yes, peeps... you read that right.  I am READY for Halloween. hahaha 
I am aware that it is technically still August - but I've been in school for 3 weeks (progress reports are due on Monday - eeek!) so that means Halloween/Fall needs to hurry up and get here.  Halloween is seriously my favorite and I am more than a little anxious for it to arrive.

So today I'm going to share a few of my favorite Halloween things that I'm excited about!
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What really got my Halloween excitement started was getting this stinkin' adorable shirt in the mail from Bella Creative Expressions Boutique.  I mean...

Her quality is AMAZING and her prices are great.  This was a shirt I ordered from a sample sale she did last year and this year it will actually fit!

I don't hold on to many of Griffin's clothes - but I have big plans to take all her personalized and monogrammed things and make a big quilt when she's older.  AWWWWWWWWW! :)

I love how festive and fun these shirts are and you'll be seeing A LOT of them starting mid-September.  Yes... I'm that girl. 

Speaking of that girl :)  I can't get enough of these Halloween dresses by Appearel Tree.  The pre-order for them starts today at 11 am CST (along with the leggings!)

These ruffles would be PERFECT with Griffin's monogrammed shirts!

And this dress is on it's way to GG!  Can't wait!!!

I love to be festive as well - and polka dots are my love language - so this polka dot cardigan from ModCloth is right up my alley.  Black t-shirt, jeans and sparkly TOMS and I'm good to go :)

I'm pretty sure that this Old Navy tee will be Mason's new favorite shirt :)

I'm not sure how Luke will feel about a "themed" shirt this year... so I'm loving this gingham option for him.  Festive, but without a skeleton :)

I am making myself wait until at least mid-September to decorate my house - but that doesn't mean I can't start brainstorming ideas!  If you don't want to have a full size Halloween Tree in your house, this one from Pier-1 is awesome!  It's about 2 feet tall and it would be perfect on my entryway table :)  Just sayin'

And these glitter ornaments would be perfect hanging on it!

I was going to share a pillow project I'm working on with y'all today... BUT time got away from me (and I have to make answer keys to 3 tests as well as review games before tomorrow!), so I'm saving it for later :)  In the meantime, check out my inspiration...

I'm also trying a few burlap covers with painted words on them.  We'll see how it goes!

I love this bat chandelier from Pottery Barn Kids, but it's $60.... I have the frame from Griffin's mobile that she destroyed saved in my craft closet so I'm going to attempt to make this one on my own!

And two more other craft ideas I'll be working on this weekend as well!

Last - if you need some Fall at your house this weekend, you should make these mini pumpkin cream pies :)  You can't help but be festive when eating one (or three) of them. hahaha

I think you probably think I'm nuts after this post - and if that's the case you can come back and read it October 1st :)  ORRRR you can go pre-order one of the cutest Halloween dresses there ever was, make a Halloween pillow and eat a pumpkin cream pie. hahaha

And since I can't leave you without a pic of my kids.... here's our family Halloween pic from last year.... Old McAnally Had a Farm :)

Happy Friday, Friends!!!


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  1. Griffin's new personalized ghost shirt is so cute!
    Your bat mobile will be fun! I couldn't have one in my house though because bats freak me out! We've had three come inside for a visit this year, and I am always on edge about them.
    I'll vouch for your pumpkin cream pies--they're amazing!!

  2. The Halloween costumes last year are adorable and I love all the outfits for Griffin. I am going to be honest...Halloween is not my thing. I like to get creative with Jack's costume but that's about it. make it look super fun. I might just have to give it a shot. :) have a great Friday!

  3. I never thought about a Halloween tree. Love it!

  4. Girlfriend! I am ready too!!! My pumpkins are out, my candy corn is in bowls and my house smells like a big cinnamon-pumpkin cake. Yay!!!! Happy Friday!

  5. Those are the cutest Halloween Clothes EVER!!!!

  6. I am not a Halloween person. At all. But you may have got me just a teeny bit excited!;)

  7. I needed this post to get me more motivated for fall! I think I will go a little out there for Halloween this year. I live in a rural area but I know my kids would enjoy it (more than just the four pumpkins I regularly do!) Your pic from last year is too cute!!! Happy weekending.

  8. I agree about that dress from Appearal Tree!!! Love it!!! G will be as darling as ever in hers!!!

  9. I'm loving this! I was at home goods yesterday picking up some fall decor,,,and I've been burning pumpkin candles for two weeks! Love the cute outfits for griffin'. Happy Friday. Enjoy the long weekend!!!

  10. I'm sad for summer to end but this post is making me look forward to the fall :-)

  11. How fun! Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I just love decorating for every holiday. Thanks for a lot of great inspiration! I'm looking forward to seeing your pillow and bat chandelier. Those outfits for Griffin are so cute. And I love that polka dot cardigan - love it. Have a great 3 day weekend! -Jess @ Sweet Little Ones

  12. All of the festive Halloween children's clothing makes me super excited and I don't even have babes! But, when I do, I'm going to be all over this! Such a fun post! Happy Friday, lady!

  13. I love fall too, and I celebrate every Sept. 1st!!

  14. I have Halloween on the brain too :) Seriously loving G's outfits!! Can't wait to see your finished crafts. I'm so impressed by your creativity.

  15. Love this post! Halloween comes in a super close second to Christmas for me! I love all the clothes, the colors, the decor, the food! I had started decorating for Fall, but now I think I just want to go full blown Halloween :) Thanks for the inspiration Andrea! For today I will keep it to looking for Halloween costumes for my little guy :) Have a great weekend!

  16. Andrea,
    I knew there was a reason I have been drawn to your blog..ha. My husband calls me a "Halloween Lunatic" , in the most loving I run an early childhood program & I have had the children's matching halloween outfits since early August (We do a photo shoot every year) .

    Love your blog. This post was fantastic!


  17. Oh love everything about this post! So ready for all of the fall goodness! Where did you find the black ruffle pants? 😍

  18. Love this! I'm totally ready for Halloween too! As soon as our labor day festivities are over I'm in total fall mode! And I went to college with Carol, the owner of Bella Creative Expressions Boutique and her work is amazing! Small world!

  19. Can you share where you got the adorable Halloween necklace from for G? I'm like you and had 2 boys and now a girl...SQUEAL!!!!!!

  20. Andrea, I am loving all these cute Halloween/Fall clothes!! So adorable. I don't have a little girl, but if I did, I sure would be ordering some of these precious outfits! Also, I think my brother would have totally loved the shirt you picked out for Mason! Happy weekend!


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