Thursday, August 28, 2014


So how yummy was yesterday?!?!?!  I want to just cook, cook and then cook some more!  Y'alls recipes have me inspired!!!  Thank you :)

Today is awkward for me - but I'm going to talk a little bit about my #teacherstyle and highlight a few outfits that I've worn since being back at work.

- Maxi Dresses -
I love love love a good maxi dress!  As far as "bang for your buck" I feel like it's at the top of my list because of how you can dress them up or down and really wear them 3 out of the 4 seasons.  I am LOVING this chevron maxi dress from Hippie Chick.  The cut is really flattering, the material is flowy and the colors POP!  The day I took these pics I wore it to church with a pair of Kate Spade studs and a stack of HM Willow bangles.  My sequin and linen tote is from GAP a few years ago - but this leather metallic bag from Boden is GORGEOUS!!!

You could easily throw a denim jacket on over this dress with a black scarf and be good to go for Fall... but I wanted to pick something a little different - so I put on a faux leather and brocade moto jacket (mine is by Romeo and Juliet Couture.... I found it on HauteLook) and paired it with a taupe fringe scarf.  

Thank you, Dave for the super awkward pic.... Dave insists that peoples heads should be in the middle of a pic. What the what?!?!?!

I can't find my exact jacket, but I put a couple of cute options below.  Also, this scarf would be a great neutral to wear with a lot this Fall.

Earlier this week I wore a navy striped maxi dress (sold out at GAP, sorry!) with a military jacket and floral scarf.  Again - my go-to look would have been to reach for my denim jacket, but I decided to push myself out of my denim jacket comfort zone a bit :)

I love love love mixing stripes and floral!  My dress is from GAP and it's sold out, but HERE is a cute striped option and if you really love the navy and white color combo Hippie Chick has a great maxi in navy and white quarter foil that's AWESOME!  And here are a few floral scarves that would be great for Fall...


My military jacket is sold out - but how cute is THIS mixed media one???

Matilda Jane is quirky, fun and relaxed.  Totally me.

These ruffle pants are actually little girls pants. hahaha  
I have them for Griffin and loved the print so much I decided to try them for myself.

I like to pair my ruffles with a flowy shirt and denim jacket or cardigan.

The petticoat tank from Anthropologie is a favorite with my ruffles as well.

And I typically wear them with my TOMS ballet flats.

If you're interested in trying out some ruffle pants for yourself, I'm hosting an online trunk show starting on Monday, September 1st.  There's a new release and there should be a new pair of mama ruffles! So fun!

My third go-to outfit is skinnies with booties.  Brown cords, orange peplum top with a fallish scarf.

Burgundy Vigoss Skinnies with camo booties and a lace trim tunic...

Here are a few pairs of skinnies I love... eggplant, charcoal, green

And when I'm having a crazy hair day??? Griffin's Ruby Wrap :)

So there you have it!  A little bit of my #teacherstyle 

I also wear a lot of boots and dress combos - but for some reason the last few weeks I haven't been pulling those out in the mornings.  I'm ready to start wearing tights and dresses again this Fall!

I try my best to answer outfit questions here and on IG - but sometimes I miss them :)  If you have a question and I haven't answered - don't hesitate to ask again. hahaha

Tomorrow is Friday Favorites and I have something FUN and FESTIVE up my sleeve for y'all!  I can't wait to share!!!  Happy Thursday, friends!


  1. Girlfriend, you are like the cutest thing EVER! Love you!

  2. You seriously have the cutest style ever!

  3. I bet you're the best dressed teacher at your school!!! Love your style!

  4. So cute friend! I would like to officially crown you the QUEEN OF LAYERING!!!!! :) You do it so well!

  5. All these outfits are adorable!!! And i seriously think I need ruffle pants! They looks comfy and I think they are super cute! Thanks for sharing your looks!! Happy Thursday!!!

  6. You have the best style!! I wish I could fly you to France (where I live) and take you shopping with me!

  7. Hi Andrea,
    I just wanted to say how much I love your blog. I have been going through a rough patch in my life, and it really brightens my day. I so appreciate the time and energy you devote to the blog. God bless you and your beautiful family!!

  8. So So Cute....You can pull that ruffled look off......Some of us...not so much!

  9. Ok! Several things! <3 how cute you are!!!! I need those bracelets! love your bangs, and where is the white tank from?!! Come dress me!!!

  10. Love your blog! I am a working mom of three! Your blog brightens my day!

  11. you have to cutest style! I am not tiny like you so I am affraid to wear skinnies!

  12. Love your Hippie Chic style and I need your chunky bracelets! Where did you find them???

  13. Where do we get those bracelets???

  14. Love Matilda Jane! Never thought about trying the kid stuff for me though. I typically wear a medium in the adult ruffles so would that even be an option?

  15. Thanks so much for showcasing some MJ!

  16. Love your style, friend! It is so fun!

  17. where is that white flowy top from??? I must have :)

  18. Where did you get your loved bracelet??


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