Thursday, July 31, 2014

Friday Favorites - Random Edition :)

Today's post is brought to you by the word RANDOM.    But that's what Friday Favorites is designed to be.... a catch all of your FAVES from the week :)

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My FAVORITE pic with my FAVORITE Kindergartener :) 
I totally forgot to post this pic yesterday when I posted about our Kindergarten Kickoff dinner
Speaking of the Kindergarten Kickoff dinner - thank you all for your sweet, sweet comments!

My new FAVORITE tee!
I've mentioned the Split back Tee from Anthrpologie before, but I got it in this week and it's even better in person!  Please excuse my CRAZY bun and awkward pics - seriously I'm the WORST at selfies. hahaha

Ignore my no makeup.... and the scarf is sold out - otherwise I would have totally linked to it.  It's from Anthropologie and when the reviews said it was "too voluminous" and "overwhelming" I knew it was the one for me :)

The back is super cute - but I couldn't figure out how to take a pic.  You'll have to settle for this :)  #skillz

Two of my FAVORITE girls
Griffin was PUMPED on Wednesday that Kensington was coming over to "babysit" :)

"Seriously, mom?!?!?! A friend for MEEEEEEEEEEEEE?!?!?!" :)

They played bake shop, dance recital, fashion show and picnic. hahaha

Kensington was SO sweet and when Griffin got messy at lunch she INSISTED that we give her a bath and while I got the bath ready she picked out an outfit for Griffin.  She was TICKLED to find matching a pair of pants that "matched" this top and of course she had to accessorize with a necklace and glitter bow :)  I tried to sway her toward a pair of striped leggings - but she loved that the fabric was the same.  Homegirl knows what she likes!  

A FAVORITE reiterated :)
Y'all - I try not to mention the same item of clothing too many times, but this petticoat tank is TOO GOOD not to mention again. 

I loved it in white...

And I just picked it up in brown as well for Fall.

It's still on sale for $39 and I love love love it!

Dinner Time Groceries are NOT a FAVE :)
A grocery run at 5:45 on a night when Daddy is supposed to be home but has to work is NOT my FAVORITE - but a stop at the in-store Starbucks will fix that.... even with monkeys hanging on my cart :)

After said grocery run - her sneaky smile is a total favorite.

And then this look after getting cleaned up and hiding :)

Veggie tales is NOT a Favorite :)
I had Carter with me for a bit on Wednesday and apparently Veggie Tales is NOT his Favorite.

The CRAZY Weather is my favorite!!!
This unseasonable cool weather has been my total favorite.  We've been pretending that it's Fall all week.

If you asked me about this jacket on Instagram, I picked it up at Nordstrom Rack... but you can find the same one here. It is seriously OUTRAGEOUSLY soft and comfy.  Mine is sugary pink and it is BRIGHT.

Swords on a Walk are their Favorite :)
Yes, people - they took their swords on a walk.  Because why not.

So... what are your favorites this week??/ I can't wait to see!!!

Also - don't forget that today is Matdila Jane Release day! Get those wishlists in to me by NOON CST!!!



  1. Oh my goodness! I loved this post so much! First of all, Kensington wants us to adopt Griffin. Is that possible? She totally loves that girl and is now really disappointed playing with her dolls...they're not as much fun. And this weather! Every time I read the forecast, I think of you...and then I think about how you and me are going to "pretend it's fall". :) Happy Friday friend!

  2. The swords on a walk is cracking me up! I have a feeling that will be what our walks look like very soon! And how cute is Kensington babysitting! Love her!

  3. It's here!!!! I think you mentioned this day to me months ago!! Love love love G's expression in that pic!!!

  4. No need to throw in the "no makeup" disclaimer, own it! You're gorgeous and seem very real... something that is very refreshing.

  5. You look so great in the petticoat tank! What size are you wearing? I need one too!

  6. I can totally relate on three counts: grocery store shenanigans, loving cool weather, and swords on walks. Love it!

  7. Just discovered your blog! Such a fun post to read! Love those Anthro tops! Thanks for hosting the linkup!


  8. the kindergarten kickoff dinner is the sweetest thing EVER! what a fun idea! & how awesome that all of those kiddos get to go through school together!!!!! FUN!
    Kensington & Griffin together .... LOVE!

  9. Just wanted to let you know you are my favorite blog right now. I so love taking a peak inside your life each week. You are a great mom.

  10. Love love love that petticoat tank!!

  11. Kensington and Griffin....I die, those are the sweetest pictures and the sweetest girls.....SO fun! And Carter in the car, too funny! He is such a cutie! Happy weekend, friend!!!

  12. Andrea. I thought of you last night and this morning with the chill in the air. You must be in HEAVEN!!!! And now I need those TOMS leopard ballet flats. Like yesterday.

  13. I love all your favorites! But I have to say that playdate, I mean babysitting fun with K & G is the best! How sweet are those two together in those pics! I am sure it was even better in person :) And I love that Kensington picked out the outfit!

  14. Love the pink North Face jacket! Happy weekend! :)

  15. Your baby's outfits are the most adorable and seem like the little kid version of what you wear... too cute!!

  16. Cute CUTE photos!! I love that K came to babysit G! Precious!! And I am super excited for your son to start Kindergarten, he will love it! My son went last year and although I was so sad at first, He absolutely loved it!! :)

  17. You have the cutest kiddos. I wanted to comment on yesterday's post. I was shocked that Shay didn't bring homemade cupcakes to the party. I just thought it was funny. I couldn't help but wonder what Paula would think. LOL! Have a great day! You're the best!!!

  18. You and your little family are my favorite on this Friday! So cute how Kensington came to hang out with Griffin- maybe her sister-in-law someday, lol. Love the leopard flats! Have a super weekend:)

  19. Fun post but was hoping to read about your new MJ favorites too :) Can't wait to hear what you picked out for Griffin (and yourself!)


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