Monday, June 9, 2014

Weekend Fun

It was a super fun weekend around here.  But before I get started on the recap, Congratulations to @Sassyaubs !!!

She is the winner of #thephotochallenge2014 contest and Erika and I can't wait to send her a box of a few of our favorite things!!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture!!!

Now on to the recap!

Friday we started off FANCY - just for fun...

But got casual just in time to play the BEST GAME EVER! Hoho's in the laundry basket :)

Griffin boycotted her afternoon nap, but we got in some good snuggles - so it worked out :)

A GIANT box of Matilda Jane arrived at our house - so Griffin and Bunny helped me sort orders.
 And we ended Friday night with movies and popcorn on the family room floor.  PERFECT!!

Saturday morning we ate pancakes at the country club...

... with Woody and Jessie!!!

And just for fun... here's our crew in 2012...

... and 2013!!!

And this year!

"Hey, Buddy!!!"

Its safe to say that any plans of Disney trips in our near future may be put on hold :) hahaha

Oh, Mason.

After breakfast Dave had to work, so Gibi and I took the kids to the Kids Workshop at Home Depot.

After naps on Saturday we headed to the pool to eat dinner and swim for the first time of the summer!

I mean - it's ALMOST too much cuteness :)  #thighsfordays

Swimming lessons start today and Luke is R.E.A.D.Y!!!

Mason is much more of an "observer" rather than an actual fan of the water :)

It was sweet to see him "cheer up" his brother (he says cheer up instead of cheer on - PRECIOUS!!!)

I have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot of this this summer :)

Mason's favorite part??? Ice cream. :)

I'm pretty sure it was G's favorite part too :)

Mason wanted Griffin to "cheers" her popsicle...

She had other ideas :)

Meanwhile.... on the diving board... hehehe

If you've been reading for a while you know that G is easily the happiest and most laid back baby ever.  Well... not when food is involved.  Homegirl was TICKED that her pushpop was done.


This morning all was well and G was PUMPED about Sunday School.  Doesn't it look like she's doing a little jig?!?! :)

After church we stopped to look at the fish and I got sad because she looked like such a big girl!!!

Hangin' with the big boys!!!

During lunch Mason told me that he was a "nutcracker" and that was why he wasn't sitting in his chair.  Points for creativity, my friend. :)

And the weekend ended with snacks and girl talk with some girls from my Sunday School class! PERFECT!

Don't Forget!!! Take some pics of your yard today because tomorrow we're linking up and sharing our yards and outdoor spaces as part of my "Come On In..." Linky series! YAY!!! 


  1. I just love the pics of G and Mason with their push pops! They are so sweet together! And listen, if you take food away from me, I cry too! Wish I could have been there last night...I missed you girls!

  2. Awe!!! That picture of Mason watching from the sidelines is so cute!! Don't worry...Mrs. Sally will have them both swimming by Friday!

  3. Love how angry the baby got when her good was gone..,aren't we all like that??? Too adorable!!!!

  4. Griffin Joy looks older every week- wow!!
    Love the Woody & Jessie breakfast pics- such a cute event :)

  5. I dare you to take a picture of me after I've finished my brisket tacos.

  6. #thighsfordays .... same hashtag I used last time I had a pic of me in a bathing suit! :/

  7. What a fun weekend!! I love G in that Romper--it does make her look so much older though! Crazy!! :)

  8. Oh how cute is Griffin in that bathing suit!!! And Mason reminds me of my son with water, way more of an observer :)


  9. Griffin in her little swimsuit?! dying!! soooo cute!!! Breakfast with woody & Jessie looks like so much fun! My littlest would LOVE that!!! And I'm SO super excited that my picture won!!! Thank y'all so much!!

  10. OH my gosh, pushpops, I haven't seen one of those in forever! G's swimsuit, I think I need one for my daughter too! Sooo cute!

  11. Griffin's bathing suit is the cutest thing ever!


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