Friday, June 6, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Friday, friends!!!  Today is our weekly dose of random and I'm PUMPED about it!!!

I'm linking up again with Darci for Five on Friday

- ONE -
I'm a shorty.

I posted this picture of me and a couple of my former students who are now sophomores in high school and I got lots of comments asking me how tall I am :) hahaha  Here's your answer - SHORT! 
Just kidding - I think I'm about 5'3"... maybe 5'4"??? I have no clue.  I couldn't even tell you the last time my height was measured.  These girls are both tall and gorgeous AND wearing wedges while I was wearing flats :)

- TWO -
Diaper Bag Love.

Over the months, several of y'all have asked me about my diaper bag(s) and today I'm spilling the beans!

I like that it's unique, holds a ton and you can wear it several different ways.

Lateyl I've been wearing it "cross body" style.... but the selling feature to me was that you can use it like a backpack.  I hate that I even typed those words.... but it's true.  I LOVE me a backpack diaper bag. When you have multiple kids you are doing WAY too much to have to mess with a bag on your shoulder.

The other thing I LOVE about it is that it "clips" to my stroller (which I'll be talking about next week - because I get asked about it all the time!) using the Petunia Pickle bottom stroller clips.

I have the bag in "Chocolate Cherry"

As well as Pistachio Layer cake and I love them both equally :)

Unfortunately, my patterns are discontinued... but the new line is JUST as adorable.
Key Lime Cake looks DELISH!

But I'm also loving the Plum Tart Cake as well.
It's definitely not a cheap bag... but I use mine 99% of the time, get tons of compliments and use it as a "non-diaper bag" all the time.  If you have any questions about it, let me know!

If you want to see how much JUNK I can fit in mine... check out THIS post.  If nothing else, it'll make you feel better about what's in your bag :)

Because I am a crazy person, I also have this PPB Sashay Satchel that I RARELY use.  I am tempted to hoard it (because I am a crazy person), but I think I might be ready to part with it. hahaha
I paid $149 for it and will sell it for $80+ shipping.  If you're interested... shoot me an email (

Breakfast Burritos - For Dinner!

After dinner last night, Luke told me that this was the best meal of his life.  So I figured I better share :) 
I scrambled some eggs, browned some sausage and threw some shredded cheese in a bowl.  I gave each of the boys a tortilla (along with some oranges and yogurt) and let them assemble their own breakfast burrito.

They LOVED them and Griffin ate all the components just torn up on her tray.  It was a crazy easy meal - and if it's half as big of a hit at your house as it was at mine your kids will be OVER THE MOON!!!

- FOUR -
Fun with Friends!

We are making the absolute most of summer and today we spent the morning with some of our favorite people at one of our favorite places... the Perot Museum!

G is no longer happy to sit in her stroller and watch... she wants to be OUT and hangin' with the big kids.

I mean...

Sister LOVED her some water table!!!

After we saw all the exhibits, we headed outside to eat lunch in this little picnic/park area in front of the museum.  Mason REALLY wanted to run in the water so I told him he could go and stick his "toes" in the water.  About 45 seconds later, Shay and I see this...

He took his shorts off because they were "wet" and threw them into the water.  #awesome

Running free - no pants, no problems.

He then decided he wanted to "catch a pigeon" and decided to walk among the museum patrons enjoying their lunch.  Pantless.

After a standoff with him (moms know what I'm talking about.  I called him out of the water he gave me the stink eye.  I went after him, he ran away.  Repeat.  A lot.) I took this FANTASTIC group picture.  Please note how sweet and adorable Kensington looks and how my boys are having a fabulous time grabbing eachothers faces). 

His shorts were SOAKED so putting them back on really wasn't an option.  So I just went with it.  What are you going to do. :)

Mason was mad at me for making him get out of the water and so he wanted to hold Miss Shay's hand.  Holding your pantless son's hand in the middle of downtown Dallas is totally what friends are for, right? :)

I'm pretty sure the ladies behind us were taking his picture.  I'm hoping they thought he belonged to Shay :)

Refusing to hold my hand again.  #momwin

Seriously though, we had the best time and laughed so hard.  His shirt was completely fitting and we'll be back to the museum (with extra pants) soon :)

- FIVE -
Weekend Plans

Tuesday we're sharing our Outdoor Spaces for my "Come on In" Link-Up series... and it's just the motivation I need to get out in my yard and wrap up a bunch of projects.  Yes, I do yard work. hahaha  My friends were laughing at me talking about ripping bushes out on Monday night - but it's true.  :)

Here's a sneak peek of our "side yard" along with another project I'll be wrapping up this weekend :)

We also will be having pancakes with Woody and Jessie, attending the Home Depot Kids workshop and HOPEFULLY hitting up the pool.  I have a girls night planned for Sunday with our Sunday School class and I'm REALLY hoping to have some time to read (a summer goal!)

Happy Almost Weekend!!! :)


  1. Oh no, pantless Mason trying to catch a pigeon!! :) #takeiteasy
    I didn't realize you were short(er) because your outfit posts make you look about my height (5'7")!
    Have a great weekend!!

    1. YAY! So glad to hear I'm looking "tall" in my outfit posts! :) I think this weekend I'm going to have to stand up against a door frame and measure along with my kids just so know officially. hehehe And yes... I think #takeiteasy is going to be my new motto :)

  2. I will totally claim pant-less Mason as my own! That kid! We had so much fun yesterday with your crew!! We need to do it again (soon!). As for the diaper bags, I'm thinking it might be worth giving birth again just to buy one. Seriously love them!!

    1. Girl! You're adopting a baby which TOTALLY counts as giving birth! Get you a diaper bag! hahaha And yes - Perot date again SOON. But first - we need to breakfast at the Country Club. Because mama's hungry :) And I think Mason would claim you to. :)

  3. OMG I am ROTFLMAO at your Mason story. My favorite part was, "I hope they thought he was Shay's" buwahaha I have three boys 15, 12, and 8 and teach 7th grade math. I just want to tell you as a mom who is a little (lot) ahead of where you are with kids, you have a great perspective on being a mom. I wish when my oldest two were younger I had been a bit more chill sometimes. And I live vicariously through you watching you dress Griffin. If I had had a girl I would have been so like you! Thanks for sharing your funny stories. They often stir fond memories for me.

    1. Thanks so much for the sweet words of encouragement :) I'm definitely not chill ALL the time. hahaha But I try to take motherhood in stride. Thanks so much for reading along! :)

  4. We are headed to the Perot tomorrow, I will bring extra shorts just in case! Perhaps we need to have breakfast burritos after because those look super fun. Also hoping to get yard work done for your link up Monday. We ripped out bushes and now we are in the process of putting other things back in.

    1. Have fun at the Perot and I can't wait to see your yard!

  5. I love that Mason's shirt says "Take It Easy" when he's being such a stink!

  6. I literally laughed out loud at the Mason story! I love how honest and candid you are about your sweet family and the reality of being a mom to 3 small children. I read your blog everyday and so enjoy it!

  7. Love those plates for the kids! We have the same ones! Obviously with different names :)

    1. I have a small addiction to personalized kids plates - glad I'm not alone :)

  8. I am dying laughing at Mason hahah. All I kept thinking about while reading this post was the hashtag you use on Instagram #mamatried. Haha. Those little legs were too adorable though. And just when I thought it was impossible for G to get any cuter..the apron pic shows ups! Omg. To cute for words. Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend

  9. I don't comment enough....but I have to say...#1 I love that you are an 8th grade math teacher! My son is leaving 8th grade today, and I just feel that 7th & 8th grade just sort of floats and you are extremely under appreciated! #2 you are moving up my blog list as a favorite! I have total envy of your schedule. And though I have 5 at home, I have taken a few idea's of yours (dinner table stuff) and applied with HUGE SUCCESS!! So thank you for ALL YOU DO and I love reading every SINGLE day!!

  10. I don't comment enough....but I have to say...#1 I love that you are an 8th grade math teacher! My son is leaving 8th grade today, and I just feel that 7th & 8th grade just sort of floats and you are extremely under appreciated! #2 you are moving up my blog list as a favorite! I have total envy of your schedule. And though I have 5 at home, I have taken a few idea's of yours (dinner table stuff) and applied with HUGE SUCCESS!! So thank you for ALL YOU DO and I love reading every SINGLE day!!

  11. I don't think that 5 3 is that short! On the short side, yes, but not super short or anything. Those girls much be super tall! :)

    We have breakfast for dinner allll the time. Like, sometimes multiple times a week. Love it.

  12. Don't tempt me with that diaper bag!!! It's too cute!!! I'm diverting my eyes! 😉 And the mason story made my day!!

  13. This post cracks me up, Andrea! SO funny! Boys will be boys...

  14. Always love your posts and pictures .

  15. Love your pictures and your blog

  16. I have a Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag too and LOVE it. Only thing was I wish I got the style like yours. Mine is only a backpack and hangs kind of awkwardly, but Is still love the style and size AND that it clips to my stroller. Pretty much the selling point right there! SO CONVENIENT.
    Question : where did you get your jean jacket and that scarf from #2? LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    1. Hey! You can find the jacket here: and it will ship to you next day! And seriously... I have to stop myself from wearing it :) The scarf is from and it's fabulous :) Have a great weekend!!!!


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