Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Come On In! Yards and Outdoor Spaces

Okay y'all... I'll totally admit that I almost didn't put this on the "tour schedule" because I wasn't sure I wanted the pressure to get a bunch of yardwork done.  But I did it - and I'm showing it to y'all - flaws and all :)  Here's our front yard (try not to be too jealous of my ROCKIN mom-mobile!!!)

Just for fun... here's a pic of our front yard in May 2009 when we moved in... it's come a long way!!!

We put in ivy to serve as ground cover (the trees make growing grass really hard), edged out the beds with stone and planted lots of lillies.

I feel like this post could alternately be titled "Put a Flag In It" :)  Luke helped me put flags out and we went a little cray.

Our house is on the corner and I will totally admit to neglecting that corner bed this Spring.  We've been focusing on the backyard, but it's next on the list for sure!  And I also need to trim some of the honeysuckle off the fence.

When we moved in our backyard had the patio and that was pretty much it.  No beds, grass or really anything else.  I feel like after 5 years of living here we've FINALLY conquered the "beast". hahaha

I asked th eboys to clean up the sandbox... but that turned into a major play sesh so I left it alone.  We have boys.  They're messy n the sandbox.  The end.  I have fun plans for the fence on the right, including road signs, a chalkboard and marquee sign... BUT it's not done yet.  So I'll save it for another day.

Our pergola WAS covered in roses... but they got some weird mite and I ripped them out earlier this year.  I was crazy sad at first, but I'm loving it with just the ferns and lights now.

This was March.  I know.  Mama's been working.  Hard.

A sweet violet plant is starting to climb on the right and I haven't decided whether or not I want to let it continue to climb or not.  We'll see.

When Erika and I went to Trade Days last month I picked up this super random vintage metal toolbox.  My brain is strange and I almost immediately pictured it with a plant and flags for summer.  I may have also mentioned pumpkins for Fall.  #imnuts

  I found antique hooks and hung mason jars with tealights in them along the posts of the pergola as well.

Dave brings home lots of flowers and I turn the vases into little succulent containers...

  I bought this giant planter at Trade Days about 9 years ago on a trip with my mom.  It weighs A TON and we carried it to the car and thought we were going to die. hahaha

I've been looking for perfect sized lanterns to hang on these stands, but since I haven't found them yet Luke decided to hang his birdhouse there.  #yesmom

Yes, there are flags in my ferns.  
I have no fern secrets.  None.  I water them a lot and when it gets really hot I'll take them down and let them sit in the shade.

Yes, that's a garden gnome.   His name is Pablo and he travels secretly between my house and my parents.  He likes to show up in random places in and outside of the house :)

This is looking down the side yard.  My big kitchen bay window looks out on this side of the yard.

I was SUPER excited to find these daisies on sale and got them ALL for $16! I can't wait to see them grow this summer!

Standing at the opposite fence looking the other way...

The tree outside my bay window as well as the one next to the potting table are hibiscus and I adore them!!!  Lots of hummingbirds and butterflies.

Dave's parents gave the boys this playhouse for their birthdays a few years ago and I think it's the cutest thing ever.  I'm pretty sure that most days it's a car shop or restaurant :)

So that's it!!!  Now all that's left to do is sit back and enjoy :)

Okay, people! Let's see those yards!!!

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  1. Such an amazing yard, Andrea!!
    The pergola with lights and ferns is just beautiful!!
    And I have major sandbox envy :)

  2. Goodness! I love, love, love your backyard! My favorite part? How your boys can just run outside and play while you watch from that gorgeous kitchen of yours! I also love your neighborhood :).

  3. Girl!!! You have been BUSY!! Your yard looks fabulous!! It's like a kid's dream! haha!

  4. I don't have yard pics to post - mostly because we have done NOTHING to our yard since we moved a year ago - need to get on that! BUT I just had to laugh at your gnome picture. My husband has had a yard gnome since college. He insisted that it move with us after we got married. I'll admit it - I hated it. After Hurricane Katrina gutted our house, the last thing we worried about was that darn gnome. Anyway, long story short (or long), 3 years after the storm and long after we had our sold our house and moved back to Texas, we drove through NOLA and decided to stop by our old house and see how it was doing. Darned if the new owner didn't have the yard gnome displayed prominently in her front yard (we knew it was ours b/c of a chip it had on it's hat). So my sweet, law-abiding husband jumped out of the car, made sure the lady wasn't home and threw that bad boy back in the car with us. Now the gnome is home. And back in our front yard. Sigh. Longest comment ever but had to share :)

  5. I love you yard. The flags, sandbox, play house, knome, the lights and the tool box. It all looks great. Hitting up trade days is on my summer bucket list!

  6. ANDREA!!!!!! It looks AMAZING!!!!!! Wow! Invite me over and I will bring Starbucks. The boys can run around like crazies and we can quietly sip on our drinks. Ahhhhhhh.................

  7. Love love love! And the garden gnome named Pablo has me cracking up! Haha. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love that big pot!! & I love your love of thrift!!


  9. Thus backyard feels welcoming and comforting... but it's also enchanting. It reminds me of a book I read years ago about creating outdoor living spaces for children. I feel like your house does that-- when you look at it there are so many possibilities for imagination and creative play there. Thanks for sharing.

  10. What a beautiful space! I'm in awe at how lush everything grows there. It's just beautiful and I can picture sitting out back under those lights. You've done a great job at creating an outdoor family paradise;)

  11. I love this beautiful space you've created! I'm just in awe at how lush everything is where you live. It must be the heat and humidity. It's gorgeous! You've done an amazing job at creating a family paradise in your back yard:)

  12. Holy transformation since March, wow! Your backyard looks beautiful....such a fun space!!!!

  13. I love your backyard! It looks like such a welcoming and fun place for kids to play in.

  14. I can't even tell you how much I adore your yard!! Gorgeous! Our house needs major work and the yard is awful. On the one hand I'm excited to have a blank slate....on the other hand, wow, overwhelming. I'm going to save this post for inspiration :) I HAVE been working on our lower patio and love how it's turning out!

  15. I love your outdoor space, Andrea...it is gorgeous and family friendly! The pergola with lights is awesome! I love the before and after pictures :)

  16. Your yard looks fantastic! I can tell you've put in a lot of hard work, and it sure paid off! Did y'all build to pergola yourselves? The tealights hanging are a perfect added touch!

  17. Love your back yard area! I would love to incorporate more lighting in our back yard, and I love how you have all kinds of candles and lights all around.

  18. I love your Trades Day's tool box. Your backyard looks like a relaxing place for adults AND an absolute blast for the kids. The Come On In has been such a fun series! Thanks!

  19. Everything looks great!! We have very similar lots...we're on a corner with the big trees and side yard, too! Except, we've not been able to get our groundcover to spread like yours in the beds!! Come tend to my yard,please. OK, thanks. ;)

  20. What an amazing outdoor space! And you rock for being such an active part in the transformation! Looks like such a fun neighborhood!

  21. Your backyard is a gorgeous living space! I love how green it is! Totally envious!

  22. The pergola looks amazing!! So so nice.

    I for one, love all the flags :)

  23. Your yard is gorgeous!!! I cannot wait to finish up my blog so I can start linking up for awesome posts like these!!!


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