Wednesday, June 11, 2014

WIWW: I'm Tired :)

Y'all - This week is wearing me out.  And it's Wednesday.  Well - technically Tuesday night when I'm writing this - which I'm pretty sure is even sadder. hahaha

This weeks "What I Wore Wednesday" post is going to include lots of pics of what we've been up to as well as the outfit details.  Fun, right???  

Saturday morning we ate pancakes with Woody and Jessie and I wore white linen pants, this coral top and this minty scarf.  These infinity scarves are AWESOME!!! They're full and light and CRAZY soft - AND there are TONS of new colors listed! I'm drooling over the kelly green and magenta.  My white linen pants are about 10 years old (no joke - it's kind of a miracle they're still in one piece!), but my local GAP outlet had cute options.

Sunday I wore my neon orange blazer with jeans and a basic black tee... and of course, THESE Kate Spade studs in yellow. :)  Y'all - I am loving the studs.  If you've been pondering a pair - now is the time to jump!  They're on sale!!!  I love my yellow pair, and just got in the pink and amethyst.  I also got the coral but it's REALLY close to the pink so I think I'm going to exchange for the turquoise.  SO FUN!  I honestly forget that I even  have them on and I love that they won't get caught in my chunky scarves in the Fall.

 Dave went in before 6 a.m. on Monday and the kids were all sleeping soundly when I woke them all up at 7:40 to be out the door a little after 8 :)  Thankfully, all I did was get them dressed and throw them in the car - and we were able to swing through the country club and pick up breakfast tacos to go.  It was pouring and the first day of VBS is always a MONSTER for check-ins and such.

The church where my kids are signed up for VBS isn't our church and it's a bit of a drive from our house - but they take three year olds so that's where they're going :) hahaha  (Can I get an amen from the moms of three year olds?!?!?!) 
On the way there we saw a train - and I'm pretty sure it's been the most exciting thing that's happened all week. :)

Excited for the first day!!!  Mason's excitement turned into sheer terror when we went to drop him off and he realized that he didn't get to stay with Luke.  I dragged him into the classroom and threw a pull-up in after him and wished his teachers luck :)

After drop offs, G and I ran through the rain back to the car and shared a biscuit before running errands.

We were listening to music and she was JAMMING :) hahaha

Good Pup Cardigan //  Hello Summer Tank  //  Barefoot Big Ruffles (sold out - sorry!)

One of our stops was Wal-Mart and G snuggled this box of Multigrain cheerios until we checked out.  Apparently she was feeling the love.

We picked the boys up, ate some lunch in the car and headed home for naps.  I was FREAKING out about taking pics for yesterdays blog post in between rain showers, so I headed out to the backyard.  This is how my Wellies look most of the time - muddy, dirty and lived in. A LOT.
WELLIES ARE 30% OFF!!! Grab a pair while they're on sale!!

We were only home for about an hour and a half when I had to wake everyone up to head to swim lessons.  This was their first day and so I hung out in the garage for a bit so that Mason wouldn't see me :)  

It didn't take them long to warm up to Miss Sally :)

We rushed home and I put the finishing touches on the yard... after everyone was in bed Dave and I sat out there and ate.  #bliss

Bliss was shortlived though and we headed inside to work and fold laundry.  I have dual monitors and so I watched some Love Actually while I worked.  That movie will NEVER EVER EVER get old.  EVER.

We attempted a pic before VBS yesterday morning - not happening. hahahaha

 Griffin and I wore coordinating outfits in honor of the $50 Matilda Jane Giveaway we're hosting!!!  (she was brushing my hair)

We headed to Hobby Lobby to pick up supplies for some fun patriotic projects I'm working on and we couldn't resist a good mirror selfie. :)

Griffin has on the Gloria Bubblegum dress (and yes - it's still a little big (which makes it low in the front) so I put it on her backwards. hahahaha) and I have on the Peri Sweet Scarf with the Skippy Swing Tank and Follow the Leader Finns.

Snuggling her bunny :)  I die.

We were REEEEEEALY excited to see Fall going up.  I'm not QUITE ready to bid adieu to summer... I can handle a few more pool days... but Fall is my absolute favorite and this got me excited!!!

We picked up the boys (yes - that's a mommy kiss print on Luke's cheek!)...

... and then had a van picnic.  The traffic pulling out of the church is INSANE so I've decided to make the most of it and instead of sitting in line waiting to pull out, we sit in the parking lot and eat lunch :)  By the time we're done the line is gone and then when we get home they're fed and ready for naps!  Mom for the win :)

It's also a really great time to be silly and talk about what they learned, did, etc.

Griffin loves being out of her carseat :)

This is out of order... but oh well :)

I asked Mason if I could take a picture of him today and he told me he needed glasses first.  Of course he did.  These "nerd" glasses were in my junk drawer from Homecoming week and apparently those were the ticket.

Let's be real... has there ever been a more appropriate shirt for Mason??? No.  And I'm not sure there ever will be another.  The shirt is super soft and you can find it HERE.  His shorts are Boden Baggies and they are my absolute favorite shorts of all time.  He can still wear his size 2's from last year... but I love the length of his new pair.  His shoes are from GAP.

Lots and Lots of jumping :)

There were naps all around and then it was time for a wardrobe change and day 2 of swim lessons.  We were feeling patriotic and so I ran with it. :)

I mean...

Hey, boys! Smile!!!  #notsomuch


hahaha   This kind of sums them up :)

Day 2 was great!  That's Luke swimming under the water with his eyes down :) 

Griffin watched and cheered from the patio :) Her pants are Matilda Jane (they're from last spring and are sold out), her shirt was GAP outlet today and her headwrap is by Shelby Chic Boutique.

We came home and ate and then headed BACK out to the pool to practice what they've been learning.  G looked adorbs in another suit :)


Yes... we have a streaker on our hands.  But honestly... are you surprised???

G's favorite part of the pool... the ice cream.  #smartgirl

Stop. It.
Okay - I'm exhausted.  At least we've all looked somewhat put together while running around like crazy people.  :)  I am so enjoying being crazy with my littles this summer - and am soaking up every single minute... which means lots of pictures. hehehe

Don't forget to enter the Matilda Jane Giveaway and email your wishlists to by Friday night if you'd like to place an order!

Happy Hump Day!!!


  1. Love the scarf, love Miss Sally, love the fall stuff at Hobby Lobby and love Love Actually. Basically, I love every single thing!!

  2. First of all, the selfies at hobby lobby are adorable. Second, I am almost giddy for fall too now that I saw your pic of the fall decor at the store. Third, Griffin is ADORABLE in the swimsuit. And finally, I am cracking up at your streaker running after Luke!! Summer time is in FULL swing at your house and I love how you are capturing it all in photos!!

  3. Oh yes, and your backyard is straight up pure bliss. Love those lights...perfect for dinner on summer nights! Hope you can get some rest at some point this week :)

  4. I think it's super sweet that you've packed lunch for the car after VBS!!
    All of your and Griffin' s outfits are lovely!

  5. Ok the kate spade earrings...I can't even tell you how much I LOVE them,,,I have 5 pair,,,the white are fab...I have the orange and pink and thought the same thing...they are so similar enough that I almost accidentally walked out the door with one pink earring and one orange one ;). Great pics...and those baby love love

  6. Eating in the car waiting for the line to die down? GENIUS. G's THIGHS FOR DAYS? Love. Mason's streaking? OF COURSE. And that pic of Luke and G on the front porch, soooooooo sweet!

  7. I love that thighs for days photo, too. Oh my goodness, too much cuteness!
    I feel the same way about fall. I always get excited to see some fall things, even if it is June.
    And I've never seen "Love Actually". I am going to have to watch that.
    I always love seeing photos of your family. Have a great week!

  8. Mason sounds just like my Megan! It must be the middle child syndrome!

  9. Love all the photos as usual, but oh my goodness those thighs on G are amazing! She rocks a swimsuit and ice cream like no other! lol!
    That is hilarious that Mason was running around naked :) And Luke looks so grown up (and just like Dave) in that patriotic photo with G!

  10. Your Mason reminds me a lot of my Emmet. Love all of their swim suits! And I am jealous that you fit into the same pants after ten years and three kids!

  11. Mason is ADORABLE! makes me laugh daily!! Looks like a fun summer!!!

  12. Looks like a great week! And I was happy to see I'm not the only one that makes a list of image #'s when they're working/editing at the least I think that's what you were doing. :)

  13. Y'all are so cute, as usual! I swear you are super mom! We need to find you a Matilda Jane mom cape for sure! :)

  14. LOVE the first pic of you, your outfit and your hair are on point and look great!!! You are such a busy and fun mama, I need to take tips from you on how to keep it all together!! Just love your sweet family and your blog!

  15. I want to comment on everything!! So many sales! Why isn't it my birthday??

    Car picnics are the best ever. We love doing them too!

    My mind is blown at tossing the dress on backwards. So genius for a dress that's a smidge too large.

    Cutest kiddos ever. Plus you too.

  16. So random, but my superhero-loving daughter peeked over my shoulder while I was reading this and asked where the Spiderman towel came from. :) Do you remember? Thanks!

  17. Oh my word! Griffin is so cute! I mean, your boys are cute too, but she's so adorable! Especially cuddled up with the cheerios! My 10 month old son goes crazy when I pull the cheerios out.

  18. Eeeek I hope this works- for some reason I am not able to comment from my phone and that is what I usually read all of your posts on!!!! I just love seeing all your pics and also seeing that I am not the only mama of 3 that runs around like a crazy person all summer!!! :)

  19. Love love love it all!! The pictures of G in her suit...I can't handle!! :) and the matching mommy scarf!? Must have!!! ;)

  20. Love everything about this! Especially love how happy your kids look in every picture! Such a great mama with beautiful, amazing kids!

  21. Love your yellow Hunter rain boots! I have red, but those yellow ones look like lots of fun.
    Looks like y'all are having a great start to summer! Enjoy! :-)

  22. ".........and threw a pull-up in after him." LOLOL hilarious! Love your blog!


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