Wednesday, May 7, 2014


It's Wednesday.... time to talk clothes :) 

Yesterday I wore a bright tunic top, brown skinny cords and wedge booties...

Before we proceed... please take a minute to totally mock my selfie skills.  The light in my bedroom in the morning is awful so I attempted a non-mirror-selfie and got these. hahaha

Pretty much everything I'm wearing is sold out (ooops!!!) but I put together a few similar items...

THIS tunic is a similar color...

And I'd like to go ahead and pledge my unending love for THIS cute tee...

My tunic is by Holding Horses and so when I searched that brand at Anthro I saw THIS buttondown and I about died...

I'm not a fan of a traditional buttondown on me.... but this one I could TOTALLY get on board with.  Sign. Me. Up.

THIS one is the closest I've been able to find to the one I wear all the time. 

LOVE the leather detailing on THIS one and the colors are PERFECT for Spring/Summer.

Both of the bracelets above are by Me to We which donates half of their profits to Free the Children, too!  How awesome is that!?!?!

My burlap wedges are sold out, but TOMS has the suede pair available in LOTS of sizes with FREE shipping!!!  And I'm loving this Moroccan cutout pair as well.

Saturday night I posted this pic on IG...

... and said I was considering having a "Boho Moment" for church.  The response was crazy so I went for it.  Mason asked me if I was going to "marry that dress" and I chose to take the fact that he thought I looked like I was wearing a wedding dress as a total compliment. :)

I ordered the dress on a total whim last month from She Inside and was surprisingly pleased with the ship time and quality of the dress. 

You can find the exact dress HERE.  It's "one size" and it fits me fine... but there's not much "give" in the bodice if that makes sense.  It hits me right at my ankle and I'm about 5'3".

I am super close to ordering this dress as well...

I only browsed the site for a few minutes, but found a few other pieces I love as well. 

THIS dress would be adorable with flip flops or wedges this summer, cowboy boots this fall, and black tights and wedge heels this winter.

This dress is on sale for $22 and I think it would be sooooooo cute with Cowboy boots!!!  Add a pair of sweater tights and a jean jacket and you'd be good through Fall.

Saturday morning we had family pics and I wore THIS dress by Matilda Jane.  I paired it with the denim jacket from Heaven and my favorite cowboy boots :)  It's kind of hard to tell... but the dress is a yellow gingham underneath the silky overlay... GORGEOUS in person.  I loved the unexpected little green buttons as well.  Such a fun detail.

Here's one more sneak peek at our pics!!!
Fingers crossed this isn't Mason's face in every pic... but I have a sneaking suspicion it will be. #itiswhatitis


  1. I just loved your boho look! I loved the tunic and skinny cords you were wearing yesterday too!! And Mason's face...priceless. :)

  2. Love the dress you are getting "married" in!! ;)

  3. Glad to see you joining wiww :)
    Love your turquoise beaded bracelet!!
    Cute family sneak peek!

  4. I just love your style. As always your family is adorable in that last pic!

  5. I love your style-I love floral print, I love mixing patterns, and I LOVE those TOMS wedges and I'm SO glad all of the colors are back in stock. I think I need like 3-4 pair...oh geeze!!! :)

    Loved your bohemian look...and I'm going to check out that floral dress now :) Have a great Wednesday!

  6. You are so cute! I follow you on instagram and every day that you post a photo of your little girl, I show it to my husband and whichever of my kids happens to be nearby.

  7. Your boho look is adorable. I LOVE that dress!

  8. Love the boho dress for church!
    And the photo of the family is great!

  9. What's the brand of shoes Griffin has been wearing... I think I've seen her in red, green and light pink? My girl is just starting to walk and needs some good shoe options. Thanks!

  10. oh my I am IN LOVE with that dress thankfully my credit card is locked in my car right now lol

  11. The button down shirt is to die for. I love all the details!! 😍

  12. Oh My gosh! I love that dress on you. So much! I don't do sleeveless, but if I did, I would order that dress right away. You have a beautiful family.


  13. Okay, so I'm dying to see the rest of the pics. I'm loving all the bright colors. You coordinated everybody perfectly mama!

  14. Such cute options...and I just had to comment on your tit hashtag. Sorry, but it's my job to point those gems out when they happen. ;)

    ps -- sheaffer sent me over to check out your mom journal idea...SO GOOD!!!

  15. I love the cream crochet dress! Do you have a link of it?

  16. I love the cream crochet dress - do you have a link for it???

  17. Do you know how the sizes run at Sheinside? I really like the floral dress, but not sure about the sizing...


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