Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mother's Day Cards

So y'all.... I saw this idea on Facebook or Pinterest or somewhere and HAD to jump on it.  It's "No More Mother's Day Cards" and it's fabulous.  The idea is to have your hubby buy a journal and then your kids draw and/or write your card IN the journal.  Over the years it will be filled with stick people drawings, teeny traced handprints, and sweet notes.  Well - that's what it's supposed to be :)  

I knew if I told Dave the idea he'd be on board... but that I'd end up with a legal pad with treasured art from my kids, so I took matters into my own hands yesterday and headed to Target.  

The pickings were slim, but here were a few I found that I liked.  

It's hard to tell, but the polka dots on this one were metallic!

These were cute, but I really didn't want spiral.

These were more my jam, BUT seemed kind of small...

I loooooooved these by Rifle Paper Co., but the pages had little botanical drawings on them which I was afraid would interfere with the "cards"

I found these and knew they were "just right".  The pages were lined, but I got over it and ended up with two packages of two journals each.  I'm going to have my kiddos do this for birthdays, fathers day, etc. for Dave and my parents as well.  I liked the size, the fact that they weren't spiral bound and the clearance tag :)

I officially turned my journal over to Dave and I'll update y'all on the "cards" that I get on Sunday :)

Since I was thinking about Mother's Day, I decided to go back and look for pics of past Mother's Days.

Mothers Day 2008 - Dave and I dedicated 1-month old Luke at Church...

Mother's Day 2009 - We were in our new house and Luke was rocking a cute mother's day shirt...

Mother's Day 2010 - All I wanted was a cute pic of Luke and I together.  Two-year old Luke had other plans :)

Mother's Day 2011 - First official picture as a family of four.  Even back then Mason was super enthusiastic about pictures.  Said no one ever.

Mother's Day 2012 - Breakfast with my cuties!

Mother's Day 2013 - Brunch at the country club...

... and cereal in bed.  Perfect!

So.... do y'all have big plans for Mother's Day?  Do you cook?  Go out to eat?  Have any fun traditions to share???  

And one last thought for Mother's Day :)


  1. I love, love, love the notebook idea!! Love that!! I'm going to Target today and doing the exact same thing!!

  2. Oh my goodness - I LOVE this idea! Brilliant! I am buying journals today.

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  5. That notebook idea is just genius! I love it!

  6. I love the notebook idea so much! And can I just tell you I totally laughed out loud at the picture at the bottom - it's so true!! Those muscles will never be the same again! Happy early Mother's Day to you! :-)

  7. We host a mothers day brunch at our home each year for both my and my husbands mother as well as our grandmothers as well. It's a fantastic way to get all mothers/grand mother's together in one place at the same time. It's our 8th annual brunch this year.

  8. Seriously, you have the best ideas!!! Now, I need to go to Target.

  9. Great idea! I love the colored moleskin journals that you bought.
    Cute flashback photos!! :)

  10. The cards in the notebook is such a good idea! Thanks for sharing!
    x Dani

  11. I love that you start your post with "so y'all" hahahaha! Cute Mother's Day ideas and pics! Will take note when I'm a mom :)

  12. Love that notebook idea! I think I need to do that for our family! Thanks for sharing :)

    Love all those Mother's Day photos! Other than your hair, you and Dave have not changed at all!!!
    We do Mother's and Father's day just the same :) We go out to eat and some sort of adventure/experience just the three of us. We may go to the park or the zoo, or even a weekend trip away from home. I would love to see our families, but I like the tradition of making it just us :)

  13. I saw this idea on Facebook too and loved it right away. So I emailed it to my hubby right away and told him how awesome it was. I also made sure to stress the cute notebook factor. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who values the cuteness of a notebook :) I can't wait to see what your "cards" are!

  14. I absolutely LOVE the notebook idea. But my favorite part of the post was the ecard. I'm not sure if it is because I'm exhausted or that I love ecard some if it was really that funny! :))


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