Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Weekend Recap

 Well - thank you for all the help on the canvas question from yesterday - but I am pretty much as confused as I was to begin with. :) hahaha 

I want them ALL!!!

I think my current plan is to evaluate where I want to put them and then figure out which ones I want/need.  

Now on to the weekend recap!!!

Friday night started like most nights at our house... Griffin digging through my bag to find something fun to play with.  She doesn't look guilty AT ALL, right??? :)

Mason played outside and had dirty feet, so I let him play "bubble toes" before dinner.

I kept it super fancy with frozen pizza.  Apparently the boys were hungry...

Friday night we had a "double feature" and ate pizza in bed while watching movies.  It was fabulous.  Saturday morning G and I were up bright and early to meet Erika and Ebby Lee at a local flea market...

I'm not going to show you our treasures yet... but how sweet are our girls?!?!?!

G is a very regular napper, but she can usually handle an interrupted nap schedule.... but Saturday morning she was OUT while we were shopping.  Such a sweet girl! 

While we were shopping Dave was home with Mason and Luke was at a McKinney PD event with his bestie Lincoln and Lincoln's dad...

Randy was sweet enough to text Dave these pics :)

Not going to lie... Luke was gone ALL DAY with Lincoln and it was HARD! This was his first time to go somewhere with a friend and it was so strange to not have a play by play of his day :) I got bits and pieces of it that night and Sunday... but I guess it's all part of him growing up!!!  We love us some Lincoln and are taking him with us to the museum on Friday!

G took a ROCKIN' nap Saturday afternoon and this was her hangin' out before dinner.  The little clippy makes her look so big!

Mason had been playing outside and was a MESS (seeing a theme here?) and so I threw him in the sink for a bath... he was happy and content and asked to eat his dinner in there.  I had a serious "yes mom moment" and said sure.  

The boys decided to "camp out" with each other Saturday night...

... and Sunday morning was chaotic as per the usual.
#sundaymorningainteasy :)

Sunday night I met up with some girls from my BFG for dinner, girl talk and LOTS of laughs :)

Dear Karla.... if you make this face, it's going to get posted :)

Monday morning I got this sweet pic of G while I was at school.  It was a ROUGH day (a full day of review before exams start today and all the kiddos are completely over it - hahaha) and this pic was just what I needed!

Apparently I also needed food because this was my lunch...

... and I took this before the Shulls came over for dinner :)  It was a "hormonal day" and mama was hungry. hahaha

We love us some Shulls and treat them to the full guest of honor experience when they come over... flowers from a wedding at the country club this weekend and wedding cake for dessert :) hahaha  The lasagna WAS homemade, so that balances it out, right?  Love having friends who I can serve leftover cake to and who can show up in their "gym" clothes and we have the best time :)

After the Shulls went home we threw all three kids in the tub.  These two battle CONSTANTLY over this stupid bumblebee watering can.  I feel like I take it out of the tub daily, but somehow it's back in there at bathtime every night.

It was G's turn, but Mason thought he could convince her with a kiss to give it back to him :) #charmer

My favorite part of the day is snuggling with G and feeding her her bottle before bed.  Tonight she looked so big!!! One handed bottle drinking, busting out of her 6-12 month jammies watching The Real Housewives of NYC! That's my girl!!!

Exams start today which means my classroom is quiet! Hallelujah!!!  Teachers will understand :)
I give exams today, tomorrow and Thursday - then I have a luncheon on Thursday afternoon, museum on Friday, and graduation on Friday night! WHEW!!! Bring on SUMMER!!!


  1. Beyond jealous this is your last week! My students are SO checked out and we still have a month to go!!

  2. We had the BEST time last night!! We love, love, love, love coming over to the McAnally house for supper! We love that we can show up in our grungy clothes and eat leftover cake with you guys..that's perfection in a friendship right there :). XOXO

  3. I'm excited to see your thrift store finds!!
    I can't believe you're so close to summer!! :)

  4. Such fun pictures! Enjoy your last week. Us public school girlies have 2 weeks after this one left. Using it to get organized!

  5. You're SO CLOSE to summer!!! I was super impressed with those flowers on the table for the Shulls. They don't get fresh flowers when they come over to my house!! hahaha!

  6. Your kids are hilarious! At first I was laughing at the boys camped out waiting for the pizza in the oven, but then I got to the picture of having dinner while soaking in the "sink bath" and I was really laughing! Oh my word! Thanks for the laughs this morning!

  7. The picture of Mason eating dinner while having a bath in the sink is hysterical! "Yes mom" for sure!

  8. G looks precious in her striped and monogrammed dress! And Mason makes me want to eat dinner in the bath tub- looks fun! I love your yes mom attitude :)

  9. Oh my goodness...that picture of dinner while in the sink is cracking me up! I seriously love my yes moments...make for awesome memories.

  10. Mason in the sink eating dinner is so funny and such a serious "yes mom" moment....love it! Loved the pic of Ebby Lee and G too, they are SO stinkin cute!!!! My fav time of the day too is giving Grace her bottle before bed followed by lots of snuggles till she falls asleep in my arms and I put her in her crib....I never want it to end!!!

  11. Love this post, your kids are just too darn cute! My kids are so done too, I wish I could get some quiet time in second grade haha! Almost sweet summer time!!

  12. I'm trying to get 8th graders to focus on writing parent letters for graduation. They aren't having it! Oh summer, you can't get here fast enough! I can completely relate to your teaching week!


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