Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Moving On Up

Today is THE DAY! Luke's VERY LAST day of Pre-K!!!  EVER!!!

Here's our sweet boy in August of 2012 ready to start at MCA...

By May of 2013 he had grown a few inches, worn through a few pairs of uniform pants and had a new baby sister that we had NO CLUE about when we took that first day pic above :)

And here's the handsome man this past August 2013 ready to start his second round :)

We are so thankful and blessed to have had Mrs. Clow and Mrs. Steenburg for both years as they have loved on, taught and guided Luke DAILY.  They've prayed for him and with him I think that they're a BIG part of the reason Luke has asked Jesus to be his Lord and Savior. They will hold a special place in our heart forever.

He has learned memory verses, songs and sign language.

His confidence is OFF THE CHARTS and he is a major social butterfly (even with the big kids). :)

We've attended performances...

... Grandparents Days...

... Bingo nights...
and football games.

We watched the Q-U wedding...

... the bug parade...

And we cheered Luke on as he ran like crazy in the jog-a-thon...

Luke has had THE BEST year!!!

I can't believe that Pre-K is over and will be forever grateful for the two years that he had to grow and learn before setting off on his academic journey.
BRING IT ON, KINDERGARTEN! (But first... we Summer) :)


  1. Goodness! What an amazing time Luke has had in Pre-K! I cannot believe our babies will be in kinder next year! There is just no way that they're old way :).

  2. Such a sweet post. Off to go cry and rock in a corner now......
    Love you friend!

  3. EEK!! Kindergarten!!! They're going to have a GREAT time!! But...that doesn't mean we shouldn't have a blast this summer...just in case?! haha!

  4. Happy last day of pre-K Luke!!
    Kindergarten is going to be a blast!

  5. Yay! He will be great in Kindergarten!! I can't wait for summer!!! :)

  6. Andrea - great pics and post of your young man! Happy pre-k graduation Luke!!!

  7. Yay for Luke, looks like he has had such a great year!!!

  8. I'm fairly new to your blog (but it has quickly become one of my favs!!) but anyway, my daughter turned 5 last week and could go to kinder next year, but we're doing pre-K next year and then kinder the next, so I just read back to your link on why you decided to repeat pre-K and loved that post! People automatically ask me where she's going next year, and I feel like I almost have to defend myself when I explain we're waiting! But like you said in your first post, a lot of people come back with stories of how they're teachers and think it's a great idea, or how people they know wished they would've waited a year or whatever .... Anyway none of that really matters now but I just wanted to tell you I was even more encouraged by that older post. Also, this is off the subject, but your family pics were all adorable and Luke might be the most photogenic boy I've ever seen!

  9. Great photos! Hope he has a wonderful summer!


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