Thursday, May 15, 2014

Simple Life

Thank you so much for all the sweet comments and feedback about my post yesterday at Pinterest Told Me To.  I had so much fun sharing my closet with everyone :)

On Instagram I got asked about my laundry basket not being in the closet and I realized that I may have never shared MY BEST LAUNDRY ADVICE EVER!!!  We used to keep our baskets in the closets (probably like most people) and I would go around every 3-4 days, bring them all to the laundry room and have a bunch of loads to do.  For the last several years, we've been putting our dirty clothes directly into the washer.  The kids get into their jammies at night and toss their dirty clothes into the washing machine.  Dave and I do the same and when I change Griffin clothes go directly into the washer.  Pretty much every night we start the washer once everyone is in the pjs and throw it in the dryer when we're headed to bed.  If we're up later, we'll fold it that same night... if not, Dave will usually fold and put it away in the morning before he takes the kids to the babysitter.  Because he's awesome.  :)

I could wash and fold laundry all day long... but hate putting it away.  This way it's more manageable and I never feel like I'm "behind" on laundry.

Speaking about laundry and dirty clothes.. we got some maj grass stains last night after dinner and it was TOTALLY worth it :) 

The weather was PERFECTION and so we scarfed down dinner and headed outside.
I was bummed because my "good camera" died, but thankfully my phone had a little battery left in it.

We walked down to Gibi's and Haha's house to give her her Mother's Day present (a few days late, but totally worth the wait!) and she decided to hit the golf course with us.  LOVE these people...

Those are my boys, racing to the flag.  We love taking them to the golf course because they can run like CRAZY people. Up and down the hills.  In and out of the sand traps.  Rolling, running and chasing.  It's awesome.


Griffin trying to keep up with her brothers.

I thought it would be a good opportunity for a picture...

Kiddos thought otherwise :)

The picture below is PERFECT of Luke :) 

Walking home Dave and I talked about "who" Mason is going to be when he grows up.  We decided that whoever he ends up being he's going to be a lot of fun. hahaha

It was a "simple" night and it was absolute perfection. We giggled and laughed and wore sweatshirts.  NOTHING better in my book.

Don't forget! If you missed it... go back to Tuesday's post and check out all the GORGEOUS kitchens and dining rooms!  And it's not too late to link up :)


  1. I miss that golf course so much! We had the BEST time playing out there too!! And yes, the weather was absolute perfection. Such a perfect little family on a perfect little night. XO

  2. Such a sweet post with your sweet kids. And yes, Mason is going to be THE LIFE OF THE PARTY. I'm guessing he and Nixon are going to be the social chairs of their fraternities. :)

  3. Can you share what kind of stroller that is? Do you like it? I need a new one for neighborhood walks. Thx.

  4. Great laundry advice!
    The golf course looks like the perfect place for getting some energy burned off ;)

  5. Seriously, the best kind of night!!! We're trying to enjoy these nights before it gets blazing hot. By the way, I loved your closet!!! I just forgot to comment. I amazed by all the fun jewelry you have.

  6. I LOVE how you embrace each moment with your sweet littles! You make running around on the golf course with your babies look so fun and sweet!

  7. Great Laundry tip! And, I LOVE the pics of the kids on the golf course! :) so sweet!

  8. The laundry idea sounds great! But all my husbands's work clothes are dry clean only :( Maybe I will keep that in mind for the weekends :)

    What a perfect and fun night!

  9. What a sweet family night, looks like such a perfect night!

  10. I got rid of our laundry baskets too after we moved! I didn't want them in the girls room, and I'd always forget about the basket in their bathroom! So, we just throw them on the floor and I collect them every night and start a load every day before I go to work- I'm so thankful for a dryer that has a timer on it! Y'all had the best night! Simple perfection! And Mason, reminds me so much of my Meggie! I think we need to hook them up! They seem like a wild crazy pair!

  11. I really like your laundry idea. We have 4 kids and I feel so defeated with super full laundry baskets especially with kids rooms upstairs. Our laundry is downstairs. I think I could start this system once I am caught up and might be tempted to throw away baskets. Do you add that days towels as well? I am guessing you just have to be disciplined to do that one load every night?


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