Friday, May 16, 2014

Five on Friday

Y'all... this is my LAST FRIDAY OF SCHOOL!!! Next Friday I will be a FREE WOMAN for the next ten weeks (well... except for the WEEK of 9-5 Pre-AP training in July and two days of Math department curriculum mapping.  But we're not talking about those right now. hahaha)

I'm linking up with Darci at The Good Life Blog and sharing another random Five on Friday.


- ONE -
Last week I told y'all how I was asking for NO MORE MOTHER'S DAY CARDS! EVER! :)  And instead, bought books for the kids to draw their cards in on special occasions like Mother's Day, Birthdays, Christmas, etc.  This way they're all together like a little time capsule!  I also decided to go ahead and get books for Dave, Gibi and Haha as well.

Today I thought I'd show you my book and Gibi's book from Mother's Day!

This was Mason's page to Gibi...
 ... there's some randomness going on in that boys head :)  I asked him to draw a picture and then after he was done asked him to tell me about what he had drawn.

Luke traced his hand, turned it into a tree and then threw in some pterodactyl bones for a nice, motherly, touch. :)

Dave was in charge of having the kiddos write in my book and here's what they did...

Luke is into drawing on his fingernails and hand wrinkles right now...

... he tried to cover up the M that should have been an M with white crayon and that's a picture of me and him next to a tree with a squirrel hole watching a fighter jet.  Because, duh!

I think I'm going to trace G's hand in the books and date it as well.  I am loving how they turned out!

- TWO -
 I'm not sure I've mentioned it before, but Dave should get some MAJOR props for our morning routine.  Literally, the only thing I'm responsible for pre-7:00 a.m. is getting myself ready.  Dave gets up early, gets Luke up and ready, makes lunches for us and then (after Luke and I leave at 7 a.m.) gets the two little ones up, fed, dressed and to the babysitter.  AND he always manages to snap some "classic" pics for me so I can see them in the mornings. 

Wednesday morning...

Tuesday morning...

- THREE - 
Yesterday was Field Day and Luke was PUMPED!!!
Normally it is HOT HOT HOT on Field Day and there are lots of water games.  This year it was 52 degrees when we walked out the door in the morning at 7.  His field day time was 8 - 10:30, so we bundled :)

I had classes, but Dave came and was able to stay and watch Luke in the sack races!

Griffin hung out with me in my classroom, and Mason was obviously THRILLED to be down on the field and not participating (sidenote: he's wearing a special "Mason Badge" that the receptionist made just for him.  He totally has her wrapped around his little finger. hahaha)

While the boys were on the field, G hung out with my 8th Grade Algebra class.  She got passed around and ooohed and aaahed over for a solid 30 minutes :)

Can you tell that Mason was HATING all the female attention??? :) hahaha

As Dave was leaving to take the kids to the sitter, Mrs. Boese pulled them into her classroom so Mason could see the new chicks that were born THAT MORNING!!!  I'm so glad that one of my students came and got me so I could come see Mason loving on the baby chicks :)

- FOUR -
Last week I talked about Haute Look and I'm talking about it again!!! Because check out this TWENTY DOLLAR bangle set!!!  I'm obsessed.  and look at the cute plain crystaly ones in there... you could easily mix and match these TONS of different ways!!!

You have to subscribe to the site to access the deals, and you can do that HERE.

I've been looking for some fun "basic" earrings and this pair fit the bill.  They were 80% off!!!

And I am loving this sailboat shirt for my boys...

You can find the bangles HERE.
You can find the earrings HERE.
You can find the shirt HERE.

- FIVE - 
I'll show y'all all of our family pics next week... but for now I'll leave you with this...

"Where you go I will go, where you stay I will stay." Ruth 1:16


  1. That pic of Mason with the chick? OMG. And listen, I'm SO IMPRESSED with Dave's morning skills. He gets them dressed, he makes lunches, AND he snaps pictures. He gets a gold star FOR SURE!!!

  2. Oh my goodness! Hurry up summer! I can't wait to hang out with the McAnally crew (and Anna Grace!) all summer :). And I'm dying to see your family photos...dying!!

  3. Mason with your students and that baby chick....the cuteness is overwhelming!!! And Dave is a total rockstar for his morning routine....that's awesome! Also, just really love that last picture of all your cute and a great idea!!! Happy Friday!

  4. Hi Andrea, That's awesome that Dave handles your whole morning routine. I would love to hear how you meal plan/grocery shop for the week and how you divide up meal preparation. Love the blog! Mary Elizabeth

  5. Mason kissing that chick is the cutest picture ever!

  6. "The sun sends bubbles down to the grass" haha... love those Mother's Day colorings!
    Wanting those pretty bangles!!

  7. Love the baby chick picture! I hope you have a great last week of school next week!

  8. absolutely LOVE the notebook idea!!!! what a treasure!

  9. Love those bangles, girl!!!! And I can't wait to see the fam's pics!! Have a great weekend!

  10. Thank Goodness!! I have been wondering how in the world you look so put together and get three kids ready every morning!! I feel better now!

  11. Mother's Day books!! Absolutely brilliant!! I love that idea.

  12. The Mother's Day book is ADORABLE! And that picture of Mason with all the girls cracks me up! Happy Friday!

  13. What an absolute blessing how welcome your children are in your school during the school day! I sadly do not have that at my CATHOLIC school. Our children are not welcome at all, as they pose a liability and possible distraction to our jobs. Seriously it's sad. My enrolled 11 year old son is not allowed to help me with chores (art teachers have lots of those at the end of the day and year!), he's not welcome. Count your blessings!

  14. Love those bracelets, and that pic is so precious~

  15. That picture of Mason is ADORABLE! Such a sweet little kiss for the chick. Can't wait to see your family photos as well! That picture you left us which is awesome! I'm a lover of the shoes picture :)

  16. The baby chick! omgosh. I just melted. Oh, and I need those bangles...

  17. The book idea instead of cards is simply genius! I'll have to remember that when I have kids. The bangle set is really cute. And could your kids be any cuter? I love the picture of your feet!


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