Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Your "Yes Mom" Moments

So I've been asking y'all to send me pics and stories of how you've been a "Yes Mom" this month and I can honestly say that each and every story/picture has brought a huge ol' smile to my face :)  Think about all the fun memories that have been made just in the last few weeks.... and all we had to do was say YES!

"When your 3 year old wants to pick up lunch in his jammies, big brothers party hat, and an eye mask - you say OK!" - Kate Neeely

"Hi, Andrea! I never do anything like this when I read blogs, but I've been thinking a lot about the "Yes Mom Philosophy" and then I read your post on it.  I've been known to kind of be on the more strict side, but this last year God has showed me that in some ways I've been too strict and care too much of what people think of me.  So I've been trying to just let it go.

A few weeks ago my 3 yr old and 20 month old wanted to wear costumes to go pick up their 5 year old brother at pre-school.  I said OK and just embraced it.  We ran our errand to Costco and went inside brother's school and waited in line :)  So that's the history on the picture - Sarah Wetzel

Jack doesn't get 'yes' too many times, so the more I can, I do! Yes, we can take the wagon to the backyard and I will pull you around and I will not freak out when we tip over into some dirt (mud) because you are laughing hysterically and saying, "I fall mud.". - Meg

Hi Andrea, I'm a new follower and also a fellow McKinney mom! I loved your "yes mom" post and when we stopped at the grocery store on our way to swim lessons my 4 year old requested wearing her goggles into the store.  After reading your yes mom post... all I could say was "sure!" - Mary Beth

"We totally sported this look at Hobby Lobby and Lowes.  Big Saturday night out! :)" - Melissa Kelly

"Yes, you may eat lunch in your car." - Melissa H.

"Because who doesn't love rain puddles" - LaTosha

"Yes, you can wear your crabby hat into Lowes" - Jessica

 Your 'YES' moment blog spoke to my heart. My two girls are very different. My first born will wear anything I set out and always wants a bow to match and looks like she stepped out of a magazine because she is coordinated and stays clean all day. God Love her. My 2nd fun loving girl only wants to wear pjs and forget any sort of bow. I love her just as much, but it can be frustrating to say the least. Thankfully, she just goes to an in home day care so after I read your 'YES' moment I am proud to announce I have let her wear her pjs every single day since with no back up clothes because really I knew I was wasting my time packing them. She is happy and it has really made our morning pretty calm. Thanks for your blog and reminding us all that it is okay to say yes more than no  and to really pick the battles we can win and feel strongly about. I am not going to lie though....the first thing I do after teaching is come home and put my 'comfy/pjs' clothes on so maybe she is just learning from her mama! LOL - Courtney

"Mom, can I wear my Ninja Turtles shell to bed?"
- Jessica

"We were planting a tree in the front yard and my 15 month old, Lang, decided he needed to play in that awesome hole.  Of course we said Yes!" - Jamie

"I let Nolan draw on the windows with special window markers. He was so excited, saying: "Nolan draw on sky!" since that's what he could see through the glass:) It was short-lived because he started tossing the marker caps down the heating vent in the floor. I have some scrubbing to do to get the color off the windows, but it was worth it. :)"  - Rachel

"A six-year old with a Fu Manchu, what are you going to do?" - Katie

And here are a few from my house this week....

"Mommy, I have donut???" 
I was planning on hitting up WalMart alone this Saturday morning, but this sweet boy asked to come and so I said yes!  Donuts, undivided attention and some hula hooping in the toy section. He's still talking about our "date" three days later :)

"Mommy.... I kiss chick???"
"Why the heck, not!"
hahaha :)

Keep 'em coming, ladies!!! Loved seeing these and can't wait to see more :)

In case you missed it and have no clue what a "yes mom" is.... check out my post HERE.

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  1. Those were so sweet!!! LOVED your "YES MOM" post and am so thankful to have such a great Mama friend!!! I'm wondering how long that sweet boy lasted in his turtle shell...that just looks uncomfortable!! ha!

  2. I love little Iron Man, Captain America, and the cute boy kissing the chick :)

  3. Thanks for sharing these. They are all so precious! Such great memories that would not have happened without a yes mom moment.

  4. Thank you for featuring my mustachioed daughter, Andrea! I am just glad that it was not a sharpie! :)

  5. Love these! and Mason's sweet face with that donut..omg priceless.
    Thanks for sharing
    x Dani

  6. Loved it all! I have to remember to send you some this month!

  7. Loved it all! I have to remember to send you some this month!

  8. What a sweet post to read!
    Kudos to all you Yes Moms :-)
    We also try to be "yes parents" more often, turns out I don't know who enjoys it more, the kids or the parents?

  9. Such a great post, I will have to send you a pic this next month....trying harder to be that "yes mom"!!! Oh and Mason kissing the chick....SO cute!!!!

  10. Does Matilda Jane release new styles with each release or is it just added sizes to existing items?

  11. I've got an almost 16 year old, a 3 year old and a 1 year old. I remember being crazy strict with my oldest. If you read my blog you know that isn't the case with my youngest two! They are dirty from playing in the mud most days and I pretty much say yes to everything I possibly can. It drives my mom (their grandma) batty. She cannot understand WHY I would let them paint in the bathtub or draw with sidewalk chalk on our hardwood floors. My theory, why not?


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