Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Weekend Recap

This weekend was cray.  Cray I tell you :)  
I had Friday off work, but I sent G and Mason to Miss Lisa's house so Luke and I could take care of all kinds of party prep.  I RARELY get to get Griffin dressed in the morning so I was LOVING Friday morning :)

I started baking EIGHT DOZEN CUPCAKES and Haha stopped by to cut out the mouths for our bean bag toss.  Luke stood on the bags of mulch (STILL unspread - ooops!) to observe.
Sidenote: Try not to be totally jealy of my rockin' minivan in the background .#momswag hahaha

Luke and I ran around all over the place.... we picked up a helium tank and made a Sams run where I realized I didn't have my Discover card OR debit card OR a check OR cash and I had to leave my cart at the service desk.  Awesome.  And the best part??? Turns out my Discover card WAS in my bag.... just not in my wallet.   Can you tell I was a little scattered on Friday???  We hit up the craft store, grocery store, office supply store and the country club to decorate.  We baked, colored and made lots of lists.  Thankfully I had a cute shirt to run around in :)

When we got home from crazy errand day, Luke played outside like a crazy person.  He was disgusting and so he wanted to take a bubble bath.  I was in the kitchen getting cupcakes ready and when I went to check on him I found this...

... Johnsons baby wash plus jetted tub equals giant bubbly mess.  I'm pretty sure there are STILL bubbles in my tub.

Saturday morning was NUTS! I was at the club from about 6:15 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. getting ready for and then having the kids monster party.  We got home, cleaned up and then all did this...

Saturday night we were sticky and sugary and gross which means BATH NIGHT!!! G doesn't like the bath at all.... can't you tell???

The boys broke into some presents...

... and once everyone was in bed I got their Easter surprises ready.

Mason could have cared less about everything we had for him... except for the shovels.  That kid jumped up and down, squealed and told his entire Sunday school class later that morning that he got new "shobels" for Easter. :)

I'm pretty sure that if you see Luke any time in the next seven months that he'll be sporting this Minecraft tee :)  And he's brought the book with him everywhere!!!

We got dressed and ready and I totally had a "moment" dressing Griffin (the girl I never thought I'd have) up in her first Easter dress :)

Easter is crazy for Dave and so he worked all day, but the kiddos and I coordinated for Church :)

After church I asked my dad to take a couple of pics and I at their house in our matching dresses.  Obviously my dad has missed his calling as a photographer.  I mean... look at these fabulous shots...

Considering I was trying to get our dresses in the pic he totally accomplished his task. #not  :)

Kisses for Gibi at church!

When we got home I tried to get a cute pic of these crazies...

Church in the middle of naptime means a grumpy Griffin :(

Good news about Church at 8:30??? Home and in my comfy linen pants by 10:15 a.m. :) hahaha

 G took a short morning nap and then was up and ready to snuggle her bunny.  I feel like she turned one and turned into a total big girl :(

Lunch, playtime, games and then afternoon naps for EVERYONE.  Bliss. :)  Griffin woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed adn her headband was giving her a fab little "bump" #texasgirl 

Mark, Diana and Gibi and Haha came over and the boys hunted eggs...

(sidenote.... Dave spread fertilizer a couple of weeks ago and so he hasn't cut it to allow it to thicken up.  It was perfect for the egg hunt. hahaha)

G and Aunt Di watching from the sidelines.  I'm sure next year she'll be right there with her brothers :)

It was a fantastic and fun filled weekend.  I can't believe Easter and birthdays have come and gone!

Hope y'all had a fun, family-filled weekend too!!!


  1. What a full and wonderful weekend!!
    Love those coordinating Easter outfits! :)

  2. I missed seeing you this weekend!! You looked so cute with your family on Easter! Love you friend!!

  3. G's Texas bump cracked me up!!! And...your dad's picture taking skills...hahahaha!!!

  4. Great pics!!!! And the ones your dad took totally cracked me up!

  5. Your Easter pic?! Sooo darling!! Love you all in your Sunday best!!

  6. Girl, Griffin's pic with the Tezas bump! I just die! Precious!!!!

  7. What a busy weekend! You need another one to recover, lol! Love all the pics, especially by your dad!

  8. Your kids are just precious! I absolutley LOVE the Griffin "bump" haha too cute! Love the outfits too!


  9. Love your Easter outfits and the pics by your dad, too funny!!! Such a fun weekend!!!

  10. So fun! Love you and G's matching outfits. And btw, I am totally jealy of your #momswag hahaha. Thanks for sharing!

  11. That is one massive bubble bath!!!!!!

  12. I love your kid's Easter outfits!! So sweet!

  13. I love your kid's Easter outfits!! So sweet!

  14. I love your kid's Easter outfits!! So sweet!

  15. Wait... did Griffin wear three different outfits on Sunday?? You're so funny! Your dad's pics are HILARIOUS. Ask Diana sometime to tell you about the pic our dad took in London...

  16. Long time reader, first comment :-)
    I really love your blog, your style and always dynamic accounts of everyday life.
    Greetings from another Mama across the pond - MJ from France

  17. Haha! Men. I can't have my husband take pictures either because it never ends up to be what I want....which may sound bad but when you have an image in mind, you want that image to come out in the pic! Either way, still super sweet that he tried :) Your weekend sounds fab!

  18. Andrea, your posts have me in stitches. I enjoy reading your daily adventures with your kids! You have a beautiful family!


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