Monday, April 21, 2014

Monster of a Party

Saturday was the big day! The Monster of a Party is another one in the books and I am sad and super relieved at the same time :)

We did double sided invitations printed on pearl cardstock...

And the monsters from the invitation were the same monsters I carried throughout the party...

Every year I think about outsourcing the cupcakes, and every year I end up in the kitchen the night before the party :)  I made the cupcake holders out of scrapbook paper as well...

The toppers I made (I had them printed on photo paper, cut them out and taped them to toothpicks).

The boys one request was LOTS of sprinkles and I pulled through for them :)

I decorated the table with lots orange tulle, and lots of pics of the kids in colorful frames.

I like to use "layers" when I do tables (just like when I get dressed - hahaha), and think the more levels, textures and layers you can have the better.

I totally forgot about the banner until about 11:30 p.m. Friday night and threw it together (hence the staples) at the very last minute.  It wasn't as elaborate as I had planned, but it served it's purpose :)

Monsters totally have feathers, right????? :)

I put a gift table on the way into the room and marked the drop off spots with personalized plates on easels...

The giant balloons were so so fun!  They were tied with ribbon, and then I used boas to add another texture and mimic monster fur :)

Setting up and decorating and all the prep is lots of work...  but watching their little faces when they walk in the room always makes it worth it.

Doesn't G look so pumped about the party??? :)
They were ready to party!!!

Booty shaking??? :)

When kids came in I had them pick a monster (I drew them, copied them onto card stock and cut them out) and decorate it and then we attached it to their bag...

Pin the eye on the monster...

Bean bag toss!!!  Two pieces of wood from Lowes that I painted and then my dad cut the mouths out...

Griffin was looking super cute in the monster shirt I made, a Jameson Monroe custom headband and a monster necklace by Josie James Boutique

Josie James also made my matching bracelet! LOVE!!!

When kids came in they decorated monsters to put on their goody bags...

G and Gibi! :)

Lori... I'm cracking up over Carter's tongue in the pic below.  He must have been working hard! :)

 When I planned the party I didn't take the princesses nap schedule into account.  She was SOUND asleep and Dave had to wake her up to come so it took her a while to warm up.

Lori and Miss Ellisynn!

Cohen working hard on his monster!

Love me some Presley Dreffs!!!

Mason was super intrigued by Ellisynn and wanted to kiss her.  I was a little peeved considering he has a sister that we have to bribe him to kiss :) hahahaha

Luke and his BFF Lincoln.  These two are inseperable at school and the party was no exception :)

G showing Miss Rachel her walkin' skills...

No one should be surprised that this kid spent most of his time eating.... off his plates, his friends plates and the food table.

Sweet, sweet friends!!!

We read The Tickle Monster after the kids ate...

And Dave surprised the kiddos with the tickle monster gloves.  The pi below is TERRIBLE of me... but Carter's face was too priceless not to share. hahaha

Sarah.... I think someone may have a crush :)

After the story we made slime...

.... well.... I attempted to make slime :) hahaha  
My practice slime worked at home, but this batch never really "firmed up" and when it touched the table cloth it pretty much adhered to it instantly.  I had visions of every single kid leaving in ruined clothes so I had to let the kids touch it with one finger and then immediately trash the whole station.  I was bummed.... but it is what it is. Party must go on!

They played monster toss...

Pin the eye on the monster...

and then it was time for cupcakes!!!

G was READY!

Girlfriend knows how to handle a cupcake...

A few of the finished party bags ready to be filled up with goodies before the kids left!

After all our friends left, we got cleaned up...

And MALLORY stopped by to say Happy Birthday.  Totally better late than never :)

We love having Uncle Mark and Aunt Diana at our parties!

the boys soooooo wanted to take these GIANT balloons home, but we had no way to get them there....
Until Uncle Mark volunteered to take them to our house in his Mini :)

The above pic I took from Diana's instagram, but as I was going to take a pic of him driving down Stonebridge, the ribbons all snapped and the balloons were gone!

I can not believe that the party day has come and gone... I feel like I've been thinkign about it and planning for it literally for a year :)  So many fun memories with so many sweet friends.  We are blessed!!!

In case you're new and/or curious, here are links to a few of our past parties...

Hope y'all have a FABULOUS Monday.... I'll be back tomorrow with Easter fun (yes.... it was almost too much fun this weekend!) and on Wednesday I'll be highlighting one of my VERY favorite fashion staples... FANCY PANTS!!! :)


  1. Such a fabulous party Andrea!! Every single detail was FANTASTIC! Smith had so much fun and Kensington is still bawling her eyes out about not being able to attend. It was perfection!!

  2. Love that you had a combined party's, great job!!!!

  3. Another FABULOUS party in the books friend! WELL DONE!!!! Every last detail was perfection, and most importantly, all the kids had a blast! Love you and your parties!

  4. Amazing party, Andrea!!
    I love everything from the cupcake wrappers to the "pin the eye on the monster"!
    Great job!!

  5. Wow! You are a party planning extraordinaire!! What a fabulous party!!

  6. SUCH a cute party!!! Everything was perfect!!

  7. Love love LOVED all the tiny details & party games!!! The food table was just perfect, & your kiddies all looked so so adorable in their party attire!! I definitely appreciate a great party when I see one, & this is perfect!! My FAV was that you had a matching bracelet with Miss G...seriouslyyyy THE best!!!!

  8. Absolutely love the feather boas attached to the balloons!

  9. Wow what a wonderful celebration! It looks like the party of the season! You did a fantastic job and all the little details are just so........darling, precious, creative.....fill in your best adjective here_____! Well done young lady.

  10. Just stop it with your crafty self, ha! That party looks like SO much fun and everything turned out great! Love every last detail, so so cute and fun! The kids all looked adorable as always and that pic of the balloons in the mini is hilarious, only wish they would have made it down the road!!!

  11. What a great party! You are such a fun mom! I found your blog from Shay's and have enjoyed reading about your sweet family!

  12. Andrea, your parties are so cool! Diana said it was lots of fun. Love all your creative themes. Happy birthday to all those April babies!

  13. The party looks amazing and like it was a huge hit. You are right monsters totally have feathers.

  14. Love the Party! Every detail and party activity was perfect for a Monster Bash! Great job!

  15. That looks like a fabulous party!!! You are such a good mama! And so so very creative. Love the monster theme and how you included all 3 children in the party! Love following you on IG and now your blog!

  16. Looks like an amazing party! You are such a creative and fun mama to those three sweeties!!

  17. What a fantastic party idea. Sorry to hear the slime didn't work out but I'm sure the kids didn't even care with all the other fun stuff you had for them!!

  18. The party was so, so fun!! WE had a great time! Great job, mama!!

  19. Happy Birthday to your adorable kiddos! I was wondering what software you use for your invitations? They are too cute :)

  20. What a great party! The theme was perfect and carried out very well. I wish my kids birthdays were closer together so I could do this!

  21. Amazing! Very talented!!

  22. I love how you made the party fun for the KIDS... love the decorating the bag, book, slime, and "pin the tail on the monster." I've been to several birthday parties for kids under the age of 5 and it is more of an adult socializing party.

  23. I love how you made the party fun for the KIDS... love the decorating the bag, book, slime, and "pin the tail on the monster." I've been to several birthday parties for kids under the age of 5 and it is more of an adult socializing party.

  24. I am pretty sure I have said this in a previous comment, but you are so creative!!! I am amazed at the details. I am also amazed that you do so much it and don't outsource it- like the cupcakes. You are a supermom!!!

  25. You are so creative! Love the party idea!

  26. Love this party idea. So creative!

  27. LOVE THIS! The party looks perfect down to every last detail. You are so talented!


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