Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What Griffin Eats

It's a sad day in my house, people.... Griffin is OFFICIALLY done with baby purees.  I will no longer be steaming squash, pureeing and freezing portions in my free time :)  And as sad as I am that she's getting bigger, I'm welcoming this new phase which doesn't require me to bring a bowl, bib and spoon everywhere we go.  

I've been asked several times in the last couple of weeks for advice on what foods to feed babies G's age or younger and thought I'd just address it in a blog post!

Griffin eats everything.  Every.  Thing. 

She only got teeth this past week... but hasn't let that stop her from eating everything we were.  She was about 4 months old when she started showing interest in what we were eating and so we would give her little tastes.  From pulled pork barbecue, to apple pie and mashed potatoes... we let her taste.

When Luke was little, he had a pretty bad gag reflex.  G... not so much.  For months now she'll put something in her mouth, push it to the side with her tongue and then gum it until it's soft enough to swallow.

G wakes up around 7:30, drinks a 7 oz formula bottle, and then eats breakfast.  Breakfast could be a variety of things.... she loves oatmeal, peanut butter toast, sausage balls and fruit :)  

This was her breakfast on Monday...

She naps 9 - 11 and then has another bottle when she wakes up followed by lunch which is usually whatever we're having chopped up in little pieces. If the boys are having sandwiches, she'll have sandwiches as well.  PB&J, pimento cheese, grilled cheese, she loves them all.  She loves diced avocado, scrambled eggs, black beans, mandarin oranges, diced ham, ravioli and enchiladas.

Dave was home with the littles on Monday and G had pimento cheese sandwich, hamburger and mandarin oranges on her tray.  She also ate a yogurt cup.  We use scissors to cut up everything teeny because it's super easy.  Just regular ol' scissors that I then throw in the dishwasher. 

She naps again 1:00 - 4:00 or later and then wakes up and takes a bottle.  She'll usually snack on some cheerios while I'm getting dinner ready and then she eats whatever we're having for dinner.  

She's a MAJOR pasta-holic, she loves chicken and carrots, but HATES peas.

For dinner on Monday night she had alfredo pasta with chicken, bananas, oranges and carrots.


G really is a great eater and is not super picky.  It's nice to be able to go to a restaurant and have her eat off of our plates and not worry about lugging around special food for everyone.  

With G being the third, I KNEW I didn't want to be fixing her a separate meal  three times a day, so I just automatically offered her what we're eating and so far she's handled it really well.  

My biggest piece of advice would be to just try, try, try.  I offer up lots of choices on her tray and sometimes things are a "miss", but I try them again the next day and more often than not after a few tries she eats all of it.  I would have never thought that she would be a fan of chili, diced tomato or bleu cheese... turns out I was wrong :)

So......... did I answer all your questions?  Do you have others???  Let me know!  


  1. What a great eater she is!!
    I never thought of using scissors- I am trying this!

  2. Gotta love that third baby!!! ha! Bowen thinks it's his right in life to get Lucky Charms every morning!!!

  3. I love the scissors idea, so much easier I would think....I will be doing that now for my Gracie!

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  5. Does she get another bottle before bed, or after dinner is she done eating for the night? Seriously again, love this post! First time mom problems :)

  6. Love this? Does she have another bottle before bed or is she done after dinner?

  7. Love this! Does she get another bottle before bed or is she done after dinner.

  8. Thanks for writing this post! My almost 4 year old will only eat three things. 3! Has a major gag situation. Good grief! MJ will eat anything and wants everything. She is helping me "go with it" instead of reading and doing what the "books" say! I really enjoy your blog and appreciate you sharing! Your beautiful weather also makes me want to move to TEXAS!! Emily


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