Friday, March 14, 2014

Matilda Jane Show Info! AND a Super Fun Day :)

Happy Friday!!!
And first things first, I decided to host a Matilda Jane "Virtual" trunk show!!!

Directions for ordering are above, but PLEASE let me know if you have any questions about ANYTHING.
MJ can be overwhelming at first, but I promise it's easier than you might think :)

Go to the MJ site, and as you browse collections you add items to your wishlist.  Once you've finalized your wishlist you email it to me (I'll be your "Jane" as well as Kat who will be our "Trunk Keeper"... she's the one who orders directly from Matilda Jane). There's going to be a promotion going on this weekend and I'll give y'all the info as soon as I have it (the founder of MJ had a death in her family this week, so things have been running a little bit slower than normal), but it will probably be a gift with purchase.  In order to ensure that everyone who orders gets their gift we'll be closing out our show Monday at 2:00 p.m.  You can send in your wishlists to me any time this weekend up until 12:00 on Monday.

I'll be around all weekend, so email me if you need help picking pieces or have any questions regarding sizing, etc.  In general, order up a size in leggings and your regular size in ruffles.  They also have super cute mama clothes as well!  These are some of our favorite pieces from the current collection, Wonderful Parade...
Middle Row: Funnel Cake Knot Dress, Snow Cone Ruffle Leggings,  Georgie Tee

There are still lots of pieces left from previous collections as well.  Here are a few that Griffin has worn A LOT!

Today was a super fun day!  Nothing major, but gorgeous weather and lots of time together :)  

This boy is by my side CONSTANTLY!  HE looks for me first thing in the morning and always has to know where I am.  I was trying to blow dry my hair and he wanted to sit in my lap.  Crazy mamas boy :)

I stopped in at Nordstrom yesterday and picked up the jacket that Sheaffer has been talking about.  It's EVERYTHING that she promised and more.  I love it!!!  
The sizing online looks CRAZY!  I'd say order your normal size.  I'm wearing a small, which the size says is equivalent to a 00 which I most definitely am NOT.  Order it HERE before it's gone!!!

I paired it with a super fun scarf from Anthropologie...

My particular scarf is sold out, but here's a couple more that are similar and ADORABLE!
I like scarves that have LOTS of colors because you can wear them with tons of different things and really get your moneys worth!
(The scarf in the middle is my same scarf, but a different color combo)

Griffin and I got dressed and headed out to have lunch with Mallory!

Mallory is Dave's cousins wife (I need Lori to tell me how we're related - hahaha), and we had the best time at SNUG on the Square and then shopping downtown.

Griffin was so happy she was doing her scrunchy nose smile :)

Girl talk :)

I love everything about this picture.... especially her little reflection in the window :)

While we were lunching and shopping, the boys were at home tearing down this old shed in our backyard. The previous owners put it up and it was junky and we never stored anything in it so it was time to come down.  The boys had a BLAST tearing it down.  While I was out Dave sent me these pics :)

Those two are a mess!!!

The littles took an afternoon nap and Luke, Dave and I spent the afternoon doing this...

I posted this pic on IG and lots of y'all wanted to know about my shirt.  It says "She believed she could and so she did" and you're going to hate me when I tell you that I got it from a friend who got it a while ago as a fundraiser.  The owner of Matilda Jane was raising money for Habitat for Humanity and sold these tees.  They're not available anymore... sorry!!!  But since y'all loved the saying so much I MAY come up with a free printable over the weekend for you to grab next week.

After naps we got dressed and ready for an impromptu dinner out.  I feel like I'm linking to lots of scarves today, but this one is a MUST!!!  It's from Nordstrom and they're two for $38.  I was skeptical because of the price, but when it came I think it is literally the softest thing I own.  It has lots of "ooomph" and volume and it's infinity which makes it super easy to wear.  I ordered it in this aqua color and I want as least four more :)  You can find all the colors HERE.

And in case you're curious.... my earrings are THIS PAIR from Etsy.  They're embossed leather, weigh NOTHING and make a big statement.  Rachel from Floral and Fudge blogged about them and I had to try them for myself.  So glad I did!!!

I painted my nails this afternoon and left the polish out on my desk.  While we were getting ready to walk out the door Mason decided he wanted pretty nails like Mommy.  Thankfully he was pretty neat (unlike me... check out my HORRIBLE right  hand in my selfie pic. hahaha).  He does have great taste in color, though.  This is OPI Hot and Spicy... appropriate since we say he's our "spicy" child :)

He got one drop on my desk and that was it.  I was annoyed and kind of impressed at the same time. 

We got him cleaned up as best as we could and headed to dinner.  He insisted on wearing Luke's 3D glasses from the Sherman and Peabody movie all the way there...

 I pick my battles and try to be a "Yes Mom", so I let him wear the glasses into Macaroni Grill :)

 Griffin was looking super cute in some ruffle jean leggings and a cardigan that I DIE over :)

When on earth did this happen?!?!?!  My cute little family taking up a whole table :) hahaha

Mason entertaining the people around us.  #classclown

Spring break has been so much fun and I can't believe it's almost over!  Good news - Easter is coming up and then it's SUMMER!  I can't wait to spend 8 solid weeks with these whack-a-doodles :)

Happy last day of Spring Break!  I'll be doing absolutely nothing but soaking up some family time and hopefully eating snow cones :) 

Don't forget to email me about the Matilda Jane!!!  I'd love to help you pick out a few things and would so appreciate you being part of my show!!! :)


  1. Oh goodness! That is such a super fun day!! Loved the pic of your sweet family of FIVE sitting at the dinner table :).

  2. The earrings look amazing on you!!
    I really want the soft, aqua scarf now.
    I love Mason's "hot & spicy nails" and his cute orange/coral v-neck!

  3. SO FUN! This post is just SO FUN! Griffin in the chair? I DIE. She is precious! And Mason in the glasses? HILARIOUS!

  4. Such a fun post! Where is your bag from in the last two pics with Griffin?

  5. Hey Andrea! I love Griffins little cardigan...almost as much as I love the name 'Griffin' (adorable!) Where is the link for Monday's linky party?? I would love to link up :)

  6. I'm having trouble viewing the Matilda Jane site. I love buying baby gifts, but can't seem to get the infant sizes to show up.

  7. I could NOT figure out what Mason was wearing!! hahah!! Love G's new cardi...she's rockin' it!!

  8. I really need a little girl! lol! Thoase MJ clothes are to die for!

    Love the earrings & all the scarves!

    And Mason wanting his nails painted is too funny!

    Enjoy your last day of Spring Break!

  9. I love your Trunk Show graphic so much - that it inspired me to make a graphic for my current Stella and Dot Trunk Show! Thanks for the inspiration :). My graphic is now up on my blog :).

  10. There are just way to many things I love in this post to list them all so just know I love reading and your sweet family and oh how I love all that MJ only if my wallet could back me up on all that love!!!

  11. Love all the pictures! I can't believe how big Griffin is looking! All three are precious!

  12. Loveed your scarf so much I actually found one similar at Marshall's. Where did you purchase your necklace with the charms?

  13. Seriously how much cuter could this post be!?! Lovedddd it!!!! And I especially one how you ink everything-- sooo easy to find & purchase!! Thank you!!!

  14. Love this!! And, I need to check and see if there is anything I am missing from Matilda Jane before noon! Love that you are having a party!!


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