Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentines Printables

If I had been on my A-Game I would have had this post ready last week... and I would have had pictures of my kids completed Valentines.  BUT, #momfessional... I am way behind the ball on these this year.  This week is CRAZY and I hope to get them together tomorrow night... but for now y'all will have to use some imagination. :)  

My favorite "style" of Valentine is to use the clear cellophane party bags, have a topper printed on 4x6 photo paper at a one-hour place (Walgreens, etc.) and staple.  

A couple of weeks ago I shared Luke's Valentines from last year...

And gave y'all a printable to make your own (just right click, save, upload and have printed!)

This year Luke requested a Lego valentine (duh!) and so this is what I came up with...

We got candy shaped like lego bricks at our local "vintage candy" store and he'll fill the bags and then write his name in Sharpie on them.  I'll fold the photo in half, staple and be done!

Mason is REALLY into Monsters right now, so I came up with these for him...

... and in the baggies I'll be putting two of his favorite "monster cookies".  Click HERE for the recipe.

Griffin LOVES her some apple sauce, so her bags are going to have little apple sauce cups in them.

Feel free to print away and use as you like!  

Also... if you're planning a fun Valentines donut breakfast or heart pizza dinner, print the little sign below (it's formatted in 5x7) , pop it in a frame, put a candle out and you have instant Valentines "ambiance"!

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  1. These are adorable! You are so clever:)

  2. Very cute!! In love the Lego one, we may have to use that!

  3. So creative!! I love the phrases you use to up the cuteness level!

  4. You are so creative! I'm using the apple one for Grant's class with the squeezable applesauce and the colorful one for Madeline. :) Thank you for sharing the printables!!!

  5. Love love your ideas especially the Lego one. Its my youngest ones last year before middle school and they have banned any type of candy wish I would have read your blog last year.

  6. Thank you so much ;). The Lego one is Amazing!!!

  7. These are SO adorable....LOVE all of them! I need to bookmark this post for next year as I didn't have my A game going this year and just did simple fruit snack packs from the store that they can write names on, only it was to hard for my daughter to write her name on the packs so I did it for her....mom fail this year :(

  8. I used the striped one for my three year old. His party got moved up two days because of an impending snow storm. My husband couldn't find small bags of skittles at the two stores where he looked, so we just used Smarties.

    Thank you!


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