Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentines Food Signs and Outfits :)

  Two years ago I hosted our Small Group on Valentines and made a few little "food signs" to go with the spread I had out for the kids.  These  were printed on 4x6 photo paper (1 hours at Walgreens) and then I just folded and was done!

I thought I'd put them on here for y'all so you could do a fun Valentines dinner or lunch for your kids!  You could have the ones that you needed printed and they'd make your table look really cute and special.



Apple Slices:

Goldfish Crackers:

Mandarin Oranges:


Peanut butter and jelly heart-shaped sandwiches:


When I was going back through my blog looking for the picture, I found this one of Luke and Kensington after dinner on the night of the Valentines party :)

I LOOOOOOOOOVE dresing Griffin up for Holidays and I think Valentines might be my favorite!  Here are a few of our outfits from the past couple of weeks.  I have a couple more for this week as well. hahaha

Also - don't forget to go back to Monday's post and enter to win the Griffin and Grace giftcard (where her outfit below came from!)

Lastly... these are a Valentine I made for Ebby Lee a LONG time ago.  I don't remember what Erika attached them to, but I think they'd be cute attached to something yellow.  Lemon pudding cup, maybe?
Or you could pick up cheap flashlights at the dollar store if you wanted to give something other than food.
I'd love to hear about your Valentines!  Are you a printables girl?  Is it store bought character ones from Kroger?  Handmade?  


  1. Your printables are so stinkin' cute!! Love them! And those pics of sweet! Her Valentine's Day wardrobe is adorable!

  2. My pregnancy brain (after three kids) isn't allowing me to remember WHAT I put with those cute valentines either!!

  3. Adorable food signs--wow!
    I love Griffin's outfit with the pink button-down & pink cardigan!
    Such a pretty smile!

  4. I just love Valentine's Day and all of these awesome printables!! So cute!!!

  5. I LOVE all of your Valentines!!! You are seriously so clever and creative. We haven't done Valentines in our house yet. We will probably start next year, but when that day comes I will be coming to your blog for my ideas!!!

  6. LOVE the printables and G's outfits are to die for as usual, especially that MJ outfit!!!

  7. Thank you so much for the printable yesterday - (one for the skittles). I got them printed up for my daughter to give to a few friends - and she LOVED them! They turned out really super cute!!
    She and I both follow you on insta - and we both say we want a wardrobe like Griffin! Ha!

  8. I have just started following your blog (after Shay's pajama party) and I must say...I am in LOVE with your daughter! She is just ADORABLE and the way that you dress her is over the moon cute!!!! I'm loving your blog...tons of pics and fun content. You have a very FULL plate and thanks for sharing your family and talents with your readers!!!

    Patty from TX

  9. You're so creative! I just love it all... And Griffin's Valentines outfits.... So stinkin' precious! Hope you have a wonderful day

  10. You are so creative! Love these!

  11. Love love love Griffin's Valentine's wardrobe! Seriously, the cutest. And love her sweet little smile! She always looks so happy :)

  12. Griffin is my baby girl's fashion muse! Lol! :) seriously so cute. My baby is almost 6 months. Also a new follower after Shay's PJ party. Love ur blog! -- Mary from MN

  13. Thanks for the printable! I love your designs. It is framed and in my kitchen for today:)

  14. Love all the food signs!! Makes me want to order some for Preston's birthday party!! :) also Griffin's outfits are adorable!! Girls are just too much fun!! :)


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