Monday, February 24, 2014


 This past Friday was GORGEOUS outside and so when we got home Mason IMMEDIATELY went out to play (Luke played outside at school and he was eager to play Legos) : ) 

The light was good, Mason was in a somewhat cooperative mood and I got lucky and snapped a few pictures of him that I think REALLY capture his personality.

Mason is goofy, silly, messy and fun.  He was covered in cheese balls and dirt and I loved it.

This is how I hope I'll always remember Mason at this age :)

He is DETERMINED and super particular and he insisted on eating his cheese balls out of an Olive Garden cup :)

Rosy cheeks, wispy hair, big round eyes and personality plus.  Love him.

Speaking of lucky... St. Patricks day is just around the corner.  Honestly - this isn't a holiday I've decorated before or really "celebrated" with my kiddos.  This year I got super inspired by rainbows and have some fun activities, decorations, etc. all revolving around the "theme"....
... print it off, pop it in a frame and I'll be sharing some fun ideas to incorporate rainbows into St. Patrick's day festivities! 

Happy Monday, y'all!!!  Hope it's LUCKY :)


  1. We love St. Patrick's Day around here! I totally see you as a St. Paddy's girl after this! You'll be green obsessed!

  2. My goodness that Mason is a MESS! Good thing he is CRAZY CUTE! And super cute printable too!

  3. I am so printing this!! Love it!!! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Thanks for the printable! I have been needing to switch out the Valentines printable you designed!

  5. We love St. Patrick's Day at our house! I don't decorate like crazy, but we all wear green and have Irish & green foods all day :)
    And thanks for the printable! So cute!

  6. Ahhhh, Mason....that boy is so cute and these pics seem to capture that personality of his you speak of!!!

  7. Ah! Mason is so cute! Can't wait to get this printable up in my house! Thanks :)


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