Friday, February 21, 2014

Five on Friday

Linking up again with Darci from The Good Life Blog for Five on Friday.  I skipped out last Friday for Valentines Day when I posted about Perfect Love - but am back today!

1) Denim Jacket
I have been wearing my denim jacket A LOT lately.  The weather has been GORGEOUS here, but I still need an extra layer in the mornings and this jacket always seems to fit the bill.  Here's photographic proof that I've been wearing it way too much...

Sunday for brunch:  

Monday to school:




  I ordered this denim jacket last year after Pinterest Told Me To told me to :) and I got mine from Nordstrom.  I've gotten lots of "love" this week on Instagram for it so I tracked it down for you at Macy's!  Click HERE to see it!

2) Throwback Thursday
I ADORE this picture I took of Mason when he was almost exactly Griffin's age now (10 months).  This was on their first ride together in the wagon.  TEAR! Where did my baby go???

I couldn't help myself and did a couple of side by sides :)
Griffin and Mason, both at almost exactly 10 months

Two years difference :)

3) Nordstrom Shoe Sale
Nordstrom put TOMS on sale last week and I ordered THESE! I love my suede booties so much and I think these will be AWESOME for Spring! 
Nordstrom puts lots of kids shoes on sale every Spring and Fall and I usually try to stock up for my kiddos. I got Mason THIS pair.

and THESE for Luke.
These Hunter boots were on super sale so I picked up a pair to hold onto for Griffin :)

If your kids need new shoes, stock up now!  

4) That time she ate dirt
Monday afternoon, I was putting some things away in G's closet and wanted to see how some of her Spring dresses were running (small, too big, etc.) and when I put this one on her I thought we'd go outside for a minute and take a few cute pics in the princess-y dress. 

Griffin had other ideas...

... refusing to look at my because apparently ivy is more entertaining :)

... munching on some leaves while watching cars...

... pulling up on the flower pot...

... and EATING DIRT!!!  Yes, giant bow, princess flutter dress and a mouth full of potting soil.  That's my girl!  (sidenote... it looks like I have a death grip on her arm, but I was trying to keep her from shoving the other handful into her mouth.  Because apparently it was tasty. :)

5) Dental Week
Luke's class has been learning about the dentist and teeth this week so it was PERFECT that he and I both had appointments Tuesday afternoon.  He had instructions from his teacher to have his mom take lots of pictures so he could report back to the class on Wednesday.

Miss Pauline has cleaned my teeth for EVER!!!

We love Dr. McCarley!!!


  1. Woohoo! It's Friday!! Loved your Five on Friday! Those Toms wedges...I die. So freakin' cute!

  2. Hi Andrea, I recently found your blog and I love your style and your family is adorable!! I especially love all of your great scarves. Do you know we here the one in the 3rd pic came from ( pink with pattern)? Thanks and have a great Friday and weekend. ..Lisa from Ohio

  3. Eating dirt and leaves- she really does have a good appetite!
    If I had that denim jacket, I'd wear it everyday too! Love how you style it with your scarves.

  4. This post made me want to go shoe shopping!!!

  5. OH MY GOODNESS! I missed the big blog reveal yesterday! I LOVE IT!!!!!! THIS IS PERFECT!!!!!!! I love the title, I love the design, and I love YOU!!!!!!!!

  6. That denim jacket really is so versatile! You look precious in all of your outfits this week! And, Griffin!! I love that sweet and silly girl! :)

  7. I picked up some Toms for Xavier during the sale too! You totally rock that denim jacket...I think you sold me! I need it for Spring! I have gone to my dentist my entire life, but I am finally making the switch to one closer to me....mine is currently 1 1/2 hours away in my hometown. Not ideal at all :(

    Have a great weekend Andrea :)

  8. Hello from the link up! Loving the hunter boots! Your kids are adorable :) Wishing you and your family a fabulous weekend!!

  9. My daughter has the silver Hunters and she loves them - rain, shine, church, wherever, she has them on. :)

    Love the comparison shot - they are almost identical!

    Happy Weekend!

  10. Hi Andrea- where did the shirt in your Thursday picture come from? It's very cute!


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