Sunday, January 19, 2014

Weekend Recap

Friday morning started off beautifully....
It was a busy, hectic morning and this was an awesome "stop and breathe" moment as we were pulling in to school.

On Friday our entire school network drive was down which meant no access to documents, presentations, lesson plans, internet, etc.  My classes and I played table ping pong, heads up 7 up, and compared shoe sizes.  Mine is on the left and one of my eighth graders is on the right.  hahaha 

Dave texted me this sweet pic of Miss Griffin mid-morning...

Friday was Griffin's 9-month birthday and I reminisced over this pic of my sweet girl on the day she was born.

All three kiddos came home stuffy and stopped up, so it was early bedtimes for everyone.  Do kids ever look sweeter than when they're sleeping???

Saturday morning Griffin sported her cute Valentines Day jammies...
Mason lined up all of his "dino-sirs" :)

After her morning nap, Griffin spent some time reading and then I got her dressed..

She wasn't feeling great, but she still looked adorable!

I caught some unprompted sweetness....

... and I wore my comfies all. day. long.

 Griffin took another nap (the boys played outside and built a giant lego tower) and woke up happy (as always!)

 Saturday night the boys and I ate dinner by candlelight :) 

 Luke also constructed a "miners hat" :)

 Sunday I spent the day running errands, doing some work for school and I wrapped it all up with a super fun girls night with girls from my Sunday School class.  Mexican food, girl talk and no kids at the table... it was perfect :)  


  1. I'm so glad I got to end my weekend with you! I had so much fun last night! And the best part of my Monday? Dinner with you again :).

  2. Love those Valentine jammies!
    Her little arms in her sleeveless dress are so adorable--I want to give them a squeeze!

  3. I was in my comfies all weekend too but mostly b/c Kev was sick on Saturday and then I was under the weather yesterday. We both feel back to normal this morning, so I'm thankful! Hope your littles are all feeling better too! Is it spring yet? :-)


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