Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Face lift!

I love and adore our house.  I love that it's down the street from my parents, I love our kitchen/eating area and I love our backyard (although it needs some MAJOR work this Spring).   Over Christmas Dave and I pondered moving to a house with more space, but ultimately have decided we want to stay in our house.  Our house was built in 1992 and so there are a few areas that are "lacking" compared to newer homes.  One area - the laundry room . It's teeny tiny and I hate it. hahaha

The other is our second bathroom.  Our hall bath is an awkward shape and has a single sink, which is fine for now, but I think might pose problems as the kiddos get bigger.  

Anyway... Dave and I have a 3-4 year plan involving new floors, new furniture and a major overhaul of this bathroom, but in the meantime I decided it needed a little impromptu "facelift" this weekend. 

Here's the before pic (usually the shower curtain is pushed back... but I wanted y'all to see it).  The shower curtain was actually something I bought when we bought our first home... almost 10 years ago!

Please note the "fancy" towels that had multiple cheetoh fingerprints and could only be hand washed.  Awesome.  (also note my linen pants line drying in the tub - hahaha)

And the counter.

The whole "revamp" idea started when I was browsing through World Market on Sunday and found THIS shower curtain.

I knew I didn't want to paint and when I saw this curtain I liked how light, bright and "whimsical" it was and I knew the brownish/gold color would be a great match for our current wall color..

Dave thinks it's super girly - but if Dave had his way, our entire house would be navy blue with plaid accents.  hahaha  Dave gives me total free reign in the house and is always super supportive of my ideas.  #blesshim

LOVED this antiqued frame and it was HALF off! YAY!!!  I got the matte (with the perfect mustard trim) at Hobby Lobby.

The little plant was a Target clearance find from several months back ($32 marked down to $6 - score!) and  the toothbrush/paste cup, actually came with a lid (I think it's designed to hold cotton balls, q-tips, etc).

I changed out the shiny knobs with LOVELY white centers for these cute and less shiny ones from Hobby Lobby. Next time they put them on sale I'm picking up more for our master bath.  I'd love to change out the faucet, towel bars, and toilet paper holders.... but that's a project for another day.

This cup has a hint of blue and is acrylic so the boys won't shatter it within the week :)

The little wall opposite the toilet... and yes, the tags are still on the towels.  They're cream, but I wasn't sure if they were "cream enough", so I was going to live them with a couple of days and decide.

I picked them up because they had a really pretty jacquard pattern embossed on them and I'm 99% positive they'll be hanging around.

Since I was showing you the bathroom, I decided I'd go ahead and show you my cabinets... because let's be real.... it's fun to be nosey :)

The cabinet above the toilet houses A LOT!
On the bottom shelf I have bandaids, flushable wipes, Luke's eczema prescriptions, some sunscreens that wouldn't fit on the middle shelf (I almost got rid of them because my  OCD senses were tingling!) and washcloths.  The blue stackable containers are from the Dollar Store.  The Dollar Store is great for CHEAP storage containers... perfect for bathrooms and places where you don't need great quality containers.

Middle shelf houses this wooden box where I keep all the kids' medications...

... sunscreens and creams...

... and medicine droppers and syringes.

The vanity has two drawers (one of them is empty... as is the medicine cabinet) and the other houses combs and extra toothbrushes (are my boys the only with TONS of toothbrushes?!?!?!).  These little baskets came from WalMart and I believe they were less than $1.50 for the two-pack.

And under the vanity I keep the kids bath and pool towels and extra toilet paper :)

There you have it!  A teeny tiny mini makevoer.  Nothing major... just a fresh look.

While I was out shopping, Dave was at home watching the boys play restaurant (Mason's absolute favorite game!)

... and sweet sister was hanging out watching :)


  1. I just got so excited over your shower curtain. Is that odd? I was like sincerely excited! Love!!

  2. I love the new shower curtain, and the new hardware makes a big difference! Little things (a mini face lift) can really change the look of a room.

    And regarding moving to a newer, bigger house...our experience is that small can be better. Back in Tx we "upgraded" to a bigger house, and it never felt as homey and cozy as our old one. Now we are in the UK in a house half the size and I feel it has brought our family closer together. :)

    Also, loved your Skor recipe. Wish I could get Saltine's over here. Boo!

  3. OH MY GOSH! It looks sooooo good!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

  4. LOVE the face lift!!! Can I say though that when I saw the title I was hoping you were going to show me some "face lift" in a bottle and I was SO excited about getting one too!!

  5. I love how it turned out!
    The shower curtain is so pretty!
    "OCD senses were tingling" haha-- I get that.

  6. Love that shower curtain and the new look of the bathroom is great! I for one say you should never move out of your current house because it is beyond every single detail about it (well, that I have seen through pictures) warm and inviting, just love!!!

  7. Super cute update! Love how open you are with showing us small details :)

  8. It looks great! That shower curtain is perfect!!

  9. I love the new shower curtain - your mini makeover turned out great! And the peek into your cabinets was so fun. I'm actually working on a post about the Dollar Tree and you are so right about their storage containers! :-)

  10. I love the simple and easy updates you made to your bathroom! It looks great!

  11. LOVE your new shower curtain! You did a perfect job with this mini facelift! I bet you smile ear to ear every time you walk in! Oh yes...& thanks for the detailed cabinet shots...I need help in the organization department ;)

  12. I love love love your new shower curtain! The make over looks great!


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