Thursday, January 30, 2014

CRAZY LOVE - Valentines Decor and Hippie Chick GIVEAWAY!

Hey, everyone! Thanks for all the sweet feedback on the Valentines from yesterdays post!  Lots of y'all loved the "colorful" crayon valentines I put together last year... so you can look forward to a printable for those (without Luke's name on them - hahaha) this week!

Today for Crazy Love I want to show you a sweater that I am CRAZY for!!!

I posted this pic on IG today (@andrea2220) and it's from one of my very favorite stores... Hippie Chick Boutique!

I love dressing for a "theme" and was so pumped about this sweater the minute I saw it online. I paired it with mustard skinny cords, a chambray shirt and TOMS wedges.

Sidenote: check out my awesome selfie skills... 6:15 am... unmade bed, laundry on the floor and you can see into my closet.  #professional

It was freezing today, so I added on my green pea coat and loved it even more.
(Again with the selfie skills... kids towels and pj pants. #keepinitreal)

I stacked on a bunch of bracelets and was ready to go!

If you love the sweater as much as I do, be sure to enter below!  If you'd rather have something else from their website (or your size is gone or something weird like that) Ariele (who is AWESOME!) will totally make that happen for you!

I'm going to be super honest and tell y'all that my Valentines decorations have been up since December 26th.  No joke.
I took down my trees and all the other decor and went ahead and got ready for February :)  Some of y'all have caught glimpses of my Valentines tree, but today I'm sharing it for reals!

I don't go too big for Valentines day... pretty much all my decor is contained to my bay window by my kitchen sink.

My apothecary jars are filled with a sparkly garland, big pink marshmallows and red sparkly Christmas ornaments.

More marshmallows (hint: marshmallows are CHEAP and can usually be found in colors to match your theme!)

Every year I get tons of questions about my pink feather tree and I SCOURED the internet looking for one for y'all and came up with nothing :(  

I found it in the most random way possible... I was searching Craigslist for a Christmas tree for my classroom and came across it.  I met a girl in a Boston Market parking lot and $7 later this beauty was mine. :)

Rachel is a super sweet reader who always leaves me the sweetest comments.  She blogs at Floral and Fudge and had a SWEET new baby on Tuesday.  Which is funny, since Tuesday afternoon I opened my mailbox to find a box filled with goodies from her!  Included in the box was this adorable Valentines bunting!  I immediately knew it would be perfect and it is! Thank you Rachel!!!


The boys table is really simple... a piece of fabric (that wasn't wrinkly when I first put it up - hahaha) serves as the runner and then I have a little chalkboard sign, heart plates and some little heart skewers.

The chair backers are from Pottery Barn Kids and I have a special plan for them during the two weeks leading up to Valentines Day. Can't wait!!!

While I was taking pics, Mason was serving me "tomatoes and sauce" and calling my "Your Majesty" :)

I am completely aware that not everyone has a pink feather boa Valentine's tree and/or apothecary jars filled with color coordinated marshmallows... BUT, throw some Valentines paper plates in your cart the next time you're at Target and set a special little table for your kiddos.  My boys EAT UP all things "holiday" and I love how they look forward to it and get excited about the anticipation leading up to special days.  A yard of fabric at Hobby Lobby won't cost you more than $6 and could easily spice up your table.  Now, go enter the Hippie Chick giveaway so you can wear your adorable new heart sweater while you decorate! :)

Last thing for today - Erika and I have had so much fun hosting the #eajanchallenge on Instagram we decided to make it a regular thing!  Join us in February (and after!)  for #eapicaday

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Crazy Love

It's almost FEBRUARY!!! YAY!!!  I have LOTS of fun Valentines stuff planned for y'all... crafts, sweet ideas for the kiddos, a couple of recipes, Valentine's outfits (duh!) giveaways, etc!  I'm going to be featuring lots of LOVELY things that I'm crazy about and decided to make a cute little graphic for all of the posts. So here we go!
I'm starting to think about Luke's Valentines (and Mason and Griffins!) and thought I'd show you Luke's from previous years.  

Last year I picked up a bunch of crayons on crazy sale at Toys R Us and made some "colorful" Valentines using a box of crayons and some skittles.

In 2012 I had to come up with something last minute and so I attached this "shark card" to a package of Little Debbie heart cupcakes. 

In 2010, Luke was in Mother's Day Out and he was sent to the office (several times) for "hugging too much".  I made these ironic/appropriate goody bags that year and included Teddy Grahams as well as gummy bears. 

 This year I have a feeling his Valentine will be Lego-themed... but Minecraft is also a possibility :)

Two years ago I hosted our Small Group for Valentines Day.  Click HERE to see some fun party details.

And if you have 20 seconds to watch THE SWEETEST VIDEO EVER, click HERE!


If you follow me on Instagram (andrea2220), then you're probably familiar with my "Gwippin" posts.  Mason pronounces Griffin's name "Gwippin" and I started tagging pictures of the two of them with this hashtag to show their "unique" relationship :)  

Mason was NOT interested in "baby" while I was pregnant and really didn't start even warming up to Griffin until this past October (when she was 6 months old).  Mason is "hot or cold" and he's that way with Griffin.  It's super funny though, because Griffin ADOOOOOOOOORES him.  She follows him around, climbs all over him and if he's in the room she wants to be right there.  She's his biggest fan and audience and giggles at pretty much everything he does.

"Hey, Gwippin!  I'm going to party dance.  You're going to laugh"

"Tell Gwippin stop smilin' at me!"

"Hey, Gwippin! Pwetend to eat my face!"

"Hey, Gwippin! Stick out your tongue and I'll check for fever"

"Gwippin! Say neigh like a horsey"

Paci standoff with Gwippin

Saturday morning snuggles with Gwippin.

"Tell Gwippin stop chokin' me!"

"Gwippin! Sit still so I kiss your toesies"

"Gwippin's hurtin' my toes!"

She babbles, he corrects. :)

"Tell Gwippin stop smellin my pillow"

"Hold on tight, Gwippin!"

"Gwippin! Stop jumpin so I can kiss your face"

"Gwippin is NOT using good manners at my tea party. She needs to leave"

He kept a watchful eye on Gwippin in case she made a move for his pillow.

"Gwippin! Stop in name of law!"

Mason put up the "Gwippin" wall...

Love the "love" these two have for each other :)

Monday, January 27, 2014

Wedding Watch Party and Weekend Recap

We were EXCITED about the Bachelor wedding this past week! Luke couldn't wait to see Kensington on TV and he made her this sign on Thursday night :)

Friday Griffin rocked some serious "headband hair"

Friday night Haha stopped by and ended up watching all of Wreck It Ralph with my littles:

Saturday afternoon I took THIS kid to WalMart :)

Griffin got a new anywhere chair and she LOOOOOOOOOOOOVES it :)

And Mason has decided he wants to sleep in a tent for the rest of his life. hahaha

Sunday morning Luke was looking extra cute :)

and I managed to get a SOMEWHAT okay picture of my three.

I had an open house at school from 1 - 4, and Griffin was looking PRESH before I left.

I rushed home to get everything ready for my Wedding Watch party! SO FUN!!!

Since we weren't AT the wedding, I decided to bring a little wedding to us and so I made these "weddingish" cupcakes...

Luke walked in right as Kensington came in and it was so cute... he goes, "Woooooooooooow". :)

We all wore bangles to support our bestie!

We loaded our plates with enough cream cheese filled foods to last until the next Bachelor wedding and settled in to watch.  I'm not going to lie... the first hour and fifteen minutes was PAINFULLY awkward.  PAINFUL!!!  BUT at 8:20 we were all SQUEALING and clapping!!!

It's been a CRAZY 2 years... from the time Shay told us that Sean was going to be on the Bachelorette all the way until last night. SO MUCH FUN!

And this morning I feel like Griffin looks in these pictures from yesterday afternoon. hahaha

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