Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Small Group - December

This was our month to host Small Group and it was one of those situations where I went to look at the calender for the week and realized that we were JAM PACKED!!!  So.... we decided to host at the Country Club that Dave manages.  The same room where I hosted our back to school dinner

It's convenient and I don't have to vacuum :)

I got home from school after 4:00 and I pulled out the box of silver decorations that I used to use in Luke's room (when he had the room to himself).  I hadn't used them this year and thought they would be easy to use.  When I got to the club I found some glass containers, mirrors and tea lights and I was ready to go!

I was home before 5:00, we got the kiddos dressed and came back up around 5:45 to light candles.  Dave went to pick up pizza and I set up glasses and lit the tealights.  PRETTY, right???

You know I'm busy when I resort to store bought dessert :)  These cupcakes were from Sam's and they were AWESOME!

Over Thanksgiving, Luke picked out a present for Kensington and it came just in time for him to give it to her!


Kids table :) (they blew out all the candles)

A couple of "elves" showed up to pass out candy, read a story and take Christmas lists back to Santa :)

When did our kiddos get this big?!?!?!

After our friends left, we cleaned up :)

It's so nice to get to host somewhere other than our house. hahaha.  The kids have TONS of room to run (they were all red-cheeked by the time we left) and I don't have to vacuum before or after :)


  1. yes, you are lucky you have a great place to entertain! ha!
    We used to live at Stonebridge Ranch when we lived in McKinney...
    recognized the " round " rotunda room!!

  2. So nice that you can borrow that room at the country club!
    I love the silver centerpieces!
    And fun that you hired elves :)

  3. What a beautiful set up! And those centerpieces are perfect :) I think I might just have to think about having some small group dinners here in Ohio :)

  4. We had the best, best, best time! My kids are still talking about it! We love our time with the News and McAnallys!


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