Thursday, December 19, 2013

Eight Months

Griffin turned eight months old on Tuesday and I realized that I've pretty much failed on writing "monthly" posts for her.  Let's be real... I kind of failed on that for all three of the kiddos :)  Oh well!  

Here' a little update on Girly Q this month...

Crawling!  She's officially mobile!  
It's kind of a combination army crawl/lunge, but she's definitely getting to where she wants to go.  Which includes anywhere her brothers are, anywhere food is and anywhere she's not supposed to be :)

Little Miss is a JABBERBOX!!!  NON-STOP!!!  It's mainly "ya ya ya ya ya" right now, but she throws in a "da da da" every once in a while as well.  She also likes to screech if every single person in the room isn't paying attention to her. :)

Girlfriend likes to EAT!  She's eating lots of finger foods now and doing really well with the hand to mouth action.  She's eating three regular meals a day along with her bottles.  She eats whatever we're eating and will "yell" at you if she's not receiving the food fast enough.  I made shortbread cookies for Christmas and she is all about those.  She's also loving oatmeal (the flavored ones the boys eat), squash, sweet potatoes, apple sauce and pizza.  Yes, pizza.  

She's still taking two major naps a day and sometimes will take a cat nap before dinner.  

Last - she is STILL obsessed with her big brothers.  On Saturday afternoon I made them a pallet to lay on while they watched a movie and she was TICKLED to get to be on it with them.  Luke wanted to snuggle, but she had other plans...

... mainly to bug the junk out of Mason :)

Mason put up his "shield" to "make Gwippin stop touchin' me!"

She thought she was HOT STUFF!!!

I still can't believe that my baby girl is QUICKLY approaching one!

Seriously... who gave her permission to get this big?!??!!


  1. Oh my goodness! She is just getting too big too fast! I love her lying on that pallet with her big brothers :).

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwww! I LOVED this post. Mason CRACKED me up with his shield.

  3. Happy 8 months, Griffin!!
    It has been so fun to watch her grow!
    I love that necklace she's wearing :)

  4. So precious!!! She is ADORABLE!! I LOVED Mason's shield! I'm so glad you explained, because I NEVER would have figured that out!! Those third kids are so, suckers, juice boxes!! The sky's the limit! ha!

  5. She is seriously too cute! I love all of Griffin's outfits and the pics with her laying with the boys are just precious :)

  6. Love Mason's shield and that he says "Gwippin"...I die! She is just so cute and whenever my oldest sees her pic on IG she thinks it's a picture of her sister...she always says "that baby looks like Gracie"!!


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