Friday, December 6, 2013

Five on Friday

Linking up today with The Good Life Blog for Five on Friday - I am loving the random "catch all" posts at the end of my weeks.

ONE - Snow Day
I have mixed emotions about today's "ice day"... I am welcoming the time at home with my kiddos to catch up on Slightly Askew projects and hopefully wrap some presents and get organized for the month (and maybe bake a bit) BUT I'm sad that we'll have to make this day up in February :(  For me... February is the LOOOOOOOOOOONGEST month of the school year and I always look forward to the day off. 

Three years ago Snowmageddon hit Dallas and we missed something crazy like 52 (or 6) days of school.  You can read about it (and see some cute pics of Luke) here.
My favorite snow pictures EVER are HERE

If you live in McKinney (or honestly... within a two hour radius of McKinney), you NEED to head to Emporium Pies downtown McKinney ASAP.  Like, NOW!  Dave and I headed to the square for dinner on Saturday night and even though we stuffed ourselves silly at Sauce we decided to pop in to Emporium (it just opened) and split a piece of pie.

Good LORD it was delicious.  This is the "smooth operator" pie and I have literally thought about it's chocolatey goodness and pretzel crust at least once a day every day since then.  :)

Random sidenote: After pie we ran across this creepy vintage Santa.

THREE - This Kid
Mason West is giving me a run for my money.  He is ROTTEN and can throw a tantrum with the best of them, but then he does something like this...
 ... and I melt. 

FOUR - Winter hats
It is CHILLY out and Miss G has been sporting some seriously cute headgear.
This beanie is from GAP and was something ridiculous like $4...

 ... and this one was a gift from one of my students (whose name is Griffin) whose mom owns a local kids boutique.  DYING over the owl :)

FIVE - Thank You!
A HUUUUUUUUUUGE thank you to my awesome, amazing, fabulous Slightly Askew customers.  The customers who understand that I have a "more than full time job" (can I get an amen from all the teachers grading papers in bed and creating games for their Smart Boards on the weekends?!?!?!) and am a mom to three kiddos who require A LOT (as any three 5 and under would).  The customers who are patient, sweet and don't assume the worst.  Customers who like to support other moms, will shoot me a reminder email and who don't call me a "scammer" when it takes me more than 4 hours to return an email.  Customers who are sweet enough to point out that I forgot to attach a proof to an email when I'm sending it to them at 2:30 a.m.  A thank you to everyone who enjoys something unique and special :)

I am LOVING to get to be a little part of dozens of y'alls Christmases.  That said - if you've emailed me and are waiting on a reply EMAIL ME AGAIN! hahaha  Or if you still haven't ordered cards and want some let me know!  It's not too late!!!

Also - to my blog design customers... THANK YOU for letting me put you on hold while I get my head above water with card orders.  I promise to take GREAT care of y'all once Christmas cards slow down.


  1. That pie looks delish!! I think I want a slice for breakfast- ha!! Wow, that's quite a lot of cards on your table- I'm so glad you're getting lots of business b/c you're fabulous! :-)

  2. THose pictures look awesome! and the kids are so precious!


  3. That pie looks incredible!
    Love G's beanie and owl hat!
    Enjoy your "ice day" :)

  4. Holy moly I need a little of that pie in my life! Your kiddos are darling!

  5. I am with you on the snow days. I love them but would rather have off in the long winter months than now with Christmas break right around the corner. Enjoy it anyhow!

  6. I think it would sound rude if you said I will...and if you want to have the cutest Christmas cards EVER...then you will send Andrea an e-mail!!! LOVE mine!!! Working on addressing those today!

  7. Love babies in hats! They are just too cute! Those cards all look great!

  8. That picture of Mason with his hands in his pockets. Dying. DYING!!!!

  9. I love the snow day, I love the pie, I love Mason, I love Griffin, I don't love cranky people who email you. XO


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