Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Playing Catch Up and Christmas Eve

I have a feeling I'm not alone in the feeling that life has been NON-STOP since the middle of last week. That said... I'm going to play a little bit of catch up and then get into our Christmas Eve.

Last Friday morning Dave texted me this pic of G... I'm thinking his OMG comment has to be "OMG - you bought her some FANTASTIC Christmas outfits!" hahaha

Dave also snapped a picture of Griffin and sweet Miss Lisa who watches her and Mason for us Tuesday -  Friday.  We LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE us some Miss Lisa :)

Friday afternoon I picked Luke up from his class (they got out around 11:30) and brought him down to my class where the 7th grade girls were watching Elf and eating cookies.  There was no shortage of attention for  Luke and I'm pretty sure he posed for no less than 20 "selfies". hahaha  He ATE IT UP!

After school, I dropped Luke off with Lisa and the littles and I headed to my MCA Staff Christmas Luncheon. I picked up the whole crew and we headed home to start break! YAY!

"Grippin!  Stop in name of law!  No touchin my car shop!"

Ready to spend TWO WEEKS with my crazies... including this silly boy :)

Friday night we pulled pillows off the boys beds and settled in to watch some Christmas movies...

 Saturday morning Mason showed off his "mus-kels" and rocked a Santa necklace I received from a student.

Later that morning he put on a shirt (and my FAVORITE one at that).  I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE this little hoodie from Boden and wish I had ordered it in every size from now until he's 30.

Griffin and I headed to the mall to run a couple of errands while the boys went to the library.  Love having a little shopping buddy!

Saturday night Dave worked and I took the kiddos and met my parents, Mark and Diana and Diana's parent's for Mark's birthday dinner.  Mark (my little brother) turned 27 on Monday but we celebrated a couple of days early.  After dinner we went back to their house for dessert, a sneak peek at their new kitchen and some "cat time" for my boys.

I'm a total sucker for a fun mug and Anthropologie ALWAYS delivers!

Sunday morning we were dressed and out the door early (hence the messy hair) since I was teaching Sunday School.  Griffin looked ADORABLE in her Christmas dress...

Dave even caught her riding in the bye bye buggy!

Sunday afternoon I headed to Starbucks to caffeinate and then braved a trip to Anthropologie, Home Goods, Sams AND the grocery store.  It was intense.

Sunday night I FINALLY put one of our family pics in this adorable frame that one of my students got me for Christmas.  She picked it out since she knew it would be a match for our Fall pics and she was exactly right. So thoughtful!

Monday morning we headed to The Gaylord (read about it HERE!) and the boys held hands for a brief moment :)

I snapped this pic of G while the boys were taking a bathroom break and texted it to my mom...

Mason at Bass Pro.  Could that little overbite be any cuter?!?!

On the way home from the Gaylord Luke said the sweetest prayer asking for snow.  When we got home there was a package on our doorstep from Auntie Judy and Poppa which included... SNOWBALLS!!!  How awesome is that?!?!

Monday afternoon I put on Pandora and got to work.  Cranberry Orange Bundt...

 Veggie purees for Griffin...

Pumpkin chocolate chip bread...

... and a couple of impromptu freezer meals.

 Christmas Eve morning started off AMAZING when I opened my front door and found WARM cinnamon rolls waiting!  I have the BEST friends :)

Dave had to work, but the kiddos and I hung out, cleaned and played pretty much all day.  Dave got done later than anticipated, but we managed a quick pitstop at his Granny's house.  The pic below is Dave's dad (Papa Mac) with the kids...

 The boys ran around and explored Granny's super fun house :) , opened a few presents from Gram and Papa Mac and then it was time to head to church!

There's no childcare on Christmas Eve which means it was an aisle-full for us :)

My parents were there and we hadn't been in service more than 5 minutes when Luke literally passed out on Gibi's lap :)  He snored through the entire service.

Want to know who didn't nap??? THIS kid.  He was up and down, under and over and ALL OVER the nice man in the row in front of us (he kept rubbing his back... which would have been sweet if he hadn't been a total stranger).

After the sanctuary cleared out a bit we attempted to wake up Luke by pulling him off of Gibi's lap. That totally worked...

Family pic! (complete with sleepy Luke - hahaha)

We headed home and had a giant snowball war and I tried to take some pics in front of the tree - FAIL!

The kiddos went to bed and Dave and I got started on getting things ready for the morning. 

Tomorrow's post... CHRISTMAS!!!


  1. The red puffer, the bundt cake, your cute kids...perfection friend.

  2. The cranberry orange bundt and pumpkin choc chip bread look amazing!
    Love the photo of the five of you at church!
    And Mason rubbing the stranger's back--haha.

  3. I LOVE that red puffer vest! Those pics of Griffin and her amazing outfits are just precious :) And Mason rubbing a strangers back is too cute!

  4. Oooooh! Great post! My favorite has to be Dave's OMG. Hilarious!


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