Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Parade of Lights

Just FYI - this post could alternately be titled, "The Night I Almost Froze to Death"... but that might be a teeny bit dramatic, so we'll go with "Parade of Lights".

Every year our town has a super cute, small town Christmas parade at night.  All the floats have lights and it's just a lot of fun.  I love that our big town still has it's small town feel.

McKinney Christian always puts a nativity float in the parade and this year the float was the cutest it's ever been because LUKE WAS A SHEPHERD! :) 

It was literally about 33 degrees the night of the parade, so he looks "puffy" because he's wearing two shirts, a sweatshirt and a jacket underneath his costume.  I also made him wear his hood under his hat.  I brought him a blanket as well, but he informed me that wasn't "cool" and refused it.  (SIGH! When did he get big enough to know what's cool?!!?)

I am NOT a hat person, but I sported my GAP pom pom beanie to cover my ears... that's how cold it was.  You know it's cold when I sport a hat :)

The hat is from GAP and you can find it here in a light pinky color.  I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be "folded" at the brim, but it was SOOOOOOOOOO Cold I wanted my ears really covered and so I unrolled it and kind of like it a little more "slouchy".

My scarf is from Old Navy and it's AWESOME!!!! I have it in cream and an orange color and I wear them all the time!!!  They only have fuchsia and black left online, but you may be able to track other colors down in the store.

The MCA float was INCREDIBLE this year and actually won first place!  There were "risers" on either end where the angles and shepherds sat. 

Like I said... the parade is very "small town"...

Here comes the MCA float!

Yes - that's a tractor with Mary and Joseph in the scoop and Santa on the roof...

Aunt Diana and Uncle Mark came to watch!

We had to wait for Luke to make the entire parade route (hello, freezing!) and when I went to get him off the float I half expected him to be miserable and BEGGING to go inside.  Instead, he said it was THE MOST AWESOME PARADE EVER and wanted to know if they could go around again! :) 

It was too dark and freezing to get a good pic of him in his outfit, so I made him put it back on when we got to the pizza place. :) hahaha
I always love the parade and it was extra special this year to cheer Luke and MCA on.  I asked him if he wanted to ride on the float again next year and he said that he thinks he's going to make it a pattern... "ride a year, watch a year, ride a year, watch a year" :)  He said that he loved riding, but missed getting to see all the other floats and catch candy canes.  The next time he rides we may have TWO little shepherds on the float!


  1. "The Night I Almost Froze To Death". That's catchy! I like it! (And I totally laughed out loud.)

  2. so cute! love reading about the McAnally adventures :) Merry Christmas!

  3. LOVE small town parades! I froze at one a few weeks ago :-) Luke's float looked awesome!

  4. I love your little town... It just has that small town feel to it, and I like how there are lots of family activities this time of the year... And FYI you should be a hat person because you look adorable in it! Me, on the other hand, I look like a complete dork!!! :-)

  5. Haha...I was walking in down town on Sunday and heard a mom behind us telling her young son that the parade was cancelled because it was too cold. He asked if they were going to do it another night and she was like "no it was just cancelled" Now after reading this, I realize she didn't want to brave the cold so she said it was cancelled...kinda sad, but kinda funny!


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