Monday, December 9, 2013

Favorite Things Party - December!

It's Favorite Things time again! WOOHOO!!!  Last month y'all shared some great Under $10 Favorites that I scooped up.  LOVE :)

This month my favorite thing is Burt's Bees Baby Bee multipurpose ointment.  I received this as a shower gift and was super excited because I LOOOOOVE Burts Bees.  I hadn't seen this before and was excited to give it a try.  Over the last 8 months it's become a STAPLE in our house.  I used it on Griffin's cradle cap - gone!  Weird blotches on the kids skin - gone!  Dry skin from turning the heat on for the first time - gone!  Diaper rash - gone!  (I feel like an informercial).  Seriously... there hasn't been anything that I've come across that this ointment hasn't been able to handle.

I've seen it at Babies 'R Us, Walgreens, etc.  But here's a link to it at Target.  It's awesome!

I also wanted to show you some of my very favorite Teacher Gift ideas. As a teacher I feel like I'm kind of an expert in the field :)  

Teachers get A LOT of coffee mugs.  A LOT.  
I love getting them, especially if they're super cute (and have a Starbucks gift card inside). hahaha.

I have two of these owl mugs from Anthropologie.  They're on sale right now ($7.95) and they're even cuter in person.  How cute would it be with a "Whoooooooooooo's wishing you a Merry Christmas note" inside!  You could totally stock up on a few of them now and keep them for end of the year gifts as well. 

You can find them HERE

 I love all things monogrammed and van vouch for both of these initial mugs as well (Anthro addict much???) hahaha.  They're $8 each and again, tuck a gift card inside and you're good to go!

Block Letter Initial Mug HERE.

These beauties can be found HERE.

Jewelry is always fun to receive and Noonday jewelry gives back which makes it extra special.  I know a middle school math teacher who would LOVE to receive these Bengali sunset earrings..

You can never go wrong with a candle... and THESE are my absolute favorite!  Shay introduced me to them and I RARELY buy any other kind of candle.  They burn clean and smell great all the way to the end. 

Shay is the candle queen and when I had Griffin she brought by a sweet gift for "me" (since the baby gets stuff - she thought I needed something too!) and I ADORE it.  I wasn't sold upon smelling it in the jar (I'm usually a foodie candle person), but I've been burning it in my office and I just ordered 3 more.  It's FAB!  You can find it HERE

Lastly, teachers work HARD and A LOT!  Something to help us relax at home is always welcome.

In college I worked at a local boutique that sold a brand called Lollia and I became completely obsessed.  Their Relax bubble bath is a total splurge but so worth it. 

If you feel weird giving bubble bath (hahaha), their hand cream is THE BEST and smells amazing!
This one is my favorite scent.
So.... hopefully I gave you a couple good ideas for a great gift for your kids teacher.  I always joke that I can't be bribed, but I can be REEEEEEEEALLY happy when I grade their exams. hahaha

Be sure to link up below and share your favorite thing from this month!


  1. Great ideas! I work right next door to an Anthro...dangerous but awesome! I am going to get some of those owl mugs. Love your blog Andrea!

  2. You have me convinced I need some Burt's Bees now!
    I love the colored monogram mugs!
    And I wish I could smell the apple struedel candle right now...mmm! :)

  3. Ohhhhhhhh! Such great options!! I love them all! But I really, really love the candle :).

  4. Oooooh! I love so many things on this list! And yes, people often need HELP on teacher gifts. I would LOVE to get anything on this list!

  5. Thanks for hosting! Love your teacher gift ideas (since I'm a teacher too!).

  6. I love Favorite Thing day for all the great gift ideas!!! My husband teaches high school special ed and I LOVE your teacher gift ideas! I can't wait to get the Apple Strudel candle! Need my house to smell like I'm baking something yummy since I'll be shopping for all these favorite things now!:) :)

  7. I love the teacher gifts!! I use to love getting a mug from students too! Those ones are adorable! Great ideas! Hope your students' parents read your blog;)

  8. Love those coffee mugs!!! I am not a coffee drinker but I could see them making a mean juice glass :)Oh and I am thinking that Burt's Bees may need to become a staple in my medicine cabinet! Thanks for hosting!

  9. What an awesome link up idea! I'm kind of obsessed with monogram and intial mugs lately. LOVE these $10 and under options!

  10. I love Burt's Bees Wax! We use it a lot for my kids dry skin! So fun.

  11. Thanks for hosting Andrea! Love your suggestions!

  12. Such cute ideas! Help! My daughter has a male teacher and I am running blank of ideas! Can you share any ideas for male teacher?! :)?


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