Monday, November 18, 2013

Weekend Recap

My weekend started on Friday at 2:30, when the 2:15 meeting that I thought would last about an hour wrapped up in 15 minutes and I was free to leave at 2:30 :)  I scoped Luke up from ESS (extended school supervision) and we headed to the McKinney square to pick up a birthday gift.  A trip to the square wouldn't be complete without a trip to the Mom and Pop Popcorn store (and would it surprise any of you that out of about 300 choices Luke picked Lego candy???)

Friday night Griffin took down some chicken spaghetti like a boss! No joke - she's completely over baby food.  I'll usually mix in a veggie puree along with her table food, but she wants EVERYTHING we're eating.  This weekend she also scarfed down Miss Narci's quiche (but duh - who wouldn't!), wedding cake, cereal, and biscuits along with her normal yogurt, apple sauce, meat loaf, etc., etc.

Saturday morning Griffin and I got to celebrate Princess Presley at the cutest birthday party ever.  There were real (harmonizing!) princesses, delicious food and lots of pink.  How could it not have been awesome?!?!?! :)

 After the party Griffin and I headed out to Nordstrom Rack to do a little shopping.  I don't make it over there very often and it was fun to squeeze in a trip before nap time.

I may be totally wrong, but I think that we've had more fall "color" here this year than in years before... and I LOVE it!

Saturday afternoon we took naps and had "quiet time" and then picked up Gibi and headed to the park.  It was CRAZY windy (like I really thought someone was going to blow over), but we still had a blast.

At the park I snapped this picture of Griffin while the boys were running around with Gibi and I am 100% obsessed.  It captured her perfectly right now and I love it!

Griffin's shirt is by The Printed Palette and says "Thought she be but little she is fierce" .  It's a Shakespeare quote and I bought the shirts online back in October (they were a fundraiser for a Breast Cancer organization).

After the park, Haha picked Luke up to take him to see Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs 2 and Mason REALLY wanted to go too, so he and I set up "Mason's Movies" in my bed and we watched Bugs Life and ate ice cream.  PERFECT!

Sunday after church...

During lunch,Mason showed me his mus-kels :)

And then after lunch, we snuggled up in our bed - by far my favorite part of the day :)

While the littles napped (and I worked on Christmas cards), Luke helped Dave pick up leaves outside and  he made a "hideout" in the bushes...

 Later in the afternoon, "Fireman Joel" came over to do our Christmas lights...

Griffin spent some time doing two of her favorite things... laying on her side (yes.... she looks like she's posing. hahaha) and reading a book.

And we ended the night admiring our Christmas lights!  We still need to add some to the bushes, but I'm so excited to have these up.
 It was a busy, but fun weekend.  I didn't accomplish everything I wanted to - but does anyone ever really??? hahaha.  This is the last week before Thanksgiving break and the week includes a trip to the donkey rescue farm (seriously... I'm taking a group of middle schoolers to do community service at an actual donkey rescue farm on Thursday) and Grandparent's Day on Friday.  I have about 45 Christmas cards to work on and somewhere in there I'm going to get my Christmas decorations up. hahaha.  


  1. I love that photo of Griffin in the pink baseball shirt & yellow headband!
    Your Christmas lights look great!

  2. I love sharing in your weekend with you! I had so much fun with you and G at Presley's birthday party! Happy Monday :)

  3. Are you sure you aren't a closet coffee drinker? How else do you have that much energy?!! looks like a fun-filled weekend! :-)

  4. This might be your best group of photos yet. That one of Griffin? DARLING! And there were a couple of GREAT ones of Luke!!!! And Mason's movies was to cute!

  5. I loved the picture of Mason's
    mus-kels... Too cute! I do not have children yet, but I hope when I do I am able to capture sweet and happy day-to-day memories like you do. Your week sounds super busy and eventful! Hope you and your family have a great week.


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