Friday, November 15, 2013

Five on Friday

I'm linking up again with The Good Life Blog and sharing my Five on Friday.  I'm loving this because it's a way to share all the randomness that doesn't constitute an entire post.

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1) Favorite Things Party
Yesterday Erika and I hosted our very first virtual "Favorite Things Party".  It was super fun to see everyone's favorites under $10 and we're going to be hosting again next month. If you have a favorite thing that you want to share this month, add your link!

2) Christmas is coming!!!
I'm aware that this is an obvious statement, but since I've refrained from putting my Christmas decorations up yet, I've been "decorating" my kiddos :)  

Griffin wore her first Christmas outfit this week and I"m pretty sure she loved it as much as I did.

I ordered the kids coordinating Christmas jammies from Carters online and they sported them to dinner at Shay's house this past week.  Cute, comfy AND festive!

The Toys-R-Us catalog arrived this week and Luke has been diligently making his Christmas list.

3) She's a GREAT eater
This is super random, but I just wanted to brag on what a great little eater Griffin is.  She'll be 7 months this coming week (tear!) and she is pretty much on table food.  We mash it up and I'll usually incorporate it with a puree I've made (squash or sweet potatoes typically), but this week she was eating mashed potatoes, meat loaf and carrots just like the rest of us.   She also LOVES her mama's apple pie :)

On an unrelated note, I posted this pic on IG and lots of people asked where it's from... the shirt is from Target (but I bought it at Kid to Kid) and the pants I bought from a mom on Facebook... and they don't have a brand label (I think she may have had them made).

4) LOVE my students!
I'm at that weird point in the term where the students are kind of driving me nuts (if you're a teacher, you know what I mean.... Thanksgiving break will be just what the doctor ordered).  I teach middle school which seems to be the height of impulsiveness, moodiness and just general stupidness - but they redeem themselves on a daily basis with sweet words, encouraging notes and just general awesomeness.  

This week I chaperoned an 8th grade field trip to the Holocaust Museum and had so much fun getting to take the kiddos off campus.

It doesn't hurt when your student brings you a piece of his AMAZING birthday cake for breakfast, either :)

5) Best. Picture. Ever.
I randomly snapped this pic of Miss Griffin on Tuesday night after her bottle.  She had a bath and Dave didn't brush her crazy hair down.  :)


  1. That last picture!!!! Oh my goodness! That last picture!! I have no words...

  2. The coordinating Carter's Christmas jammies are adorable!!

  3. Griffin in her Christmas outfit....the kiddos in their Christmas jammies...I just about died, so stinkin cute!!!!

  4. Stopping by from 5 on Friday link-up!!!

    Love love love the last picture of your little one! Adorable!!!

    Have a great weekend!!!

    -Sami @

  5. hi from the linkup, lovely!! just started following along...YAY! you had me at your me some prov 31 :)

    and that pic of your babe. oh my stars. BLESS. so stinkin' CUTE!!

    happy friday, beauty! xx

  6. All the photos of your kids are so cute, but that last one of Griffin is my fave :)

    And who doesn't want cake for breakfast?! :)

  7. I loved going on field trips with 'my kids'. there is something so fun about being with them outside of the school building.

    And that last picture of your little girl is too sweet! It makes me want to give her a little squish! I'm sure you give her plenty of squishes, how could you not? :)

  8. oh my! your family is just so darling! your griffin has WAY more hair than my gal…and she's one. i'm jealous!

    showing some linkup love. new follower!


  9. Your daughter is a DOLL baby and I love her name! So unique and adorable! I am also a teacher. :)

    Newest follower from the link-up!

  10. Griffin is so cute! :) I linked up for the Favorite Things party! :)


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