Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lost Post: Good Morning Texas Edition

Every once and a while a bunch of pictures kind of get "lost in the mix".  Weeks where there's a lot going on and I totally forget to upload.

The week before Halloween I got to take my Middle School Student Government kids out to Pumpkinville at Tucker Hill to film a segment for Good Morning Texas.  

I am blessed to teach the absolute BEST kiddos around (seriously... I know that most people think that "there's a special place in Heaven for middle school teachers"... but mine make it easy) :)

We were there bright and early and while we waited for the film crew to show up we took "prom pics"...

... stirred up a giant pumpkin pie...

... rode the hayride...

... and played in the hay maze (I like how both of these guys are close to 6' tall the the hay "maze" doesn't even come up to their knees) :)

We were still waiting when Dave was taking Mason and Griffin to the babysitters house and so he stopped by to say hey (and let Mason run around like a fool).  My sweet girls were anxious to take pics with my sweet girl...

Seriously.  I die.  
Fingers crossed that Griffin grows up to be as confident, smart and awesome as these girls!

 They put Griffin in the pie and totally doted and loved on her for about 20 minutes :)

Mason literally ran the entire time, but we managed to get him to slow down enough to take a pic with the stilt walker...

and he was ALL about riding the tractor with Miss Lana :)

Every pic I took of Grififn looked like this... she was waaaaay more interested in the pumpkins than in me :)

I've had the pleasure of having both of LeeAnn's boys in my classes and can't wait to have her two girls as well!  LeeAnn loves her some Griffin :)

It was such a gorgeous morning and fun time with some of my most favorite kids and so I had to share.  If you're interested in seeing the news clip you can check it out here.


  1. How cool that the school was featured on the news!
    They DO look like a great group of kids!

  2. I love getting to see inside your teaching career. Your students look like they adore you!


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