Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Christmas Cards!!!

When Shay told me she was going to blog about all her past Christmas cards I HAD to jump on board.  I am a total sucker for "this time last year" pics and making our family yearbooks and all of that and I LOVE looking back on past Christmas cards.  

As I was pulling these out it was super fun to see our family, my hair and my design style/ability grow.  The first year we were married I sent out a Christmas/Thank You card with a wedding picture on it (we were married December 3rd), but I'm pretty sure I ordered it through a generic website and don't have it on file. 

In 2008 Luke was 8 months old and we sent out our first official "family Christmas card". 
OMG - my cheeks, Luke's cheeks! :) hahaha

2009 we had moved into our current house and Luke was about 2.5.

2010 I was pregnant with Mason and if you knew me while I was pregnant with him you know that I was SWOLLEN!!! Like, so swollen I barely left my house other than going to work from about 20 weeks on swollen.  (Unless you're Sheaffer who didn't believe me until she saw pics after---- no worries, Sheaffer... I've forgiven you :) ) We took a few family pics at The Arboretum, but I was too depressed over the size of all of me that I opted to use my very favorite picture from the whole year... Luke at the pool in the summer covered in Reeses pieces wearing my sunglasses.  He and I had an absolutely blissful summer that year. He was at such a fun age and it was just him and I all day every day while Dave worked.  We went to the pool every single day, did lots of crafts, and had an absolute blast.  Such sweet memories.

2011 was our first year to bring in "professional help" with our family pics and I will NEVER attempt them on our own again.  EVER.  Luke was 3Y 8M old and Mason was 8 Months (and a cue ball!)
The pictures were so fabulous that I made an additional 4x6 insert to include with our cards...

Last years card was our last as a family of 4.  We took pics with a chalkboard sign that read "We're Having a Baby Brother" and then erased it and took pics with one that said "We're Having a Baby Sister".  When we had our ultrasound we were ready either way and although the front of our cards were fine...

... the backs announced our impending arrival :)  I literally dropped them off at the post office on like a Monday and then the next day had my 20-week ultrasound and immediately thought of the 120+ cards we had sent out.  hahaha.  The VERY first person to know that Griffin was going to be Griffin JOY Was our photographer when she got my frantic text to send me the girl pics so I could put an "addendum" to our card out on FB :)

If you're starting to think about your Christmas cards, here's some info on the ones I design.  Check out my design site to see all kinds of cards (Christmas and other) I've designed for fabulous clients :)


  1. I love your 2012 card! Your designs are fabulous. Can't wait to see 2013 - Griffin' s 1st Christmas card :)

  2. Wow! Your short hair totally surprised me! I didn't know you back then ;)

  3. You are so creative!! I love all of your Christmas cards & all of the graphics you make!

  4. Laughing SO hard! And yes....I didn't believe you. I thought it was crazy that you didn't meet us for lunch because you were "swollen"....UNTIL you proved yourself to me with pictures. And I got it.
    Loved this post!

  5. You amaze me with your creativity!! I am a middle school teacher like you, I LOVE quotes and signs in my classroom! Do you do any kind of designs for classrooms?? I am fairly new to both of your blogs so I am not sure what all you can create!! Thanks so much! I just LOVE your blog. Your family is so precious...

  6. Getting you addendum in my e-mail was probably one of my most favorite Christmas Card Memories, ever. Always adore your cards!

  7. Hey,
    I enjoy reading your post. I must say nice photographs. May god bless your entire family.

    ~ Sunita
    send Christmas card


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