Monday, October 28, 2013


Yesterday, after nap time, we decided to head out to Pumpkinville at Tucker Hill.  Tucker Hill is a super cute local neighborhood with new homes that look historic and every year MCA partners with them to create Pumpkinville as a fundraiser for our Middle School.

The kids got a "prize" for wearing their costume, so they went to our costume box and decided to be Buzz and Woody :)

When we go to events like this, Dave and I often "divide and conquer" and on this particular day I was on "Mason Duty" - so there will be lots of pictures of him today :) 

These pictures right here are the reason I am sooooooo beyond excited to get the proofs from our professional family photo session back...

They had a cute little "front porch" vignette set up, and our own little porch band took over...

Luke's "guitar face" cracks me up!

I don't think I got a single picture of this girlies face because she was FASCINATED with the hay.

I'm not sure I've ever seen Mason sit this still!  Miracles do happen!

He was super proud of himself :)

I think the best part of Pumpkinville (aside from the haymaze, tons of pumpkins, hayride and cute photo opportunities) is that it's completely staffed by parent and staff volunteers from MCA! :)  On this day we ran into several of my very favorite students!!! :)

Luke was busy running around, but the minute he saw Mason's spider he bee-lined it to the face painting station.

Lisa is a sweet MCA mama who I LOVE.  I've had 2 out of her 3 kiddos in my class and she has two boys an a girl as well!  Her sweet kids are awesome and they love each other so much and I hope that my kids grow up to have relationships like hers have :)

Mason decided to participate in the hula hoop contest...

He would hold onto the hula hoop and spin in circles.  TOO CUTE!!!

Another attempt at a group pic...

Family pic!  Dave and I are totally hunched, but whatever! I'll take it :)

Waiting for the hayride...

Griffin's face :)

Griffin was loving the hayride...

Selfie with Mason on the hayride...

Pretty sure playing in the deer corn was Mason's favorite part...

There was a bake sale going on, so the boys indulged in some cookies and cupcakes.

Two hours at the pumpkin patch will wear a boy out. :)
I love everything about this picture.  They're all growing so fast and I know that I'll blink and he won't be wearing froggy rainboots and taking a paci (well, maybe he'll still have the paci... he's kind of an addict.... like... he's going to start taking money out of my purse to buy pacis - hahaha) and I want to just bottle him up at this age - tantrums, moodiness and all.
If you live locally, be sure to check out Pumpkinville.  It's FREE and super fun and open through Halloween.


  1. Pumpkinville looks so fun!
    I love the Buzz & Woody costumes!
    Cute pics of Mason and Luke playing in the deer corn--I was thinking about buying some for Nolan, since he enjoyed it so much at the pumpkin patch, too. :)

  2. You have the sweetest all your family pics! And that Mason, well he is going to break many hearts one day...he is just so cute...paci, froggy rain boots and all! Looks like a really fun day!

  3. Looks like such a fun day! Your children are beautiful and you are pretty awesome photographer yourself! I loove fall- thanks for sharing!

  4. How cute are you guys?!?! I'm mad you didn't invite us to come with you ;).

  5. These are greatness! Think we might head there today! You're family seriously couldn't get ANY CUTER.

  6. Andrea! What a fun day!! We've never been to Pumpkinville, but it looks like a blast!


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