Monday, September 2, 2013

My Week Via Instagram

I've found that IG is the easiest way for me to snap pictures throughout the day and since I take most of my pictures that way I want to make sure I share them with my most loyal reader (who doesn't have an IG or FB), my OMA! :)

So I've decided to stop beating myself up over my apparent inability to upload my IG pics more than once a week, embrace my slacker side and make my "Instagram Recap" a weekly feature.  So.... on Mondays prepare yourself for approximately 7,000 pictures that you've already seen if you follow me on IG.  Sorry! 

If you're like me though, I'd love to read your weekly recaps!  Leave me a comment with a link to your blog so I can follow along with you as well :)
Mondays are Dave's day off and so he's at home with the two "littles" while Luke and I are at school.  He texted me this picture on Monday.  After asking Mason to PLEASE clean up the Duplos in his room (Mason thought it would be a good idea to dump them all out and we try to operate on a "you get it out, you put it away" system... TRY being a key word).  He went in to check on him and apparently Mason decided to take a nap instead of clean.  Smart boy. :)

My class load this year has increased DRAMATICALLY (think 50% more prep and grading!) and so most of the time my lunches are "working lunches" at my computer entering lesson plans, grading papers, etc.

Just to be 100% clear... I really enjoy living in Texas.  I love the people, I love our city and I love our lives here... what I don't love is the FIFTH month of crazy hot temperatures.  There's a time and place for summer weather, but in MY OPINION it's not September. :)  #hatersgonnahate

Monday night Dave and Haha went to a baseball game so I played dress-up wit Griffin...

... and then the boys and I had "popcorn movie tent" time :)

Tuesday morning Mason was up BRIGHT and early complaining of his "sticky" (aka runny) nose.  An english muffin and some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse had him feeling better in no time.

Griffin Joy is ALMOST sleeping through the night.  We typically feed her and put her down around 7:30 and then do a "dream feed" at 11:00 p.m.  Normally she'll go until about 4:00 a.m. at which point she wakes up STARVING and usually takes a bottle and then sleeps another couple of hours (sometimes in our bed).  Tuesday morning was one of those mornings when she passed out after her bottle and we decided just to let her sleep with us. :)

Mason ran out of the house insisting that "I KISS MOMMY!!!"  We joke that Mason is "sweet and sour" because he can be SUGARY sweet and loving one minute and then "flipping a table mad" the next.  I try to cherish the sweet moments so that when I turn around and he's dragging his arm across the coffee table knocking EVERYTHING off I don't go insane :)
Tuesday afternoon some bracelets I ordered came in.  Apparently, when something is a good deal I have a hard time choosing.  I don't think I'd ever regret having TOO many, but would probably regret NOT ordering that one color... so I ordered them all. hahaha

My love affair with my Must Have denim jacket continues.  My cardigans just don't stand a chance.

The boys spent some quality time in their tent eating stale leftover popcorn.  Ewwww.

Mason the pilot artist.  

The kids table isn't just for kids...

Wednesday we started "small groups" at school and I have the BEST little group of middle school girls.  Of course I had to make them a snack... and this week it was mini apple spice cupcakes with brown sugar cream cheese frosting.

Wednesday afternoon we ran into Luke's friend Meisey.  Meisey was in his Pre-K class last year.  SO CUTE!

After we picked up Mason and Griffin from Miss Lisa's house we went by the country club to get drinks, popcorn and kisses from Daddy.

 Thursday was one of my FAVORITE days as a teacher.  It was a day where all the stars aligned and five out of my six classes were taking tests! Halleluhjah!!!  It was a day of playing catch up on entering grades and attempting to get ahead on lessons for next week. AWESOME!  I made this little "Test Day" graphic to greet my kids on the SmartBoard when they came in :) 

After Dave gets Griffin dressed he sends me a picture of her - LOVE!!!
After some email CRAZINESS goin' on... I think I'm back on track with Slightly Askew projects... including this super simple and FUN blog design for a client. 
 Thursday was carpool duty.... and it was HOT... as evidenced by my PURPLE face : )  Mason comes by his rosy cheeks honestly.

Thursday night I caught Mason in one of his "sweet moments" - trying to feed his sister a bottle.   Our Halloween place settings also came in on Thursday and the boys were BEYOND excited to use them. 

Thursday after dinner we watched some Mighty Machines...
 ... and then Mason spent a good 5 minutes deciding which cars to take to bed with him.  Decisions.  Decisions.

Friday morning Dave texted me this pic of Griffin in a BIG 'OL BOW!

But then he "chickened out" before the sitters house :)

Friday afternoon Luke and I made a quick run to Target which wouldn't be complete without a trip to the Lego aisle. #pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeasemom

Saturday morning Griffin Joy was all smiles :)

But she was  a little unsure about participating in our weekly deep clean :)

She is MUCH more herself when she's lookin' cute :)

I did a logo design for a SUPER SWEET girl on Facebook (Sew Delightful Dolls) and she made Griffin her very first dolly!  I got to pick the hair and eye color and hair style and then she went through my pictures and made it to "coordinate" with Griffin's wardrobe.  Love the hair pretty (and on the right side!) and her awesome dress.

Most Saturday mornings Luke spends his time building new Lego buildings...
 Mason was here.

Luke took this sweet pic of Miss Griffin on Saturday night when Gibi was over.

Griffin decided to wake up when Daddy got home from work Saturday night just to give him some snuggles :)

Sunday morning Griffin was lookin' super cute! (so were the boys... but they weren't as compliant as she was).

When we got home from church the boys wanted to play "Robot Repair Shop" with Griffin as the robot. :)

Sunday afternoon Griffin and I headed to Anthropologie to pick up a scarf for Monday's scarf exchange.  Quite possibly my FAVORITE girls night of the whole year.  I am loving having a little shopping buddy. :)

The clouds were looking hopeful on the way home... we need rain SOOOOOOOOO bad!

While out I picked up this super cute chevron scarf... perfect for showing my MCA Mustang pride!

The week closed out in the most perfect way ever.  Snuggles with by littlest baby knowing that Monday was a day off! YAY!

Again, I'd love to see your weekly recaps! Leave me a comment with a link! :)


  1. Your family is just precious! And I know all about those trips to the lego isles in Target! Mason looked so much like my son, Lincoln, on the couch with his runny nose! {Maybe because Linc had one, too, this week!} God bless your sweet family!

  2. Man, I'm tired just after "hearing" about your busy week!! I hope you enjoy your day off today! :-)

  3. 1.I'm still SUPER in love with my blog design..I get tons of compliments!! Thanks again!!
    2.I don't know how you do it all! You are super mom I think :-)
    3.I love following you and your whole group of blog friends.
    4. Griffin is super adorable in all her ruffle-pants cuteness. love.

  4. Your week sure was jam packed! Love your test day graphic. I might need to make something like that for my students!
    Here is my Instagram recap!

  5. My Monday blog-reading just got so much better :)
    I love the photo of you and Mason when he had to kiss you goodbye!
    Such a cute 1st doll for Griffin!
    I was doing a Monday "non-stagram" post but I've been slacking this summer. Of course now my computer is in the shop. But you could still check out my recent photos! :)

  6. Love following your adorable family!:)

  7. That test graphic was hilarious!! I bet the kids thought so too....even if they were about to take a test!! ;) We visit the same LEGO aisle as well!! I LOVE the scarf exchange gonna copy! And I TOTALLY agree on the 5 months of heat...HATE IT! I don't know how you wear the scarves in this heat...I tried and I just melt! ha! Love love your blog!

  8. That test graphic was hilarious!! I bet the kids thought so too....even if they were about to take a test!! ;) We visit the same LEGO aisle as well!! I LOVE the scarf exchange gonna copy! And I TOTALLY agree on the 5 months of heat...HATE IT! I don't know how you wear the scarves in this heat...I tried and I just melt! ha! Love love your blog!

    (sorry if this posts twice)


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