Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor Day

Monday started off with what could have been a cute photo op, but as always... Mason brought the drama to the party and I ended up with four pics that will inevitably end up on the senior page in his high school yearbook as well as his wedding slideshow :)  He was NOT happy about his sister sharing a pillow with him and then especially ticked about her TOUCHING HIM! HEAVEN FORBID!!!

It was a rainy morning (hallelujah!) so after Dave left for work (yes... when "normal" jobs are off - he's on so that the "normal' job people can go eat . hahaha) we declared it officially PJ day.
Despite the perfect napping weather, LittleMiss decided she would rather hang out with me than nap.  I LOVE carrying her in my Ergo and she napped on and off that way.

Mason wanted to feed his sister (while holding Hot Wheels, of course!)  He's a great multi-tasker.

After a long morning, Griffin finally konked out after lunch.  #mommyalwayswins 

And after I got Mason down for his nap and Luke settled in for "quiet time" it was time to get CRAFTY!  I REALLY wanted to put out all my halloween decorations... but I knew that was a day-long project and so I decided to wait.  I think this Saturday morning will probably be the day and then next month I'll reveal what I was crafting!

 Monday night was one of my absolute favorite nights of the year.  Last year my girlfriends and I decided to have a Scarf Exchange to kick off Fall.  We each bring a $20 scarf and then we do the "Chinese gift exchange" where we all pick a number and when it's your turn you can steal or open another package, etc., etc.  We meet at Starbucks, drink fall drinks, swap pretty scarves and laugh A LOT!

At last year's scarf exchange I stuck a onesie with "Coming April 2013" in my bag along with my scarf.  When someone opened the bag, general chaos and finger pointing began (since no one knew whose bag was whose)... since Dave and I were "done" having kids I was low on the suspect list which made the surprise even more fun.  This year was a "full circle" moment when Griffin came with me to the party!  This year has been a total whirlwind and we are so blessed to have our little girl!

While the girls were swapping scarves and stories, Dave met up with Sarah's husband Dicky and their girls.  They ate and played at McDonalds and then took a couple of golf cards out for a spin on the golf course.
I love love love my job, but it was so nice to have a whole day with my kiddos.  September 27th we have "Fair Day" and I can't wait to have another long weekend :)


  1. I love the idea of the scarf exchange! So fun. It's also so fun seeing how many of y'all are sporting the must have jacket, nude ballet flats, and camo pants! Hip mommas! :-)

  2. oh must be so hard to be two! Nolan turns two on Monday, and we're experiencing a lot of mood swings.
    I love the idea of the scarf exchange!

  3. I LOVE the photo series on top of Mason not wanting Griffin anywhere near him.....that is just too much!! Also, your scarf exchange sounds like SO much fun. My girlfriends and I are having a girls weekend in 3 weeks in MN and I am so going to bring this up as something to fun!!!

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