Saturday, June 15, 2013

VBS - Day One

This past Monday Luke started VBS at Prestonwood North.  Dave had a golf tournament, so he was out the door by 5:30 a.m. so I was on my own to get everyone dressed, fed and out of the door by 8:25.  It was a miracle, but we made it... and Griffin managed to look super cute :)

Luke was super pumped (albeit a teeny bit nervous) about going go VBS (he got over it in about 3.5 seconds) and even more excited to see a friendly face from MCA... COLONEL BELLUE!!!  We love us some Colonel Bellue :)  The Colonel is a retired NASA Meteorologist (he was the guy who got to give the final "all clear" for a shuttle launch or re-entry and is kind of a Rock Star at NASA... I've had the pleasure of going to NASA with him on a school trip and it was so fun!) who teaches Physics at our High School.

While Luke was at VBS Griffin, Mason and I hit up Hobby Lobby and Sprouts.  Here I am in my "Happy Place"... the Fall aisle at Hobby Lobby!  I could have stayed MUCH longer, but with two crazy kiddos in tow my time was limited...

Mom of the year, I forgot Mason's shoes :)  Luckily he really doesn't ever complain about riding in the stroller.

 This happened at Hobby Lobby and I "may" have cried a bit when we got in the car.  Adding Griffin to our "mix" has been a HUGE blessing, but it's definitely come with it's challenges.  Feeling outnumbered, overwhelmed and mildly incompetent happens on a daily basis and this was SUCH a good reminder at a time when I really needed it...

When I went to pick Luke up from his classroom we walked passed Kensington's room.  She spotted me and made me promise to bring Luke by to see her.  They're so stinkin' cute!!!

We got home, ate lunch and played for a bit...

... and then Sheaffer came and picked Luke up to come and play at their house.  They didn't have ANY fun, can't you tell??? :)

Griffin had some cute tummy time...

... while Mason tried to feed her Hoho "fishies".

Later that night we grilled burgers and I got to enjoy the BIGGEST bunch of peonies EVER!

I made my favorite summer dessert...

... while Luke "shucked" corn for me.

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