Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pool Time!

Sunday morning was stormy and rainy, so Little Miss and I may have hung out in bed for a few extra minutes :)

Despite the rain, we dressed bright and cheery for church.  This is Griffin waiting for me to feed her in the "mother's room" at church.

Even though we were parked about 3 spaces away from church, we rode the golf cart to our car because the boys LOVE LOVE LOVE it!


I wore my wellies to church and Luke decided they'd be great for jumping...
After naps for everyone, we headed to the Country Club pool for some swimming and dinner with my parents.  Griffin looked super cute in her suit, but this will probably be the one and only time she wears it since I'm pretty sure it was cutting off circulation to her thighs :) #chunkamunk

Mason is NOT my water baby, so I was glad to see him splashing around and having fun with Daddy...

Not sure Gibi intended to get in (and under - hahaha) the water, but if Luke asks she obliges :)

After some pool time it was time to eat!

After Miss Griffin ate (since let's be real, homegirl doesn't miss a meal) she had some pool time with Gibi as well... (note the indentions on her thigh from her bathing suit - hehehehe)

She was pretty low key about being in the water... but that's kind of how she is all the time :)

Time for ICE CREAM!!!

My mom has known Chloe since she was in Pre-K at MCA (her kindergarten picture was on my parents "back hall fridge" for YEARS!) and then I had her in class for 7th and 8th grades.  She just finished her Freshman year of college and is working for Dave at the country club this summer. Mason REALLY wanted to share his ice cream with her and sweet, sweet Chloe obliged. :)

And to end the post??? A shot of the cutest, dimpliest, little baby hiney ever :)

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