Monday, April 15, 2013

Insta Week

Mason West hanging out in our bed while I get ready one morning before school :)

A victorious moment in Words With Friends against my dad :)

Mason testing out the nap nappy before sister arrives.

Luke and one of his best buds, Braxton, after school last week.  :)

So much cute stuff happening with Slightly Askew! This was a "sneak peek" of an adoption shower invitation I made:

... and a peek of a "Vintage Cinderella" birthday party invitation as well. LOVE!

Mason's idea of picking ONE M&M means grabbing a handful :)

Blurry, but still adorable :)

Making a statement in his brothers bug day helmet and new sunglasses.

A rare moment of "stillness" after bath time... letting me comb his hair while he watches Caillou...

Throwback Thursday - Spring of 2010 :)

Mason has been ALL ABOUT baseball this week... glove, real baseball and of course a hat!

Luke and I stopped at Lowes to pick up some flowers and he REALLY wanted his picture with this big rig despite the sun :)

Wednesday was National Siblings Day and so I had to post these GEMS of Mark and I...

Luke got a sticker at school EVERY DAY this week and had great listening ears so he got to make his own slushie on Friday afternoon.

Saturday morning, during a WalMart run with Daddy, Luke ran into a friend :)

Daddy can make even the returns line at WalMart super fun!

The boys picked up McDonalds on the way home from their errands and we had a picnic out front since it was SOOOOOOOOOO pretty outside!

Feeding his brother fries :)

The boys colored with chalk (yes, Luke is drawing a picture of his new Lego Ninjago set - hahaha), blew bubbles and rode bikes while I planted flowers in our front pots.

Filled fresh pots, ruined nails and an EXTRA sleepy toddler - successful morning :)

This was actually from last weekend - it's Luke posing with a Lego set that was for 8-14 year olds... he conquered it NO PROBLEM!

Saturday night Luke was OUT before 8:30.  All our time outside, wore him out!

  Sunday we opted to stay at home... I REALLY need everyone to stay healthy this week and so we decided to avoid the germs and enjoy a sweet day as a family.  Daddy mowed the lawn in the morning and Mason watched and waited...

 Maybe a future traffic engineer lives at our house???  He built this entire thing by himself and it all connects and "works"...

When he's not playing Legos, he's reading about them :)

Sunday afternoon the boys spent some quality time in timeout together.  :)

Is there anything better than lighting a new candle?!?!?!

We spent Sunday afternoon doing yardwork - Luke spent the afternoon discovering a new career path... Roly Poly hunter :)

We celebrated Masons birthday on Sunday night with his favorite... "ocolate upcakes!"

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  1. such sweet photos!
    favorites: you combing Mason's hair, Mason's hand in the M&M jar (Nolan is always trying to sneak M&Ms too), and Luke with his arm over his eyes in front of the truck ;)
    those chocolate cupcakes look amazing right now! you'll have to share the recipe sometime.



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