Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Monday, April 29th

 Dave had a golf tournament today, so it was just me and all three monkeys in the morning :) 
Griffin was bright eyed...

... and Mason was all about saying CHEEEEEEEEEESE!

I snapped a quick pic of the roses on the pergola on my patio... CRAZY right now!

Today was a "snow day" that we never used, so Luke was home from school.  The boys played together and then Dave came home and took Mason to Miss Lisa's house.  Mason is having a bit of a "rough" time with the transition to being the middle child... that said, we're trying to keep his little routine the same every day.

Mark and Diana gave the boys this super cool "marble maze" thing for their birthdays and since Mason (aka "the wrecking ball") was out for the day I thought it would be a great time for Luke to build and play without any interruptions.

The toy is RIGHT up his little engineering alley :)

 Luke wanted my help with building a design "just like the picture on the box" so Griffin sat with us and watched us build...

She looks highly entertained, doesn't she???
My dad says that she looks like Carmen Miranda with her giant headband :)

Luke showing Griffin how to work the little windmill on one of the pieces...

"Look mommy, isn't she just so KA-YUTE???"



  1. Andrea, it took us about 6 weeks for Ronan to finally accept the baby and he still occassionally gets jealous when his Dad is holding the baby, but once we reached that mark he got better and began to be kind and sweet to the baby. Hopefully Mason will get there sooner! Good luck!

  2. Such a special day for you and your babies! Loved seeing Luke being so sweet to Miss G!


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