Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday night at Sam's

I've been having a love affair with the soft pretzels you can get at the snack bar at Sam's (the AWESOME ice pellets they have for their drinks just sweeten the deal for me) and I can come up with almost any excuse to make a "quick trip" over there if I know it will involve a delicious salty snack. 

On this particular Saturday, I loaded up the boys after nap, picked up Gibi on the way out and we headed out to pick up a few things (and get a pretzel).  Mason waited in line with me and he was almost as excited as I was about our impending treat...
 Sam's on a Saturday night was a happening place and I'm not embarrassed to say that I fed the boys a yogurt when we got home and called all the samples that they ate their dinner.  hahaha.  

When I dropped Gibi off at her house Luke went with her to play and Mason and I went home to put groceries away.  He cried at the door saying, "walk, peeez!" and so I put away our refrigerated stuff and took the little guy on a stroll.  I let him pick the route and he BEE-LINED it for Gibi and Haha's house.  Haha was working in the garage and Mason was in Heaven checking out the tools, getting into everything and walking on the balance beam.

It started getting dark so I drug him out of the garage, carried him home and he and I put our feet up and watched a Caillou before bath and PJs.

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