Wednesday, January 23, 2013

InstaPics - Part V

Wait... what's that... more Legos??? Imagine that! :)

When Daddy comes home for a break no one wants to share his lap :)

Griffin asked for donuts :)

This stuff makes my day.  I swear that all my kids will be slathered in it until they leave the house.

Mason picked the sprinkle donut...

Where is Mason????

Hello... My name is Andrea and I'm a GAP addict...

LOTS and LOTS of Slightly Askew projects have been goin' down at my house.  LOTS!

Luke Buchanan pre and post haircut.  Believe it or not he'd had his hair cut about three weeks prior to this...

More snuggles with my blue-eyed boy :)

Cowboy Mason (that's actually a lid for my Kitchenaid stand mixer)

On a Manly Monday Mason and Daddy stopped by and saw Uncle Stephen at Honda... Mason got straight to work ...

Last weekend we had dinner with the Myers and Luke and Mason obviously had a really hard time feeling comfortable at someone else's house :)

I made chocolate chip cookies and Luke enjoyed one fresh out of the oven... like, REALLY enjoyed one :)

Sweet babies EARLY in the morning...

Luke found a friend in the Starbucks parking lot:

More Slightly Askew while watching New Girl :)

I am SUPER fearful of the swelling that I experienced with Mason returning with this pregnancy and I'm determined to wear my cute (yes, HIGH) wedges for as long as I can before it's too late and I don't even fit in flip flops!

Missed my sweet boy after a day apart...

One last kiss through the crib rails before bed...

Chevron and Starbucks... Amen.

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  1. You go girl! Rock on with those high wedges! And....chevron & coffee..a girl after my own heart!


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