Tuesday, January 22, 2013

InstaPics - Part IV

I told y'all there were TONS of Instagram pics!

It looks like Mason may have inherited his brothers love of all things Lego :)

Who needs a spoon when you can suck yogurt out of a hot wheels car that you've dipped?!?!

Luke-ville :)

Noticing a theme in my pictures??? We play a lot of Legos at our house :)

Paci, peez???

Bedhead and chucks:

Trying out his new bed with LOTS of stuffed animals...

This is what Percy looks like after being fished out of the garbage disposal...

Working on his birdhouse at project day at Home Depot:

Helping Haha put together the second bed... Buzz was helping too :)

First time together in the back of the van... and so it begins :)

Sunday afternoon snuggles...

OMG! This was TO DIE FOR!!!

Sunday afternoon nap:

Bath crayons...

Me and my love on our first day back to school after break :)

Froggy was NOT having it...

SIGH.... my mantra returning after Christmas break :)

While Luke and I were back at school, Daddy and Mason were goofing off on Manly Monday :)

I got a super sweet surprise at school!  One of my former students had a baby girl, Mikayla, in August and they came and visited me!  She is an absolute DOLL and got me super duper excited about Miss Griffin coming :)  I mean, seriously! THE PINK!

Luke playing with Miss Sun after school at ESS...

Sharing a snack after school... they missed eachother after being together for two weeks during break.

Two monkeys in the back!!!

A box came from Nordstrom  and had the world's longest strip of bubble wrap inside. Luke was super excited to jump all the way down it ...


I am TOTALLY loving all the sweetness that comes with little girl clothes :)

Kisses for brother...

My screensaver at work puts a smile on my face every morning :)

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