Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Griffin Update

Can't believe that I'm already 27 weeks along!  I am FOR SURE feeling big... lots of round ligament pain (I've heard that this gets progressively worse with each baby), but other than that I'm feeling pretty good!

Here I am at 25 weeks sporting my Team Sean Lowe shirt since it was the premiere of The Bachelor!

This was after my first week back at school... 25.5 weeks.  I was WIPED!  Going back to teaching after a two week break was exhausting.  Hence the pajamas.  hahaha

This was this part Friday at 26.5 weeks.  You can tell it was Friday because of my messy "Friday hair" and Uggs :)  If I'm looking extra tired it's because Mason hid my mascara.  #boymom

The biggest development this past week was the arrival of some maternity clothes I ordered.  I gave away all my maternity stuff after Mason was born and did NOT want to have to shell out the cash to buy new stuff... I had somehow convinced myself that I could make it through without any.  I was totally wrong.  After several mornings of tearing my closet apart and being "THIS" close to walking out the door in yoga pants and a sweatshirt... Dave told me I HAD to get some new clothes.  I caved in and have never been happier... or more comfy :)
I plan on wearing the CRUD out of my maternity pieces... so if you see me around in the same thing repeatedly, be sure to tell me how cute I look :)

Griffin is a BIG mover.  Like - they couldn't get a very accurate heartbeat at my last appointment because every time they'd put the doppler on my belly she'd kick or roll.  She moves the most at night when I get in bed, usually around 9:00.  I can see the kicks and rolls now and am soaking up this LAST pregnancy experience.  My biggest cravings lately have been frozen strawberry fruit bars and Frosted Flakes.  I'm still all about the protein, but find myself leaning more toward the fruits than I did with Luke or Mason.

My next appointment is the first week in February - and it's the glucose test.  CRAZY that it's already time for that!  We are so looking forward to this little girl's arrival!!!


  1. You look great!!
    And, I wear jeans & uggs almost every Friday to school. Just want to be comfy on Friday's!

  2. It's a girl!!!???!?!?!! I am about 3 months behind reading any blogs and I am just now seeing that baby brother is actually a sister! I had to search quite a while to figure it out! So exciting! Congrats, from one girl mom to another. ;-)


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